New Weekly Health Zoom Call & Monthly Giveaway (Video)

In this video, I am announcing the first weekly health zoom call which will be happening every Friday afternoon going forward. I want to provide a platform for members to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from each other about how to heal ourselves.

New Weekly Health Zoom Call & Monthly Giveaway (Video)

In this video, I am announcing the first weekly health zoom call which will be happening every Friday afternoon going forward.

I want to provide a platform for members to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from each other about how to heal ourselves.

Note: In the video I said I would be starting last week, but it will start this Friday, November 10 at 11 am Pacific.

Click this link to jump down to sign up for the zoom call.

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Video Transcript

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How to Join the Friday Zoom Call

Our first free health zoom call will be this Friday on November 10th at 11 am Pacific / 1 pm Central / 2 pm Eastern.

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    On the call this Friday, I'll announce our first monthly giveaway.

    I'll be giving away health products every month on the blog.

    Anyone who joins us on the weekly zoom call will get bonus entry points in the giveaway, so be sure to call in on Fridays.

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      Video Transcript

      Hey everyone! It's Ann-Marie and in this video, I just want to make an announcement that we are doing the very first weekly health zoom call this Friday, November 4th, 3rd I think. Yes, November 3rd. I believe it's going to be I know I'm not exactly sure of the time. I'm going to find out, but I think it's 11 Pacific. So that would be one o'clock central and two o'clock Eastern.

      I think that's correct. It will be recorded, and it will be for members only, not paid members. Just any member of my website can access this information. So, you just have to sign up to get email updates. So once you sign up to get email updates, this will come to you in your inbox, and you will be notified.

      I will be sending out the, I'll put the link below to, to I'm not sure how I'm going to send out the zoom link, but I'll probably have you guys request it, and I'll send it out. Again, this is the first one I'm setting up, so that's why I haven't done any of this yet. I've had an incredible amount of stuff going on in my life. But my personal life. Very difficult time. But I really want to do this because I know a lot of people are experiencing sorry, I'm gonna try to turn this off.

      Health difficulties, hold on pause. Okay, do not disturb. What I want to do on this call is every week meet for about an hour to answer any questions. Do any, just not only answer questions, but also you guys share what's going on with you. If you want, we're going to be learning from each other because what's happening right now really is that the whole healthcare industry slash whatever you want to call it it's being completely revolutionized.

      We, we, I'm trying to say this in the right way. We have a medical slash sick care industry, and we have a health. It's not even, I guess it's an industry. Yeah. We have a field of people that are working on health and we have a field of people that are working on medicine and slash, sick care.

      I've been a health blogger for over 16 years with many other people working in this field of sharing information. All the information that I share is free, for the most part I'm not making money from sharing on my blog. People do contribute to me. As paid members, like a few bucks a month over the years, I've sold a few online classes and such, but mostly it's free. 99 percent of what I do is free.

      So, I do make money from affiliate links. If you guys order something, one of the products that I represent, and that helps me keep going. Yeah, I do recommend products, but only when I use them and I believe in them. Anyway, I think the whole thing that's happening right now is we're taking back our control over our planet, over our country, over our planet, over our health, over our money, just everything.

      Because I think we've been enslaved for way too long. Thousands of years, right? And they just keep taking more and more away from us and, they don't, they're not trying to help us be healthy, the EPA, I could go on, the EPA, the IRS, the FTC, the FDA, like all these three letter agencies and all these government organizations and all these Representatives, elected officials, and then all these, corporations they just don't, they're just not helping us, for the most part.

      There are corporations out there that are good, but then they get bought up by these big entities, and it's just, so we gotta take our power back. And the way to do it is grassroots, one on one, working together, helping each other. And I feel like if we can do calls, then we can share, hey how are things going for you?

      What's going on? Watching when people's symptoms lessen I am not a health practitioner, and I don't think you need to be honest, I don't think you need to be, but I will make my disclaimer right now, I'm not a health practitioner, you should meet with your own doctor or health practitioner as you see fit, do not take this as medical advice, and do what's right for you based on your own advice from your health practitioner, this is entertainment, purposes only.

      But we are going to start meeting every Friday. If you can't make it, it will be recorded. It will be put out to probably the next day. I'm going to work my, with my part time assistant to be putting it up on Rumble and then, but it will be only for members. So, you won't be able to see it if you're not a member.

      If you are a member, you'll get an email. And it will be posted on the blog. Okay. That's basically it. We're going to be doing that once a week, I think for now, I'm going to start doing a monthly giveaway. And I'll announce the signups on the calls, and I'll be doing the drawing the winners once a month, eventually I'd like to do it weekly, but for now it's going to be monthly just because of my bandwidth.

      Just having a real hard time right now as a single mom and having lost most of my income. Because of all the censorship. I think I said everything I need to say. Weekly call, every Friday, about health. If you've got questions, if you've got things you want to share, if you want to learn from others, join us on the call.

      Now, for those of you that are like, you know what, I'd love to, but I don't want to have to talk to other people. I don't want it recorded. I don't want, for whatever reason, you can talk to me privately. I do have to charge for that. I'm charging 50 an hour. And I think I could do 30 minutes for half an for 30 for 30 minutes and 50 for an hour.

      I want to make that available to you guys because I sorry, I'm in bed. I want to make that available to you guys because I don't want, I don't want you to feel like you can't be a part of this. If you, for whatever reason, you don't want to be, it's not going to be fully public when I put the recordings up.

      It's only going to be for my members, and I have a very small, I'm only like a thousand members right now. So it's going to be relatively private, but if for whatever reason you don't want to do that, you can pay for a consultation for me with me. Okay. If you can't afford that, please let me know.

      Email me, and I'm willing to consider, some kind of sliding scale. I know how hard it is for everyone right now. My main goal is to help people get healthy right now so we can get through this. We're all, I truly believe we're through, we're almost at the end of this war, but we need to all work together to stay healthy, do what we need to do.

      There's a lot of very. Affordable things you can do to get healthy. And that's what I'm covering in my brand new webinar, which I'm going to launch probably tomorrow, the next day detox the backs. So that'll be available for you for members as well, starting in the next day or two. You can go watch that webinar.

      You can learn a lot from that, but this weekly zoom call is really to, to share our results, our progress. And our insights.

      Okay, that's all for this video. I will see you guys on the first webinar. Really looking forward to it.