New Video: The Show Goes On (To the Moon)

New Video: The Show Goes On (To the Moon)

I made a new video. This one is about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and where I think it is headed.

I really think Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will help to destroy the Fed.

Watch the Video: The Show Goes On (To the Moon)

Notes on This Video

I’m very optimistic about cryptocurrency. Particularly Bitcoin but also some others. I promise to make more videos about crypto soon with more details.

In other news, YouTube just deleted one of my videos.

It was one I made about Princess Diana and they said I was inciting violence.

Just wait until I move it to Bitchute and you watch it there — you will see it is nothing of the sort. They are desperate and panicking.

I am going to start moving my videos over to Bitchute and Gab.

I’m sick of companies like YouTube and Facebook censoring our free speech. It’s unAmerican.

I’ll post those links as I start moving the content. Stay tuned.