1st Annual FitBit Challenge: Week 5

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Welcome to Week 5 of the 1st Annual FitBit Challenge!

Sorry I am a couple of days late posting this. We were on vacation and just came home Sunday night.

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How’s It Going?

I’m finally back from vacation. It was really tough getting my 10K steps in each day when we were in New York. My treadmill desk makes it so easy! Plus they were having a bad heat wave.

I did walk around the condo community with my mother-in-law most mornings — when we would walk all the way around, I’d get in 5,000 steps. But then I had to make sure I got the other 5,000 in — which usually meant a second walk in the evening.

I also ate a LOT on vacation! Lots of restaurant dinners, and dessert most every night. I actually gained 2 pounds by the end of it — not bad for 3 weeks away.

I’m excited to be back and am fully recommitted to working out again. Yesterday I did almost 13,000 steps AND I got in a 30-minute kettlebell routine. I’m looking forward to hitting the gym this week and doing some weight lifting, swimming, and maybe even a pilates or yoga class. This weekend, I plan to do a lot of gardening and I’m taking my daughter to rollerskating lessons on Saturday.

I want to know how YOU are doing! Please scroll down and share in the comments!

How’s It Going?

Please share how it’s going for you in the comments.

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