Bone Broth Challenge: Double Points This Week

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OK guys, to keep things interesting, and make it more fair for the folks who started the challenge late, I decided to give you guys a few days of double points.

If you’re doing the Bone Broth Challenge, you have a chance to kick some serious butt this week.

What’s the Bone Broth Challenge?

Simply increase your intake of bone broth, from chicken stock to fish stock to homemade jello to gazpacho to brisket tacos, and then post every time you eat broth on the Bone Broth Challenge page.

Read all the details and enter here: Bone Broth Challenge

What’s This About Double Points?

During the double points days, you’ll get 100 points every time you consume broth (or gelatin) and post a comment on the challenge page. You’ll get 200 points a day just for logging in to the site, and 40 points every time you comment anywhere on the site.

How Long Will the Double Points Last?

I’d kind of like to keep you guys on your toes, so I’m not going to tell you when the double points will end. Sometime later this week… I may end it on Thursday or Friday, or I may let it go through the weekend. We’ll see!

Why Do the Bone Broth Challenge?

Do it for yourself! Since I’ve been participating in the challenge, I’ve been eating WAY more broth than I ever do. Since I know how good it is for my skin and teeth and bones, I’m really pleased.

Do it to win prizes! I’ll be giving away over $250 worth of prizes to the top 5 winners. Click here for a list of prizes and all the rules