Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products That Save Money, Effort & the Planet

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Regular readers, you know me pretty well. I’m not what you would call reserved. I’m opinionated, and I like to run my mouth. Put another way, I can’t help but share things I am excited about. (And there’s always so much I find to get excited about.)

This week, like most people out there, I’m thinking about gift giving. And I’m so excited about what I’m going to be giving to many of my friends and family members this year. By writing this post, I realize I am spoiling Christmas for some of my family members. Oh, well. Sorry about that! I just have to share this.

I recently ran a giveaway for one of our new sponsors, The Urban Homemaker. Marilyn, who runs the company, offered to let me try out one of her Norwex microfiber mops and some of the microfiber cloths.

Anyway, to be honest, I wasn’t even that excited about trying the mop because I just bought a Haan steam mop. Which I loved. Past tense. I’m gonna sell the thing. The Norwex mop cleans so much better, requires no electricity, and you don’t have to refill it. But I’ll get into that in a minute.

Cleaning with Microfiber?

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock for the past few years but I had never heard of microfiber. I mean, okay, I guess I heard of microfiber but I had never heard of it for cleaning.

Oh, wait, that’s why. I don’t clean. LOL!

Really, I don’t. I hate housekeeping and I avoid at all costs. I will do anything to not have to clean. In fact — and this is hilarious — when Seth and I first started dating, he actually told me to go buy a vacuum cleaner because my apartment was so dirty. I’m not kidding! I honestly did not own a vacuum cleaner. (I did buy one, and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship — not with the vacuum cleaner, with Seth — but that’s another story.)

You must understand my hatred and complete avoidance of cleaning in order to really grok what I’m about to tell you.

I LOVE Cleaning with Norwex

I found cleaning tools that make it so fun to clean, I actually LOVE it! Yep, it’s true! And I didn’t say like. I said LOVE. All caps.

I love Marilyn’s Norwex microfiber housecleaning products so much, I not only bought the mop and the microfiber cloths, I am placing another order for a whole slew of other stuff, AND I’m buying a bunch of gifts. Yes, it may seem a little odd to give cleaning products as gifts. But I know people will LOVE them (all caps).

These are awesome gifts — especially for us women. All women clean, as hard as we may try to avoid it. And we are always, always looking for ways to make it easier. And when we find something that is makes our lives easier and makes cleaning fun, we absolutely have to have it.

If you’re a guy reading this, and you are (understandably) worried about buying your wife a mop for Christmas, here’s an idea. Instead of getting the Norwex products for your wife, buy them for yourself. She will be so impressed and overjoyed when you can’t stop yourself from cleaning on a Saturday morning because it is so much fun. (Think that won’t happen? It happened to me. Someone who didn’t even own a vacuum cleaner until recently!) And of course, she’ll steal them from you and start cleaning with them herself. 😉

How much do I love Norwex Enviro Products? Let me count the ways.

Takes the Effort Out of Cleaning

It takes almost zero effort to clean with Norwex. I have always hated to vacuum because you have to lug a heavy, unwieldy monster out of a closet, unwrap the cord, drag the beast all over the house, bending down to plug in and unplug the stupid thing in every room. Exhausting and no fun! Likewise, I’ve always hated mopping because you’ve got a bucket full of dirty water that you have to drag around and keep refilling, and mops are gross.

I like using a Swiffer mop because it’s lightweight and you can pick up a lot of dirt quickly. But I don’t like wasting all that paper. And it’s so expensive! Not to mention bad for the environment.

The Norwex mop with the dry microfiber cloth is everything good about a Swiffer, with none of the bad. The dry pad is guaranteed to last for TWO years. You only need one dry pad, because you can buy a little rubber brush from Norwex that will clean it — and then every so often you can throw it in the washer (even the dryer). With the wet mop pad, there’s no bucket to lug and refill. You just get it wet, wring it out, and you’re good to go. And it picks up dirt even better than a Swiffer. I also like to add a few drops of essential oils to make the house smell fantastic while I’m mopping.

Yes, I said I’m mopping! Look, Ma, I’m mopping! (My mother knows how much I loathe cleaning. She told me ex-husband that he HAD to get me a housekeeper. He didn’t. Hello? EX-husband! LOL!)

Sheer Cleaning Power

The Norwex microfiber cloths and pads clean like nothing I’ve ever seen. Marilyn told me that the fibers are so tiny — 1/100th the circumference of a human hair. This is what actually makes them antibacterial.

Think about that. Doesn’t that blow your mind? They are so tiny that they are picking up bacteria! A Swiffer can’t do that!

So all I have to do is wet the microfiber glass cloth (the one you use on glass and mirrors) with a little water, wring it out, and in just a few swipes, my glass coffee table is CLEAN. The mirrors in the bathroom, the glass sliding doors. All clean! And it takes hardly any effort. Even stainless steel. It’s unbelievable.

One of the ladies from the daycare came over while I was doing this. I showed her how easily the microfiber cloths clean, and I asked her if she wanted one for Christmas (that’s what I was planning to buy her). She squealed excitedly, “YES! I want one!”

No Chemicals, No Plastic

How great is it to not have to buy any cleaners? And even if you’re using environmentally friendly cleaners, how awesome is it to not even have to buy those (or make your own)? All you need is water.


Saves Money

Marilyn says you really only need a few cloths and they last for years. They come in different colors so you can can “color code” your cleaning. In other words, choose a yellow cloth for the bathroom, a pink one for the kitchen, and a blue one for general household cleaning and dusting. All you really need in addition to that is a glass cloth — for windows, mirrors, glass and stainless steel.

And no more lugging big plastic jugs of vinegar from Costco so I can make my household cleaners. Think of all the paper towels I won’t have to buy! Or mops. Or Swiffer pads. Or even mop heads for that matter. The Norwex mop cloths also last for years — guaranteed for two. They even have a warranty!

They also have this super cool magnet thing you can put in your washer that enables you to use only half as much detergent. And an environmentally friendly detergent that you only have to use 1 tablespoon per wash. With the magnet thing, you only use 1/2 tablespoon per wash! You can also use the magnet in the dishwasher and use half as much dishwasher detergent. (I’m getting the magnet and the laundry detergent, too.)

The One Downside to Norwex Enviro Products

This is a serious problem, so please consider before you buy anything from Norwex. You may turn into a raving lunatic like me who can’t shut up about how great these products are. People may think you joined a cult, “drank the Kool-Aid,” and so on.

A small price to pay.

Special Holiday Savings from The Urban Homemaker

Marilyn of The Urban Homemaker is offering a special holiday discount to my readers (valid only through next Friday December 18). Just write down the coupon code you see below and click on the link (if you can’t see it, be sure to disable your ad blocker) to visit Marilyn’s online store (enter coupon code at checkout):

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I think I’ll take advantage of this coupon code myself — who doesn’t love free shipping?

Happy Holidays, everyone! Enjoy the savings and the


— I mean Norwex. 😉

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