1st Annual FitBit Challenge: Week 2

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Welcome to Week 2 of the 1st Annual FitBit Challenge!

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Log Your Steps!

Every day that you do 10,000 or more steps, check in via the Rafflecopter widget below. You MUST log your workouts every day on Cheeseslave.com for them to be counted.

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How’s It Going?

I am loving this FitBit Challenge! I want to know how YOU are doing! Please scroll down and share in the comments!

Right now I am averaging over 13,000 steps per day.

Loving the Leaderboard

The leaderboard on our private FitBit Group is REALLY motivating me! I check it every day. I just got knocked down to 5th place for Steps and 5th place for Distance. Not too bad…

But where I really need help is the Active Score and the Very Active Minutes. I’m so low I’m off the chart!

Yesterday I was #27 for Active Score, so I went to a spinning class and did 2 3/4 hours of gardening, and got it up to 25. I was #47 for Very Active Minutes, and the spinning and gardening boosted me up to #43.

My reward for all that activity? I finally broke my plateau I’ve been stuck on and lost 2.4 pounds since yesterday. (As of now I’ve lost 7.6 pounds in June — I’m shooting for 8 by tomorrow.) AND I can wear my favorite shorts which I haven’t been able to fit into in 2 years. Now I can wear them on our vacation which starts on Tuesday! Hooray!

So… guess what I’m doing today? Walking now on my treadmill desk (just hit 10K and it’s not quite 9:30 am) and then I’m going to do more gardening and another spinning class this afternoon!

Please Share Your Account Details

I’d really like to learn from some of you guys at the top of the leaderboard about how you are getting such high scores. Can you make your Activities public (or share with friends and add me as a friend)? I’d also LOVE to see everyone’s goals and weight and all that jazz. I think if we share, we can all learn from each other, and get ideas for activities that will help us burn calories.

I have made EVERYTHING public except my foods. I know people can get judgemental about foods, so I figured it was best if we didn’t go there. 😉

You can view my FitBit profile here.

Click here to change your privacy settings.

Okay… off to the garden for me! I’ve got some digging to do…

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