Her Son’s Insulin Went Up 700%

Her Son’s Insulin Went Up 700%

I saw this video a few days ago and I was outraged. This mom tells the story of how the cost of her son’s insulin increased over 700% since Joe Biden took office.

Under President Trump, her son’s insulin, which he needs to live, was only $60 per month. Now, under Biden, his insulin costs $500 per month.

Everyone should watch this video, and share it with everyone who voted for Biden. It is heartbreaking.

But as she says in the video: Don’t be sad. Get angry.

Watch the Video

This video was shared with me on Telegram and I reposted here on Bitchute so I could share it on my blog — I figured it would get taken down on YouTube.

If the mom who made this video has a problem with me reposting this, I’m happy to take it down.

Just trying to get the message out there to people who voted for Biden. Everyone should see this.

I am very grateful to her for speaking out. I wish more people would get over their mainstream media brainwashing and wake up.