2011: My Real Food Resolutions

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Happy New Year, everybody! It’s officially 2011.

2010 was a great year for me. I hope it was a fantastic year for you, too. Life is short, after all, and we need to do what we can to make the best of it.

I’m a big believer in setting goals — because it is the goals and intentions I set that create the life that I am living. If you don’t set goals, nothing changes.

Life isn’t just great by chance. We need to set goals to get where we want to go.

For this reason, I love to start the new year with a list of goals. It’s very important to write down your goals and/or say them out loud to someone you love and trust.

In this post I’ll be doing both — writing them down and sharing them with you, my readers, whom I both love and trust.

I think that by making myself accountable to you all, I will be much more likely to stick to my resolutions and not give up! I promise to keep you posted on my progress.

2011: My Real Food Resolutions

1. Lose 25 pounds.
I never had a problem with my weight until I got pregnant. I was always slim, could eat whatever I wanted, and never gained weight.

Ever since Kate was born, I’ve had trouble losing this excess 25 pounds.  Nearly 4 years later, I’m really sick of it.  My goal is to lose 25 pounds by April Fool’s Day, 2011.

I actually already started on this goal a few weeks ago. I lost 5 pounds before the holidays started. And here’s my Christmas miracle — I kept it off! Truly amazing, since I was eating out all the time and eating tons of Christmas fudge.

I’m amazed by this, but I guess the biggest reason is I’ve just been eating slowly, doing my best not to overeat, and only eating when I’m really and truly hungry.

So, now I just have 20 pounds to go. Woo hoo!

2. Balance my hormones.
Since the baby was born, my hormones have been a little whacked. I started on a program to balance them a few months ago — but then I got off track.

I did stay off the coffee (yay!), am sleeping great, working less… but then I stopped taking my supplements.

So I’ve started back on the supplements and I am committed to staying on them. I would like to see real changes in my hormonal balance within 3 months time.

3. Complete the P90X Program.
P90X is an extreme fitness program.  You work out for 1 to 1.5 hours a day, 6 days a week.

My husband and I started P90X 3 weeks ago. The first week we stuck to it, but the last 2 weeks we fell off the wagon. We didn’t blame ourselves because we were traveling for the holidays, and we also caught a cold.

So we decided to go easy on ourselves and pick it back up again starting Sunday January 2nd. (That’s tomorrow.) We’ll go through the end of March.

I won’t lie, P90X is not easy. But it’s fun and I actually enjoy it. I’m really looking forward to getting in shape!

4. Get pregnant.
I’m not sure when we’ll tackle this one but I want to get pregnant this year. I’m 42, so I need to get going.

I’ve been focusing on eating nutrient-dense fertility foods for the past year (salmon roe, liver, cod liver oil, grass-fed butter and cream, etc.) And after P90X, I’ll be in fabulous shape for the pregnancy!

5. Teach another online cooking class.
I really enjoyed teaching the Surf & Turf cooking class last fall. I’m looking forward to teaching another class — most likely in the spring.

I’ve been thinking it would be really fun to do a class on preparing grains. Everything from sprouting and grinding whole grains to soaking rice to sourdough bread and pizza dough to making corn tortillas and tamales from scratch. I’d like to include homemade sprouted flour crackers, sprouted flour pasta, chocolate chip cookies,  and pie crust.

6. Help the Real Food Media bloggers reach their goals.
Last November at the Weston A. Price Foundation conference, we held a dinner for the Real Food Media bloggers. I asked everyone to set goals for the new year.

I am so blessed to be able to work with such an awesome group of people.

Since then, a few of us have decided to hold a monthly mastermind conference call to help support each other in meeting our goals. Mastermind groups can be really powerful — again, it’s about accountability.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else achieves this year. I know they can do it!

Share Your Real Food Resolutions for 2011

How about you? What are your real food resolutions for 2011?

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