Dr. Nancy Says Parents Who Don’t V@ccinate Are Selfish

Do you think parents who choose not to v@ccinate are “selfish” or “irresponsible”? On the Today Show yesterday morning, Dr. Nancy Synderman said she thinks so.

Dr. Nancy Says Parents Who Don’t V@ccinate Are Selfish

Do you think parents who choose not to v@ccinate are “selfish” or “irresponsible”? On the Today Show yesterday morning, Dr. Nancy Synderman said she thinks so.

From the Today Show website:

“Study after study after study has shown that v@ccines are safe, so why are so many parents still convinced it’s not right for their children?” TODAY’s Matt Lauer asked NBC Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

“An un-immunized child is a walking Typhoid Mary who can put any of those immune-compromised people in an early grave,” Snyderman said. “I personally think it is selfish not to think of that.”

Vaccine Injury
In the ICU After a Vaccine Injury

Angry Parents on Facebook

Check out the backlash against Dr. Nancy on her Facebook page:

Holly A. Haggan
Nancy- Your ignorant comments today are a slap in the face to children like mine who were injured by v@ccines! EVERYONE knows v@ccines are dangerous!!!!!! Last years “Just get your damn v@ccine” comment made me lose any respect for you….and todays comments just made it ever more clear what you are really about!

Patrick Thomas
Nancy Snyderman brought up the almighty ‘herd immunity’ and the threshold being approx 90-95% to preserve this scam. Just so happens, here’s the lowdown on what they are REALLY after. They want to preserve the quota on v@ccines at that same percentage in order to keep receiving federal funding. So-called ‘herd immunity’ is nothing but a cash-cow for pharma, states and schools – paid in full by YOU, the taxpayer.  

Cynthia Wiik
V@ccination is a MEDICAL procedure. We have the right to choose to or not to. This is America after all, the land of the free.

The fact you use the scare tactic of herd immunity is appalling. If you have done any proper research, you would know that Herd Immunity in v@ccination is a MYTH. So to scare parents into v@ccination, with the risks that come along with this medical procedure, is unforgivable.

Gena Young Martin
Nancy ~ I know you are just doing your job “lying to the public” on the Today show. Do you really feel good about telling people to v@ccinate their children with poisons? It is NOT your job to tell people what is best for their children, children you haven’t even seen. Have you actually looked into the studies of v@ccines? Ever noticed the correlation between dates v@ccines came out and the rates of autism, brain disorders, and such? Of course you know all of this…and you choose to brainwash for your own selfish desires.

ElvisandBobbie Crawford
To call any parent “irresponsible” for not choosing to v@ccinate their child is a horrible misuse of your position as a physician. You failed to mention that when there is a re occurrence of the diseases that are we v@ccinated against, 90 to 95 percent of those that come down with the sickness were previously v@ccinated against it. Yes, they were v@ccinated yet they still got sick. How does that work? Well, for starters no v@ccine can guarantee or give lifetime immunity to a disease. Also, without doing a titer test to prove the v@ccine has given you immunity for the time being you don’t know that your v@ccinated child is correctly protected.

For those of us who have chosen to be “irresponsible,” we all have our reasons. Whether it be based on religion, medically necessary (yes, those precious v@ccines do cause allergic reactions, sometimes life threatening), or because we have researched and found that there is not enough pros to outweigh the risk of injecting toxins (like formaldehyde for one) into our children. There is a reason immuno compromised individuals are advised to avoid crowds or those that are sick, because any germs can cause fatal reactions. Most likely even those that are shedding the flu vaccine could injure those who are immuno compromised.

For me, my oldest son was 7 months old and received the seasonal flu v@ccine. It was 2 hours later when I was undressing him when we got home from the doctors to give him a bath I noticed he was covered from the neck down in a rash with hives beginning to appear. I called our doctor who said the reaction can”t possibly be from the vaccine, it’s been too long. Seriously? 2 hours is too long for a reaction to appear, yet it’s supposed to give immunity to that strain? No way. By the way, he’s not allergic to eggs either (which is one of the conditions that will preclude you from getting the flu shot.)

You are not the parent, we are. We decide what is best for our own children given all the resources at hand. For some, they v@ccinate, for others we don’t. It is a difficult enough decision to make, and a lot of material and studies (mostly done by pharmaceutical companies)

Heather Steinberger
Dr. Nancy… I’ve always respected your medical opinions on the Today show, and I enjoy watching your segments, as you seem very approachable. I don’t normally jump in on these things, but I’m appalled at some of your comments about v@ccination.

You spoke recently about the risks unv@ccinated children pose to people whose immune systems are compromised. What about those children who already are prone to autoimmune disorders? What do multiple v@ccinations do to them?? In my family, we have a member who was severely injured by vaccinations as a 15-month-old child; we also have at least three members who suffer from autoimmune disorders. As a result, we chose not to vaccinate our daughter… who is healthy, happy and has none of the childhood allergies that afflict most of our friends’ children. Both the pediatricians she’s had in her life agreed with us 100% based on family history… they said the risks of vaccinating her outweighed the benefits. One also said, sadly, “But I didn’t officially tell you that.”

How can we stifle this conversation? How can we tell parents that v@ccinations are 100% safe when we know, for some children, that they aren’t? How can we say that they won’t injure those with a tendency toward autoimmune disorders when the vaccine makers have paid out millions in the v@ccine courts to the families of injured children? I agree that the majority of children will be fine… but there’s a group of kids out there who WON’T.

Let’s please talk about that… and let’s allow parents to make these decisions for their children. No medical procedure should be forced on anyone… I’ll homeschool my child before I allow that. And let’s also address that while studies show individual v@ccines may be acceptable to a child’s body, no studies exist that show the long-term effects of so many shots to someone so young. When I was a child, I got a handful of shots. It’s tripled since then.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents’ worth. I’m absolutely horrified that the mainstream media is not covering this issue fairly. We’re not all crackpots screaming “v@ccination means autism!” We’re simply saying that some children’s bodies cannot handle all these shots when they’re so small. Most kids, again, may be fine long-term. Based on my experience within my own family, I’m not willing to take that chance with my precious child. Once the damage is done, it cannot be undone.

Vanessa Jones Hadden
Respectfully, Dr. Snyderman, I find your comments regarding irresponsible parenting to be profoundly offensive and narrow-minded, referring to your opinions about v@ccines. As a highly educated parent who is capable of doing my own research and differentiating between solid reliable/valid research and internet-junk, I feel it is my DUTY to make choices for my children based on what that research shows me. And how anyone who takes an oath to first DO NO HARM can call someone irresponsible because they refuse to inject their children with neurotoxins (mercury and aluminum), the cells of aborted fetuses, formaldehyde, cells of different species, and a laundry list of other hideous ingredients is absolutely beyond me. Following the “herd” isn’t always the best choice.

Dawn Havas
Obviously, you and many don’t have a v@ccine injured child. There are millions of us parents out here with v@ccine injured children. Yeah, our children took the bullet for all of you who continue to chose to believe what you are told about vaccines. How many children and lives need to be destroyed before you wake up?

Jackie Van Horn
I watched your piece on unvax children last nite as well as this morning. You do a huge disservice to parents by scaring them into compliance. To refer to an unvax or select vax child as a “Typhoid Mary” does not tell the truth – a child can STILL be a carrier and infect others, even when fully vax’d. The last time I checked, a v@ccine does not kill the virus on the skin, preventing spread. It keeps our bodies from developing the virus into a full blown outbreak in the immunized person. So to reiterate – a child can still be a carrier of a virus, even if they do not have symptoms and have been v@ccinated.

Please take some time to read The V@ccine Book by Dr Sears. He takes an unbiased view on v@ccines, what is in the different formulations, and helps an educated parent make an educated decision. You may find that we parents have valid reasons for not blindly pumping toxins into our children. An example is the Flumist V@ccine, which contains MSG and Sucrose- a known neurotoxin has no place in a v@ccine targeted to children. If there was less toxins in v@ccines, and they were more spread out, maybe more parents would feel comfortable with vaccinating.

And please stop blasting parents who are “informed consumers”. We do what is best for our children. To blindly follow the herd and not do research puts my child at risk.

What Do You Think?

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