2009: Top Ten Cheeseslave Posts

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Happy Birthday, Real Food Media!

2009 was an insanely busy year for me. Last Christmas, in 2008, I launched Real Food Media, the first and only blog network focused on traditional and slow food.

It was a year of growth and a lot of hard work. There were many weeks and months of 16-18 hour days and working every single weekend. There’s still a ton of work ahead of me in the new year but I’m looking forward to taking a moment tonight to toast how far we’ve come this year. (I’ll be toasting from the Lost Pines Resort, just outside of Austin, Texas.) Thanks to all of you guys for reading and commenting and for supporting the mission of real food!

Progress Made in 2009

We are ending the fiscal year with 25 sponsors of Real Food Media, and we have new sponsors ready to sign on in January. We also tripled our monthly advertising revenue in the fourth quarter of 2009.

I also launched a new menu mailer subscription service called CHEESESLAVE Menus By Mail the week of Thanksgiving in 2009. Already we have 87 subscribers!

What’s Coming in 2010

I have many goals and plans for the new year and am super excited about them — including launching podcasts, videos, and social media seminars. We’re also expanding the Real Food Media blog network, adding new blogs (we’ll be adding 5 or 6 new blogs to our current roster of 8 blogs) and new sponsors.

Needless to say, with all of this activity, I don’t always get to blog as much as I’d like. But I’ll be putting my energy into the menu mailer and the other projects so you’ll still be hearing plenty from me. I just can’t keep my mouth shut about traditional food and sustainable farms.

I’ve finally found my life’s mission. I’m so grateful each and every day that I have the opportunity to do what I do and work with the brilliant and lovely folks who share my vision and passion.

Happy New Year to you all and thanks again for everything you do to support the movement of traditional and slow food. Cheers!

Top 10 Posts of 2009

Here’s a countdown of the top ten posts of 2009 on CHEESESLAVE, from the least views to the post with the most views of the year. These are only posts written this year (not 2008 or 2007).

10. Low-Carb Bacon, Egg & Cheese Muffins – These muffins, adapted from a recipe in Bruce Fife’s book, Cooking with Coconut Flour, were a hit. They’re low carb, gluten- and grain-free, and full of nutrient-dense pastured eggs, bacon and cheese. How can you go wrong?

9. Top 10 Reasons To Eat Real Sourdough Bread — Even If You’re Gluten Intolerant – This is the post I wrote after meeting the Sourdough King of Los Angeles, Jack Bezian, who is known for fermenting his sourdough bread for up to a month. I’m still talking to him and hopefully I can convince him to do more interviews, maybe a podcast (and ultimately I’d love to get him to teach a webinar, although right now he refuses to teach baking, he says he will teach about fermentation — a girl can dream!)

8. Homemade Lacto-Fermented Mayonnaise – We love mayonnaise at our house but I simply refuse to buy the junk at the grocery store anymore because it’s almost always made with soybean oil — something we can do without! This recipe, based on Julia Child’s, comes out great, plus the mayo is lacto-fermented, which is good for your gut.

7. How to Make Perfect Pie Crust – I found out from a couple of readers that I had an error in this recipe, which has now been fixed. I was so grateful to them that I gave them both free year-long subscriptions to my CHEESESLAVE Menus By Mail menu mailer. I also got comments from readers saying they didn’t quite get how to make the pie crust properly — so I’m planning to do a video of me making pie crust in the new year. Actually, I will be working on a series of how-to videos so stay tuned!

6. How to Buy Organic Eggs: Pastured vs. Free Range Eggs – I used to buy “free range” eggs until I learned about truly pastured eggs. This post explains the differences and why it’s important to seek out pastured eggs.

5. Real Food: A Natural Cure for Arthritis, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Melasma, Cradle Cap & Cavities – This post contains many of my personal testimonials on how my health has improved since I started eating a traditional diet. We may have to remove all posts with possible health claims in the new year (still hashing this out). If so, this post may need to come down. We’ll see what happens.

4. Do Bread & Cereal Cause Cavities? Reversing Dental Decay With Food – The other day, I was on the phone with Rami Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay. I’m planning my first ever podcast with him in January — check back for the announcement. There is such a need for this information. He told me that tooth decay is at 90-some percent in our country. It’s so common that we think it’s “normal”. According to this post, sugar is not good for your teeth but it’s grains, nuts and seeds that are the real culprits when it comes to tooth decay.

3. Top 5 Tips For Balancing Hormones Naturally with Food – I get a ton of questions on Facebook and on Twitter from people asking how to help melasma and adrenal exhaustion with real food. This is another post that might disappear in 2010. Go read it now while you still can! 🙂

2. How to Make Homemade Soda Pop with Kefir Grains This was posted in June of 2009. It has over 11,000 views to date.

1. Bacon-Wrapped Dates — This post went up in April of 2009. It is the most popular post to date on my blog — with almost 15,000 views. What can I say — people like bacon!

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