MONAT Testimonials: Long Hair

If you are trying to grow your hair long, MONAT can help. Take a look at these long hair testimonials.

If you are trying to grow your hair long, MONAT can help. Take a look at these long hair testimonials.

Lacey C

My 6 month journey with Monat! I Had made up for years of damage with this new shampoo line! my ends were untouchable and breaking off! I had bleached it colored it and lightened it again! I had to chop a lot off and lost my long hair.

The left photo is mid August just before starting with the Smoothing duo +leave in+ air dry cream+ intense repair treatment spray+ and Rejuveniqe oil!

I also added the beautiful brunette conditioner once a month to my routine with a rotation of transformation masks and oil treatments.

I have since cut my hair twice to keep ends fresh but wow what a change, my hair is so touchable now and easy style or wear natural. People keep asking if I’ve got it done but not since September!

Thanks for these products! I am forever changed.

Kylee B

Anyone else chop their hair off and regret it immediately?!

My hair was cut short 6 weeks prior to picture on the left so it had grown out a little bit from initial cut. I wanted to put my Monat products to the test and see how fast my hair would grow.

Normally when I chop my hair off, it takes a good 2.5 - 3 years to grow this long again. It only took 15.5 months!!

I've had a couple trims and been through a lot of bleach sessions in-between.... Mind is blown! When Monat says Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair Growth, they ain't lyin'!

I do mix it up depending on what my hair needs/season but my pretty regular routine is:Rejuveniqe Oil for scalp treatments.

In shower: Black first wash, Renew Second wash transformation masque is my favorite and I like to mix a little smoothing Conditioner & super nourish Conditioner.

Post shower: Unknot detangler, Rejuvabeads, blowout cream. One pump of Leave-in Conditioner & 1 drop of Oil on ends before bed most nights so they can soak up the goodness while I sleep.

I did start using IRT Spray on my temples 8 months ago because I had lost hair on from pregnancy.

Edit: I have been using Monat for 2.5 years.