New Video: 500 Miles

New Video: 500 Miles

I uploaded a new video.

Milo, or Miles, is from Latin, meaning solider.

I started following Milo Yiannopoulos in 2016. He was one of the people who helped me wake up from the Cultural Marxism brainwashing. He’s one of the big reasons I voted for my President Trump.

God led me from a life of atheism back to Catholicism in 2017.

I consider myself one of General Flynn’s “digital soldiers” in this modern day American Revolution. And let’s face it, this really is more of a global Crusade to save western civilization. It takes bravery, and I can’t think of anyone braver than Milo.

Milo consecrated his life to Saint Joseph this year, in the year of Saint Joseph, which is precisely what this country and this world needs. So many young men who we need as fathers. So many children who need them as fathers.

Juan O Savin and Roseanne Barr talk about the “Matriarch’s Purim” which I am a part of. And I’m grateful for Milo, our fellow brother in arms who I predict will be canonized as a saint one day.

As Jim Caviezel says, “Be saints. You weren’t made to fit in.”

God bless you, Milo.

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