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I don’t know about you but I often feel like I am too busy to read. Being a mom and running a business keeps me pretty occupied 24/7. One of the ways I squeeze a little education into my day is to listen to audiobooks, mp3s and podcasts.

What I love about learning this way is it allows me to multitask. You can listen in the car while shuttling the kids to soccer practice, or listen while you’re on the treadmill, cooking or mopping the floor.

How to Listen

I got an iPhone a while back (okay, I stood in line to get one when they first came out — NERD ALERT!). This thing is amazing. Not only can you read books on it (just download Kindle books from Amazon — they’re like half-price) but you can also listen to books, podcasts and internet radio. For a small monthly fee, I download audiobooks from Audible.

Our chapter also always buys the set of mp3s after the annual Weston A. Price Foundation conference. This way I can listen to all the lectures every year. It’s awesome!

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can use any mp3 player. You can also listen on your computer while you’re doing other things. But I like the mobility of listening on the go. Plus, now I actually look forward to going to the gym!

Podcasts I Love

Podcasts are totally free and it’s a great way to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of real food. You can either download podcasts individually or you can subscribe to a podcast feed. That way everytime you sync your mp3 player (or iPod/iPhone) it will automatically download all the new shows for you.

Some of my favorite real food podcast shows include Our Natural Life with hosts, Jon & Cathy Payne, and Underground Wellness with host, Sean Croxton. Click on those links and browse their archives. They’ve done a ton of fascinating shows.

Lately I’ve been really enjoying listening to Jimmy Moore of the Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show. He’s a wonderful interviewer and he has fabulous guests.

Here are some of my recent favorite interviews on Jimmy Moore’s show (just click the links to listen online or download):

Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories
Joel Salatin on Sustainable Farming
Weston A. Price Foundation Founder And President, Sally Fallon
Dr. Jorge Flechas on Iodine
Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint
Nina Planck’s Real Food for Mother and Baby
Julia Ross on Curing Carb Addiction
Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Debunks The Great Cholesterol Con
Richard Morris’s A Life Unburdened
Dr. Mary Newport on Coconut Oil & Alzheimer’s (Note: Dr. Mary Newport will be speaking next week at this year’s WAPF conference Nov 13-15 in Chicago)

I think my top three faves in that list were Sally Fallon, Gary Taubes & Joel Salatin. It was hard to choose though because they are all such interesting shows!

UPDATE: One more I forgot to add: Sustainable Suppers — a fabulous podcast and blog.

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