Manage Your Household Budget with Mint

. 1 min read

Like many people, I’ve been on a quest to track our household finances and cut back as much as possible. My husband taught me how to use Quicken a few months ago. I learned how to download all the transactions, reconcile all the accounts, make categories, and prepare financial reports.

I loved the idea of Quicken. Really, I did. But Quicken didn’t love me back.

It took me weeks to get the hang of the thing — and I had to force myself to do it. It wasn’t something I felt like keeping updated. It was difficult, not very accessible, and most of all, it wasn’t FUN.

Quicken is the boring, emotionally unavailable computer-science major boyfriend you had in college.

Say hello to your hot new boyfriend! The one who buys you roses, takes you out salsa dancing, and serenades you in Portuguese.

While Quicken is tedious and dull, Mint is friendly and easy-going. Unlike Quicken with its grey, depressing spreadsheets and unceasing rows of numbers, Mint is all pictures and graphs and colors!

And you don’t have to work to create charts like you do with Quicken. With Mint, it’s automatic.

Want to know what you’ve spent on groceries the last few months? Mint tells you right when you log in. It helps you set a grocery budget and it will even email you if you go over.

There’s even an iPhone app you can download. Now I’ll always know my bank balance.

Oh, and did I mention, Mint is FREE?!

Very rarely do I get excited about a website or a piece of software. And who gets excited about balancing their checkbook?

You will now. I promise! Go check out Mint today!