Shopping for Food in Los Angeles

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What’s it like to shop for food in Los Angeles? Pretty amazing, I have to say. We have an incredible selection of all kinds of food.

Oysters on the half shell and salmon roe? We’ve got it — at the farmer’s market located just a couple blocks from the beach.

This is from last Saturday morning when I want shopping at the Santa Monica farmer’s market and at Safe & Save Japanese Market on Sawtelle.

I shot this video for my Surf & Turf Cooking class. I thought you might enjoy seeing a little clip. (Note: enrollment is now closed for my class. You can sign up again next year.)

A few highlights:

Fresh oysters and mussels from Carlsbad Aquafarm — they harvest them out of the ocean that morning!

Grass-fed bison from Lindner Bison

Pastured eggs, chickens, ducks, and lamb from Healthy Family Farms

Grass-fed beef, pastured pork, as well as melons, squash and other fruit from Rocky Canyon Farm

I should note that for some reason, Organic Pastures Raw Milk Dairy was not at the farmer’s market that day.

Photo credit: Muy Yum on Flickr