Container Gardening

. 1 min read

I’ve got to do some gardening today. My tomato plants are getting big and I need to move them. I also need to move all the herbs out of the garden and into containers — so I will have more room for vegetables.

I’m almost ready to move my seedlings out, too. I need room in that vegetable bed.

I figure I can put all the herbs in containers. As well as some other plants — like the strawberries.

I have about 20 feet along the wall where I could put these containers. And I could easily string some drip irrigation — rigged up from the hose. I could put that on a timer so it gets watered once or twice a day.

Problem is, I don’t have enough containers. I don’t want anything fancy. This is not for show — this is for food production.

I was thinking I could build some out of wood. But that’s a lot of work — and it can get expensive.

Maybe recycle some plastic containers. That is, if I had a bunch of plastic containers. Where does one find old plastic containers?

Let me know if you’ve got any ideas. I’m feeling stumped and I need to move on this.