Dr. Christiane Northrup: Don’t Get the Vaccine

Dr. Christiane Northrup: Don’t Get the Vaccine

In this video, Dr. Christiane Northrup discusses the COVID vaccine and warns of the dangers. She makes it very clear why you should not get the vaccine under any circumstances.

Dr. Northrup basically says it is suicide. While she says you can detox from it, she asks, why take the risk?

Watch the Video: Dr. Christiane Northrup: Don’t Get the Vaccine

I have read a lot of the same thing she is saying and verified it all with multiple sources. Watching this video is the fastest way to get this information.

Watch the video and then go and fact check what she is saying. It’s all true.

I watched it when it first came out months ago but it just popped up for me and I wanted to share it so more people will see it.

Who Is Dr. Christiane Northrup?

If you are not familiar with Dr. Christiane Northrup, board certified obstetrics and gynaecology physician and the  author of multiple bestselling books. She was a regular guest on the Oprah show for years. If you lived through The Oprah Show heydey like I did in the 80s and 90s, you probably know who she is.

I think it’s hilarious that she was on Oprah for so many years, and everyone loved and respected her. And now on Wikipedia if you look, they are saying she’s a quack.

Why? Because she’s speaking out against pharma. The media is owned by the same people who are running Big Pharma, and they censor what they don’t want you to know.

Reminds me of Donald Trump. Oprah loved him, Martha Stewart loved him, literally everyone loved the guy. Until he challenged the status quo by running for president.

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