Soaked Granola

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Why go to the trouble of making homemade soaked granola? Whole grains that are not soaked, sprouted or fermented contain anti-nutrients like phytic acid, which impairs mineral absorption (not good for building strong teeth and bones). In addition, cereals are made with extruded grains which some say are actually toxic.

I was never a big fan of cold cereal to begin with — I’d much rather have Eggs Benedict. But let’s face it — we don’t always have time to whip up a plate of Eggs Benedict with homemade Hollandaise sauce.

Which is what’s so appealing about cold breakfast cereal — it’s so easy. On those days when you’ve run out of eggs, or you just don’t feel like making pancakes — grabbing a bowl of cereal just takes a few seconds. Cereal is also a convenient, portable snack for toddlers and kids.

Nonetheless, I no longer buy breakfast cereal (with the exception of oatmeal). Ever since our “traditional foods conversion”, we now eat eggs most mornings, often with buttered toast and sometimes with bacon or sausage. We’ve also learned to love oatmeal. Especially baked oatmeal. But as delicious as it is, baked oatmeal is not always appealing on a hot summer day. Nor is the idea of heating up your house by running the oven.

This homemade granola is just as healthy and delicious as the baked oatmeal. However it does have the same amount of coconut oil, which has wonderful health benefits. Also, this is a recipe you can make ahead in a large batch, and then keep stored in your cupboard for quick, easy meals or nutritious, portable snacks.

I use sprouted flour for this recipe, but you can use freshly ground whole grain flour instead since you are soaking the oats and the flour overnight. I like using sprouted flour because I know it is extremely fresh and the kind of sprouted flour. I buy is also organic.

It’s a good idea to double or triple this recipe. I tripled it, which makes a lot. It will keep in the cupboard for a number of weeks (I don’t know exactly how long yet — I haven’t tried it). You can also freeze your homemade granola in freezer bags for long term storage.

Soaked Granola

Equipment Needed for This Recipe

Parchment paper or Silpat baking mats

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Soaked Granola