Elon Musk Is a Patriot

Elon Musk Is a Patriot

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Finally got around to making this video I've been wanting to make for almost two years. With Elon Musk in the news, and everyone on social media yammering about how he is an illuminati black hat, I had to do it.

I can understand why people would think Elon Musk was a member of the cabal. If you haven't dug into his history.

But when you do extensive research on him, as I have, you'll see that he is a white hat, through and through.

Watch The Video: Elon Musk Is a Patriot

In this video, I walk you through a post I wrote two years ago about Elon Musk, called Rockets Red Glare: Why We Need Space Force.

I suggest you go and read that post, click the links, dig into it, and do your own research.

I also recommend watching this video I made a year ago called The Truman Show (it will help you connect the dots re: space, UFOs and extraterrestrials):