My New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

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2011 was a very busy year. The first half of the year was spent launching a new online cooking class, Reversing Food Allergies. (It’s on sale for 30% off through Jan 6th.) The second half of the year was spent  moving from LA to Las Vegas. Moving sure takes a lot of time, energy and money.

The good news is, we’re really happy in Las Vegas. It’s very laid-back. Well, compared to LA, anyway. The air quality is great (no more smog!) and there’s hardly any traffic.

The people here are really nice, too. We’ve already made some wonderful friends. I even found a couple homeschooling groups that have park days. I feel so lucky to have been able to become friends with such great people.

Found a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods right by our house. Found a source for raw milk and a source for grass-fed meat. Now I just have to buy a chest freezer (a smaller one; the one I have in LA is too big for this condo).

Lots of changes, but all good ones!

Here are my New Year’s resolutions for 2012. If you are curious about my business goals, head over to my other blog, Social Media Strategy Blog.

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

1. Teach Another Online Class

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching another online class starting in February. It’s called Healthy Whole Grains: Soaking, Sprouting and Sourdough. I’m going to teach everything from how to soak, sprout and dry whole grains, how to grind and sift flour, and how to use a sourdough starter for baking. I’ll be showing you how to make no-knead sourdough bread, sprouted flour crackers and muffins, perfect pie crust, cakes, and cookies. I’ll also cover brown rice, corn, oats and other grains. Yes, we will be making risotto, polenta, tamales and tortilla chips!

The website is not up yet so you’ll have to wait until next week to learn more. Make sure you are signed up for my newsletter — I’ll be sending out extra special discount coupon codes for subscribers only.

2. Publish Two E-Books

The first e-book is mostly written. It’s a book of over 400 GAPS Diet recipes. Yeah! I just have to find time to sit and edit it. Not sure when it will launch — probably end of spring or early summer.

The second e-book will be a book of recipes from CHEESESLAVE (not GAPS specific). That will come out later in the year.

3. Buy a Small Chest Freezer

This is just to tide us over while we are in the condo — until I get my big chest freezer which is currently in LA. I just can’t live without a chest freezer! How else can I store all my grass-fed meat and sprouted flour?

4. Hire a Part-time Housekeeper and a Full-time Nanny/Personal Assistant

Done! Just checked both of these off my list yesterday.

Having more help around the house is going to help me get more done and accomplish more of my goals. I hired a full-time personal assistant last year and that was one of the best things I did all year. (I still have him — but he is virtual. Now I need someone local, in addition to him.)

Getting more help also helps me get more me time, more time to relax and enjoy life, which I really need.

Yes, we are homeschooling but I am working way too many hours right now. And Kate is at the age (4) that is all about fingerpainting and playing in the park.

5. Buy a House

With a pool (which I will covert to saltwater) and a place for a small garden and eventually, a trampoline! Kate also wants a turtle and a dog. I’m looking forward to having a big kitchen with an island and tons of room for all my stuff.

I do want to get some chickens and camels (or goats if I can’t get camels) but that may have to wait another year or two. We’ll see.

6. Do What I Can to Prevent Breast Cancer

I just found out that one of my good friends died from breast cancer a couple days ago. She was my age (43).

After I stopped crying was able to catch my breath again, I went online and googled “thermography las vegas”. I called yesterday and left a message. I’m going to get in for an appointment by next month.

I also ordered a new bra. Apparently bras are really bad for your lymph flow. I’m too modest to go braless, so I got one that is not tight, not constrictive and doesn’t have any wire in it.

Oh, and I’m going to order a rebounder to use until we get our new trampoline. Rebounders and trampolines are really supposed to help move the lymph. I don’t know a whole lot about this but I’m learning.

I am also ordering more Iodoral. I stopped taking iodine a while back but I think I need to take 1 pill per day just for preventative measures. There is a lot of research that iodine can prevent breast cancer.

7. Sleep 9-10 Hours Per Night

I have been reading a book called Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival

. Very interesting book. I don’t agree with everything in it so far (I’ll write a review) but it’s definitely worth reading.

One of the key points of the book is that 100 years ago, American adults averaged 9.5 hours of sleep per night. And I thought I was doing great getting 8 hours per night. But it makes sense. We should go to bed when it gets dark and get up when it’s light. In the winter, we need to sleep longer.

I’m going to write a longer post about this about why it is so important to sleep more. I can’t get into it here. Suffice it to say I am still recovering from hormonal wackiness including adrenal exhaustion. And as much as I work, sleep is even more important.

I’ve tried and I wake up with the sun, no matter what. I have a tough time sleeping past 6:30 am. So the only answer for me is to go to bed earlier.

My goal is to get in my jammies and hit the sack with a book by 8:30 pm. Lights out by 9 pm. I know, sounds crazy. But when summer rolls around, I’ll stay up later.

8. Get More Sun, Fresh Air and Exercise

I don’t want to say “get more exercise” because to a lot of people that means a treadmill. I spend so much time indoors in front of a computer and I know that’s not good for me.

Sunshine gives you vitamin D, and we have plenty of sun here in Vegas so I have no excuse. The earth helps you ground (see my post on Earthing) which is SUPER important for health and well-being. And now that I know what I know about earthing, treadmills should be avoided at all costs!

And like I said, we have really great fresh air here in Vegas. Did you know that the air is more polluted inside your home than outdoors? It’s true!

I also bought a kettlebell which I aim to use 3 times per week. But that is the least important thing. Much more important to get rest, sun, and fresh air.

9. Get More Relaxation and Have More Fun

This is probably the most important goal of all. Stress does more damage to our health than just about anything else. My friend who died of breast cancer told me that she thinks the number one thing that caused it was stress. (She was a Hollywood director and her very first film came out last fall.)

I have taken up crochet. I suck at it but I’m trying! It’s something I can do to slow down and not be on a computer.

I’m also reading a lot more.

And I’m making more time to spend hanging out with friends. Tonight we’re going over to a friends house. The girls are going to cook while the guys play guitar and the kids will play. I need a lot more of this.

I’m also planning a couple of relaxing family vacations. Traveling is so good for me. I would like to take a trip to Hawaii this year (probably Maui again — Maui no ka oi!) And I would also like to go to Iceland.

10. Heal My Hormones

I’ve been working to heal my hormones for a few years now, but it’s only been in the past few months that I’ve gotten really serious about it.

I’m doing lots of things toward this end, from relaxing/having fun and sleeping more (see above) to taking maca and herbal infusions. I’ll be writing more posts about this in the coming months.

What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

How about you? What are your resolutions this year?

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