Best of Expo West: Healthy Potato Chips

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Healthy Potato Chips

I’ve got to tell you about these truly healthy potato chips I had at Expo West. Good Health Natural Products sells a kettle potato chip made with olive oil. Unlike most potato chips, which are made with soybean oil or vegetable oil — decidedly unhealthy oils.

These chips, on the other hand, are so healthy, they are listed in the exalted Weston A. Price Foundation Shopping Guide.

So healthy, in fact, that I actually let my toddler eat them.

But are they good, you ask?

Suffice it to say, I got home, ripped open a bag, and ate half of it in one sitting. They are that delicious. (Kate loved them, too.)

I don’t know about you but I love the crunch of potato chips with a sandwich (and a tall glass of milk). I haven’t eaten potato chips in over a year — because I could not find a healthy chip.

I’m so excited to have finally found a brand of healthy potato chips I can buy for my family.

Good Health Natural Products has other brands of chips cooked with other oils like avocado oil. I’m not familiar with avocado oil — and I didn’t try the chips.

But I can tell you that these olive oil potato chips are good. Really, really good. I think I’m going to order a case. Yes, you can order them online. Is that so wrong?

Oh, and I should mention… the people I met working at the booth were SO nice. Just lovely. Maybe it’s because they’re from Greensboro, North Carolina. I know from firsthand experience — there are a lot of nice people there.