My Christmas Wish List: Kitchen Gadgets

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It’s Christmastime, the season to give and receive. Of course, what I want more than anything is more gadgets and whosie-whats-its for my kitchen. And once again I’m sure my husband has absolutely no idea what to buy me.

Dear Husband, this post is for you. Just click and add to cart.

I don’t blame Dear Husband for not having a clue about this stuff. Ever since we shacked up together, his tidy bachelor kitchen which was formerly used only for making coffee and opening take-out containers, has been transformed into a dark and mysterious netherworld with cauldrons full of fermenting sauerkraut and mushroom tea.

The fridge is full of unmarked mason jars that contain all manner of potions. Of course, I can tell the sourdough starter from the whey from the kefir. But to him, it’s all just witch’s brew.

He has no idea what goes on the kitchen and we both agree, he’s better off not knowing. There was that time I made Tacos de Lengua and he happened to see that humongous cow tongue simmering in the stock pot. He likes it better when he is shielded from this sort of thing.

Dear Husband, this post is for you. Just click and add to cart. And do it soon — so you can avoid going to Sur La Table with all those other poor bastards on Christmas Eve.

I’m obviously not expecting to get everything on this list. These are all things I want and need. So please, DH, bookmark this page; you can use it again for our anniversary, my birthday, Valentine’s, and so on.

And yes, please note, the items are listed in order of how badly I want them. Number one meaning I really really want it.

This post is also for you, Dear Readers. A little inspiration in case you don’t know what to ask for. Or in case your significant other also has not a clue — just email them the link!

Without further ado, here’s my Christmas Wish List:

1. KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer
I’ve been wanting one of these for about 10 years. Now I need one more than ever, because I want to bake bread, make pizza, pasta, cookies, etc. I want it in this beautiful shiny silvery color. And please do NOT get me the Artisan version of the KitchenAid mixer. It must be the professional version (the Artisan does not have adequate power).
Ciick here to buy.

2. UGG Boots
OK, I realize this item is not exactly a kitchen gadget. But I really want these boots. Not only do I want them, I need them.

Short explanation: I only wear 3 pairs of shoes right now. Two pairs of Crocs and a pair of slippers from Target. Ever since I got pregnant, I got spoiled by wearing Crocs and now I just can’t bear to wear anything else. Crocs feel like you have pillows on your feet. (This is why all the chefs wear them.)

But every time it rains (yes it does rain in Los Angeles — we get rain instead of snow in the wintertime), my socks get wet and I nearly fall down because Crocs were never designed to be worn in the rain. They have very slippery soles. It’s not safe.

So please, I need these UGGs. Size eight, short classic, color shown.

(Yes, I know they are passe in Los Angeles. But I don’t care. I don’t wear shoes for fashion. I wear them for comfort and utilitarian reasons, i.e., not landing on me bloody arse whilst shopping at the farmer’s market.)

Ciick here to buy.

3. Bosch Nutrimill Grain Mill
I need a grain mill and many people swear by this one. I want to make my own sprouted flour so I can make homemade bread, pie crusts, cookies, brownies, and so forth. Same deal as above with the Kitchen Aid mixer. But I don’t have to have this right away. I can buy ready-made sprouted flour. It’s just more expensive, so eventually I want this grain mill.
Ciick here to buy.

4. Digital Kitchen Scale
Every cook should have one of these. I used one the first time in Europe — and fell in love. Finally got one a few years ago but it somehow got wet (washed perhaps?) and it died. So I need a new one. I’m truly lost without it.

It’s super handy to use — just put a bowl on top, reset, add an ingredient, and then reset when you are ready to add the next ingredient. No mixing bowls or measuring spoons required. Plus you can easily convert grams to ounces and vice versa. I want this in red (as pictured). Click here to buy.

Escali Digital Scale

5. Butter Crock
I’ve always wanted one of these. You put a stick of butter in and fill with a little water and the butter will stay fresh on the counter for up to a month. Of course, a stick of butter only lasts about half a day at our house, but that’s not the point. I love it when the butter is soft and spreadable. And PS: I want this in green (as pictured). Ciick here to buy.

Butter Bell Crock

6. KitchenAid Hand Blender
This is the very best tool for making soup. I had one but I burned it out. Literally — sparks flew and I saw flames. Scared the crap out of me. Ciick here to buy.

7. More Mason Jars
Some women can never have too many pairs of shoes. I could care less about shoes. I want mason jars. It seems like I never have enough. I use the quart and pint size the most. Ciick here to buy.

Mason Jars

8. Harsch Gairtopf Fermenting Crock Pot – 5 Liter
It’s easy to make sauerkraut in mason jars but if you really want to make amazing kraut, this is the baby you need. Because it has a water lock, you can ferment your kraut for a month to six weeks, versus the usual few days. Much tastier and much more nutritious. Ciick here to buy.