FCLO Scandal: David Gumpert on Green Pastures’ Food Safety

FCLO Scandal: David Gumpert on Green Pastures’ Food Safety

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Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal: David Gumpert

This is the fifth video in the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal interview series.

David Gumpert is a journalist, author of The Complete Patient blog, and the author of three books, The Raw Milk Revolution; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Food Rights; and The Raw Milk Answer Book.

In this video, we talk about the FCLO scandal and “WAPFGATE”. David expresses concerns about how the Weston A. Price Foundation has reacted to the scandal and how he has been attacked and criticized.

In fact, WAPF chapter leaders have been “excommunicated” by Sally Fallon Morell for linking to David’s blog. David also shares that some WAPF chapter leaders will be attending the conference at the new PPPF organization.

Check out David’s blog (especially the juicy comments), The Complete Patient here.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal: Video Interview with David Gumpert

Note: This is one of the videos that got taken down when YouTube removed my channel – I will be updating this eventually. Thanks for your patience.

Show Notes

Nourished and Nurtured original blog post about FCLO, published in January, 2013

David Gumpert’s blog post about Green Pasture & Corganic published in October, 2014

Click here to download Dr. Daniel’s free report: Hook, Line & Stinker: Hook, Line and Stinker!: The Truth About Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Check Back Tomorrow for Another Video in the Series

This is the fifth in a series of video interviews about the potential hazards of fermented cod liver oil.

Check back tomorrow for tomorrow’s video! I’ll be talking with Steve Tallent, owner of Beeyoutiful and longtime WAPF member and sponsor. They pulled out of sponsoring this year’s WAPF conference in Anaheim and have published articles on their website criticizing WAPF and GPP. They also recently stopped selling Green Pasture Products in their online store.

Tomorrow Steve and I discuss his concerns with the Green Pastures’ fermented cod liver oil, from sourcing to production processes to labeling. He also challenges Chris Masterjohn’s rebuttal.

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To learn more about the history of the FCLO scandal and get my take on it, please read my post, My Take on the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal.

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