How Skeletal Structure Causes Sleep Apnea, Back Pain & Depression

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Many of you know that an diet lacking in nutrients can cause a narrow palate. Dr. Weston A. Price taught that if we don’t get the nutrients that are required to build strong bones, especially in the womb and as babies and children, we often end up with narrow faces, impaired eyesight, crooked teeth, etc.

But there are other things that can cause a misshapen skull which can result in all kinds of problems including sleep apnea, tinnitus, depression, back pain, anxiety, migraines, headaches, sinusitis, TMJ, and vertigo.

Wisdom teeth extractions and extractions due to root canals result in a collapse of facial structure. This can cause the cheekbones to disappear, and can cause a weak chin. It can also result in damage to posture. Accidents even childbirth can also cause the spine to be out of alignment and the way the skull sits on the spine.

Dr. Dean Howell and NeuroCranial Restructuring

Here are a few videos I found online of Dr. Dean Howell as he explains NeuroCranial Restructuring®. While nutrition helps the process of expanding a narrow palate, many of us need more help when it comes to getting in alignment and widening the facial palate.

We are planning to start seeing Dr. Howell this summer, to help expand our daughter’s palate and to help my husband with his sleep apena and snoring. He actually says that wrinkles are caused by the collapse of the skeletal structure in the face (maybe I will work with him, too — I had my wisdom teeth extracted).

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