Kettlebell Challenge: New Rules

. 2 min read

New rules for the Kettlebell Challenge! I got some feedback from participants and I decided we should change the rules up a bit.

You Can Start Working Out But Don’t Start Logging Workouts Yet

First of all, I have noticed some of you logging kettlebell workouts. Please note that any kettlebell workouts you log PRIOR TO JAN 22 will be deleted. Even though the challenge has started, January 22nd is the official date that we start logging workouts. All you can do now with the rafflecopter widget is two things: (1) sign up and (2) commit to submitting your before and after photos.

That said, you CAN start working out if you want to. I have already started. I worked out with a kettlebell yesterday and I’m just about to head over to the gym to do a 20-minute cardio workout.

Submit your Before Photos

If you want to win, I strongly suggest that you do submit your before and after photos. I’m getting a lot of photos so far, and people with photos will be considered before people without photos.

This contest is going to be judged primarily on RESULTS. Points will be considered, too, but they will be looked at after your results.

To submit your before photos, please email me at Make sure you also send me your Before Measurements (see my Before Photo post to see how I did it).

Also, in the email, you need to give me permission in the email to post your photos online.

Kettlebell OR Cardio Workouts

Instead of requiring you to work out with kettlebells 7 times a week in order to get 5 points each day, I’m going to give you other options in addition to that. You can now also get 5 points each day for doing 20 minutes of cardio.

The reason I’m doing this is because it really is best to do kettlebells every OTHER day. So what I will be doing is doing kettlebells one day, then on the next day doing 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine. You can also do brisk walking or running or aerobics or whatever you like.

Obviously you’ll need to include SOME kettlebell workouts (at least 1 per week) to participate. (In other words, you can’t do just cardio.)

Get Points for Recruiting Your Friends

I am going to give you guys points for recruiting your friends. You will get 25 points for each friend you get to sign up for the challenge. They do not have to complete the challenge. Please enter on the rafflecopter widget, and add a comment with the name of the friend who signed up through you.

If you have other suggestions to make the challenge better, please comment below.

Oh, and PS: I did my first complete kettlebell workout yesterday (I had tried to do one on Sunday but I couldn’t do more than 10 minutes). It was hard, I had to take a lot of breaks, but it was fun and enjoyable and it was over before I knew it! We can do this!

Photo credit: Kettlebell by andrewmalone, on Flickr