How to Save Your Life When Hospitalized

How to Save Your Life When Hospitalized

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People are dying in hospitals due to some of the protocols they are using including Remdesivr and ventilators, and getting shots without consent. In this post, I share critical information about how to protect yourself and your loved ones when hospitalized.

To learn how to protect yourself and your family, watch the video below and be sure to bookmark Protocol Kills.

Also, scroll down to the bottom of this post for a step-by-step list of things you need to do to potentially save your life or the life of a loved one.

How to Save Your Life When Hospitalized: Interview With Greta Crawford & Laura Bartlett

In this interview, Greta Crawford (founder of the website Protocol Kills) and Laura Bartlett (who happens to be a good friend of mine) talk with Dr. Joe Mercola about how you can protect yourself from one of the top contributors to premature death, namely conventional hospital care.

Watch the Video

Download the Documents & Cover Letter

Here is the link to download the Patient Caregivers & Consent documents.

Instructions are below re: what to do with the documents:

How To Protect Yourself When Hospitalized

My friend Laura Bartlett texted me this list the other day. I recommend copying and pasting it so you can save it for later.

Here’s some how-to instructions for my documents:

1. You need to have documents and cover letter completed & notarized NOW - before you need to go to ER
2. Make 10 copies
3. Immediately give away at least 3 copies to  3 (or more) trusted people that give a sh*t about your life (seriously) with a copy of the instructions stapled to it
4. Keep Original in safe place
5. Place copies in your glove box, purse, wallet, etc
6. WHEN AT HOSPITAL - notify those 3 “trusted people” - that it’s “go time” - run to post office and certify mail return receipt requested the cover letter and document per the stapled instruction sheet PLUS pay to have it Professional Courier delivered (remember the above comment I made about people giving a sh*t about your life - this is that)
7. If you are incapacitated (stroke, car wreck, etc) , you will need your spouse, children, BF to do this - they should already know about the document...
8. If you are NOT incapacitated - hand a copy to your doctor, nurse, admissions desk a copy

This document is a revision of the document that Jehovah Witness peeps use to refuse blood donations in hospitals - has worked for decades.4:57 PM

If you don’t want a COVID vax in hospital - this is the way.