New Video: Enjoy the Show

New Video: Enjoy the Show

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The news is fake but the masks are real. And last night at the State of the Union address, the masks were more obvious than ever.

I originally posted this video on YouTube back in 2021, after the fake Biden inauguration. YouTube just removed my whole channel so I'm slowly re-uploading everything.

This video is about how nothing you are seeing these days is real. You are watching a movie.  

Watch the Video: Enjoy The Show

If you watched the State of the Union address last night, the masks are becoming even more obvious.

What was going on with Kamala's neck?

And why are Joe Biden's eyes black? They used to be blue.

I've been watching people's weird face and neck glitches since 2020, but now I'm really seeing it.  And other people are, too.

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