Village Green Premium: New Real Food Discount Club

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Village Green Premium

Village Green Premium is a brand new members discount club with exclusive, ongoing savings for those of us who love real food, healthy living and green lifestyles.

For just $5/month (or $49/year), members always get 25% or more off all Village Green products, including e-books, online classes, e-book bundles and more.

Village Green Premium Savings

For example, we plan to do 4 e-book bundles per year (one each quarter — the next one’s happening this summer). With Village Green e-book bundles, you get over 30 of your favorite bloggers e-books for only $30.

As a Village Green Premium member, you’ll save 25% (or $10) on EVERY e-book bundle — and get 30 books for only $29 (instead of $39). If you bought all 4 e-book bundles this year, you’d save $40 (which pays for your membership).

Village Green Premium

You’ll also save on all your favorite brands including natural and organic foods, supplements, kitchen appliances and more, with exclusive discount coupon codes and monthly specials and sales.

Village Green Premium Pays For Itself

You can save $5 on 3 bottles of Carlson cod liver oil capsules and 20% on Branch Basics concentrated natural cleaner.

Branch Basics - Save 20% with Village Green Premium

These are things I buy regularly. Instead of having to search around looking for the best deals, now I can just order what I need and use the ongoing discount coupon codes from Village Green Premium to save.

Save $5 on $49 worth of Carlson Cod Liver Oil

I used to buy Green Pasture brand fermented cod liver oil but my daughter will not take it anymore (she’s 6 years old and flat out refuses). And I have such a hard time getting it down. So now we are taking Carlson cod liver oil.

Carlson Cod Liver Oil is listed in the Good Category on the Weston A. Price Foundation website.  Sure, the raw cod liver oil is best, but if you can’t get it down and your kids won’t take it, it’s better to take the “good” cod liver oil than no cod liver oil at all.

Carlson Cod Liver Oil is also a whole lot cheaper than the Green Pastures, so it’s a much more affordable option for most people. Carlson Cod Liver Oil Capsules are only $19.25 per bottle (vs. $39/bottle for Green Pastures0. That’s only $2.19 per ounce for Carlson, whereas the Green Pasture Cod Liver Oil Capsules cost $4.88 per ounce — more than twice as much.

You can save $5 on a $49 purchase of Carlson Super 1000 mg Cod Liver Oil Capsules from Lucky Vitamin. Or $10 on a $99 purchase.

How to Get These Discounts

Just sign up for Village Green Premium and look for the Branch Basics and the Lucky Vitamin coupon codes.

Zero Risk

What have you got to lose? With the monthly plan, you can cancel at any time. For the yearly plan, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you have 30 days to request a full refund.

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