Best of Expo West: Full of Life Flatbread Pizza

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Full of Life Flatbread Pizza

One of my best discoveries at the Expo West conference this year was Full of Life Flatbread Pizza. I was extremely impressed with the flavor and the crust. This pizza makes me proud to be a Californian. And thrilled to have another option for a healthy fast food.

For those who know me, I’m a snob about pizza crust. If it’s not fired in a wood-burning oven, it ain’t real pizza. This, my friends, is real pizza made in a wood burning oven.

Variety calls this the best pizza on the West Coast. Food and Wine awarded it the Taste Test Winner for Best Frozen Pizzas.

According to their website:

Full of Life Flatbread Pizza is food as an act of community rather than commodity. We actively seek out and purchase our ingredients as close to our bakery as possible from farmers and craftspeople guided by principles of sustainability, humaneness, and fairness. Our suppliers are people we know and who know us. By reducing our environmental footprint and baking close to home, our Flatbread Pizzas are both good and good for you. When people deeply care for what they are doing a nourishing environment exists that benefits us all.
All our Flatbread Pizzas are produced by hand in small batches. Our crusts are simply made with wholesome certified organic flour, sea salt, and water, and then cold-fermented and allowed to rise slowly for 36 hours creating superior flavor. All our ingredients are hand prepared, each pizza assembled and then baked in an oak-fired oven. No preservatives, colorants, artificial flavor enhancers, or dough conditioners, are ever used.

I picked up a couple of boxes of frozen pizza yesterday at Whole Foods so we could give them a whirl.

Talk about an easy dinner. You just warm up the oven to 425 degrees, pop in a pizza (I put mine on a pizza stone) and bake for 5-8 minutes.

Of course, I wanted to make mine extra-nutrient-dense, so I added shrimp (wild-caught) and extra Mozzarella di Bufala.

And of course we had to have some fresh oysters on the half shell with the pizza:

oysters on the half shell

We tried the Margherita Pizza with Mozarella di Bufala & Pesto and the Olive and Feta Cheese Pizza with Cornmeal Crust. Seth gave them two thumbs up. They were both delicious but I preferred the Olive and Feta with the Cornmeal Crust ever so slightly.

I think this pizza is truly excellent. Absolutely and without reservation the best frozen pizza I have ever eaten. And this is a much healthier (and much tastier) choice to have on hand when you are too tired to cook and feel like ordering a pizza. I know I’ll be keeping a few boxes in my freezer for those nights I’m too pooped to make dinner.

Full of Life Flatbread Pizza is available in the frozen section at Whole Foods and other grocery stores from the West Coast all the way to Arkansas (they are not on the East Coast yet). Here’s a map of where to buy.

They also have a restaurant, Hearth in the Cottonwoods, in Los Alamos. We will definitely pay them a visit next time we are in the wine country.