Butter Oil for Thyroid Health, Lard for Tremors

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I just opened up the latest edition of the Wise Traditions journal which arrived in my mailbox a few days ago. I love getting my Wise Traditions Journal, which is the quarterly publication from the Weston A. Price Foundation.

I was blown away by a couple of the letters in the Letters to the Editor section. I had to share a couple excerpts with you all. I know you’ll find them as fascinating as I do.

High-Vitamin Butter Oil for Thyroid Health

“My father was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in February 2008. We had already been getting raw milk and eating a WAPF diet, so continued with that. In the summer of the same year, my parents went on holiday to the US and Canada. They ate raw dairy wherever they could. I also sent them raw butter and cheese.
“On returning to New Zealand, Dad definitely looked better and had put on some weight. He saw his specialist and his T3 and T4 were definitely starting to come down. We continued with the raw milk.
“In May 2009 I discovered that we could buy fermented cod liver oil here so bought some instantly! Dad’s levels of T3 and T4 contineud to improve after starting on the cod liver oil and his specialist lowered his medication. But the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) refused to budge from less than 0.01.
“When we could no longer get the regular fermented cod liver oil, I switched us all to the (fermented) cod liver oil and butter blend. This was near the end of last year. Approximately three months later Dad went to see his specialist — the TSH levels were starting to increase!
“Dad visited his specialist again a couple months ago and found that his TSH level was now 0.45! Now all his levels are in the normal range, and his medication was lowered again.
We are thrilled. I’m sure the raw dairy and regular fermented cod liver oil all helped, but things really seemed to get going when Dad changed to the combo with the high-vitamin butter oil.
— JF, New Zealand

What a powerful testimonial!

Dr. Weston A. Price wrote often about the synergistic effects of taking these two super foods together. High-vitamin butter oil, made from cows on pasture, is one of the best sources in the world of vitamin K2, which Dr. Price called “activator X”. Dr. Price said he saw the best results with his patients when he gave them both the cod liver oil and the butter oil.

We’ve been taking the Green Pasture brand fermented cod liver oil for over three years now. I’ve been meaning to the cod liver oil/butter oil blend for at least a year. This clinches it. I’m going to order mine TODAY.

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Lard for Tremors

“In the late winter of 2009, my hands developed a mild tremor that became progressively worse over the next six months or so. The shaking, which eventually became nearly constant, was severe at times, especially when I was doing something intentional, like trying to scratch my nose or hold something still. I am an artist and need steady hands in order to create paintings.
“In the 1980s, after five years of poor eating habits, I began to correlate a variety of health problems, including hand tremors, with my diet and slowly began eating healthier food. When my hands began to tremble, I experimented with additional changes. Although I didn’t drink much coffee, I stopped drinking it entirely. I also began taking additional B-complex vitamins, over and above that supplied in the multivitamin I was taking. Slowly, over the course of several months, the tremors went away.
“But the shaking of my hands returned in early 2009. At the time, I was eating a very “good” diet, including lean red meat, pork, chicken, eggs, and fish, along with abundant vegetables and fruit and a variety of vitamin and mineral supplements, including fish oil. I avoided most grains, especially wheat, since I have a family history of diabetes and am sensitive to carbohydrate overload. However, I ate rice occasionally. I also avoided dairy products as they seemed to cause flair-ups of arthritis in my hands. I wasn’t eating butter so the only fat I was eating, other than those provided in foods and the fish oil supplement, were olive and coconut oil.
“I started thinking about other possible dietary causes for the tremors and began to wonder whether it was possible that I wasn’t eating enough animal fat. I knew that the myelin sheath of nerves is composed mainly of fat and that healthy myelin is critical for proper nerve function. Reasoning that I am an animal, not a plant, it seemed possible that my reliance mainly on plant oils (olive and coconut) had resulted in a deficiency of some type of fat that might be more availalbe in animal fat.
“Since I wasn’t eating butter, I decided to add lard to my diet to see if it could help. I started using it liberally for cooking foods. To my amazement, within two days there was a noticeable decrease in the severity of the shaking. Intrigued, I continued to use the lard for cooking, added it to soups, and even added it to my herbal tea. The shaking in my hands improved so much that within several months, there was only a minor tremor. Now, about a year after I started including lard in my diet, there is no noticeable tremor in my hands except, very rarely, when I am really tired.
— LB, Colorado

I think this one is particularly fascinating since this woman was eating healthy (a variety of meats, lots of fruits and vegetables, avoiding allergens) for decades. She was also eating healthy fats (olive oil and coconut oil).

However, that was not enough. Clearly her body needed animal fats. As I always say, eat your fat — that’s where the vitamins are!

Where to Buy Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil

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