My Weight Loss Update: The Four Hour Body

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If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I’ve been trying to lose my extra baby weight for the past few years. With no luck.

I tried low carb but couldn’t stick to it. I’ve tried a number of other programs as well. Nothing has worked. I’d lose a few pounds maybe, but they would always come back. Usually I’d gain even more.

Last fall I had reached my limit. I was sick of not being able to fit into my clothes. I’ve always been thin and never (with the exception of one short period of time in my mid-thirties after my divorce) had a problem with my weight.  So needless to say, this has been very frustrating.

My husband and I started on the P90X program the second week of December. That lasted all of about 2 weeks. Maybe it was a bad idea to start right before Christmas.

Nonetheless, I did lose almost 7 pounds in the first month. I was not following the P90X diet program (it’s very low fat). Instead, I was just slowing down, eating less, and yeah, exercising.

But I could not keep up with the P90X program.  I guess if I were retired, maybe I could do it. But running a start-up business AND taking care of a family plus P90X on top of all that — it was just too challenging time-wise.

Enter The Four Hour Body

My husband went to see Tim Ferriss (the author, also the author of one of my very favorite books, The 4-Hour Workweek

) speak. I did not get to go — the event was for men only. No women allowed.

Yeah, I know — WTF?!?! (PS: This was not Tim Ferriss’ fault. It’s the decision of the organizer of the event.) 😛

The Four Hour Body Diet

Anyhow, my husband decided that we needed to do The 4-Hour Body


“OK,” I said, “What’s the diet?”

Basically it’s meat, fish, eggs, beans, and non-starchy vegetables.  (Yeah, kind of like GAPS, but without all the bone broth.)

Butter, coconut oil, avocado, and other good fats are encouraged.

Fermented foods are also encouraged.

He even recommends Green Pasture cod liver oil and butter oil. (Yes! He names the brand in the book. Ferriss has studied the work of Dr. Weston Price.)

No dairy (except limited cottage cheese). No “white foods” (grains, sugar, potatoes, and other starches).

And you are allowed two glasses of wine (dry) per day.

All of this is what you are supposed to follow six days a week.

The Binge Day

On the seventh day, you rest.  And pig out.

ANYTHING you want.  Croissants, chocolate, French fries, pizza, potato chips, raw milk and cheese, you name it. Whatever floats your boat, baby.

Sounds kinda good, eh?

Yeah, I was IN!  Hello pain au chocolat!

My Progress on The Four Hour Body

It’s been five weeks now that I’ve been on The 4-Hour Body

… and I’ve officially lost 7 pounds.

Actually, I lost 7 pounds as of the fourth week.  Then my mom came into town and I cheated. A lot. Dessert every night.

And then I gained back 2 pounds.  But I’m back on the wagon and I expect by the end of this week, I will be back to 7 pounds down.

My Thoughts on The Four Hour Body

I really, really like this diet.  Here’s why:

1. It’s do-able. During the week, I’m busy.  I work a lot, and then chase after my daughter in the evenings. I don’t think about food too much during the week. I just need to get some breakfast into everyone, I need an easy lunch and then get dinner on the table.

Saturdays we get to relax and enjoy the Binge Day — and I allow myself unlimited raw milk, cheese, pizza, potato chips (the healthy kind for Good Health Potato Chips), and pain au chocolate.

The Binge Day helps psychologically, but it also helps physiologically. It tells your body, “Hey, you’re not starving. We’re not dieting. Let’s go burn some fat!”

2. It’s fun. Did I mention the Binge Day?

3. It’s nutrient-dense. OK, so you noticed I don’t get to eat dairy (except for the occasional cottage cheese, and on binge days).

You might be worried that this diet is not very nutritious. But you would be wrong. I eat just as well (and maybe even better) on this diet than I normally do.

I’m eating plenty of healthy fats like butter and coconut oil. And my meals consist of mostly meat and fish and eggs. I even eat liverwurst, salmon roe and natto on this diet.

I don’t eat any grains 6 days a week. I’m also eating a lot more fermented foods.  And yes, I’m still getting my fermented foods, my cod liver oil and butter oil.

4. It works. 7 pounds in 4 weeks. And I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes.

With one day a week when I get to eat anything I want. And hardly any exercise.

Did I mention I’m not really exercising? And I’m cheating on the 2 glasses of wine rule. I would probably be losing more weight if I wasn’t so “European” about the way I drink wine in the evening. 😉


Need I say more?

Yes, I think I shall.

Tim Ferriss, you had me at The 4-Hour Workweek

. You didn’t need to do The 4-Hour Body

— I was already a lifelong fan. But now you’ve turned me into a zealot.

So stop already, please. I don’t want to have to start the Church of Tim Ferriss. But if you keep writing books like this, I will do it.


I have not even scratched the surface of this book. Please don’t take this post as a complete review of the book because it’s not meant to be that.  There’s a lot more to the book that I haven’t even begun to explore.

In fact, I haven’t even read most of the book.  But you don’t need to.

Ferriss says you should use it as a “choose your own adventure” book. If you want to lose weight, read that part. Want to gain muscle or sleep better? Focus on that.

And I haven’t even gotten into the other bits of the fat loss part of the book — like how you can use ice packs once per day to vastly speed up your weight loss (yeah, I’ve got an ice pack on my back as I write this).

Want to Learn More About The Four Hour Body?

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