News Update: 11/11/23 (Video)

In this video, recorded yesterday on 11/10/23, I talked about the significance of the number 11, 11:11 in the Bible, and today's date, 11/11. I also talked about my new company, Eden Revival, and my plans to launch on 11/11.

News Update: 11/11/23 (Video)

In this video, recorded yesterday on 11/10/23, I talked about the significance of the number 11, 11:11 in the Bible, and today's date, 11/11. I also talked about my new company, Eden Revival, and my plans to launch on 11/11. I emphasized the importance of human connection and authenticity in the face of dehumanizing experiences.

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Video Chapters

00:00: Tomorrow's Date is 11/11
01:24: Launching My New Company, Eden Revival, on 11/11
03:15: 11:11 in The Bible
13:00: Weekly Zoom Calls Started Today
13:50: Connecting and sharing our authentic selves
16:50: Whales, Telepathy & the Hundredth Monkey
25:25: The Great Awakening and Being Called

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    Video Transcript

    Hey everyone, it's AnnMarie. In this video we're going to talk about 11, 11/11. That's tomorrow.

    There's a lot of news going on right now, so this is really a news update. But I just realized tomorrow's 11/11 and I am freaking out a little bit. Freaking out a little bit. No wonder I have been so jacked up all week.

    I don't know about you guys, but I've been feeling something coming. We'll see what happens. I always, it's women's intuition. We can't really explain it. Can we, but I always talk about it. And the people are like there's nothing, there's no dates. Why are you guys always talking about dates?

    Whatever. Okay. I don't know. I don't know, but it's Friday. 3 56 p. m. 11/11. I want to talk about 11 because I think it's a very important number.

    Hold on. My dog is wants to come in. Let me let him in.

    So, the first thing that I think of when I hear 11/11 is The scripture from the Bible. There's more than one really interesting one, but the one from Book of Revelation

    So let's take a look. Hold on. Let me share my screen. It's really interesting that this is happening right on the heels of me making my very first zoom call that just happened and that was amazing.

    It was amazing. We had a great conversation. I feel like the beginning. I feel like we're about to have our beginning. The beginning is near as they say.

    The zoom call was amazing. And you'll have to watch it. You can, anybody can watch the zoom call recordings. We're going to be doing them every Friday. We were supposed to talk about health, but we ended up talking about so much more than that. It was really an incredible conversation. You just have to listen to it.

    It was very uplifting for everyone. I think, I could see it on our faces. And we talked about Eden Revival, which is what's coming, my new company.

    And I wanted to launch Eden Revival on 11/11, but I didn't even know today was... I had no idea there's so much going on. And so after I got off the call, we were talking about Charlene.

    One of the people on the calls mentioned Eden and I was like, Oh, that's the name of my new company. And I had been planning to launch it on 11, 11, but, and I actually did start the website, but I didn't, it's not I didn't know that tomorrow was 11, 11. So I guess tomorrow's the launch day. Here's the quote.

    Here's the scripture. But after the three and a half days, the breath of life from God entered them, and they stood on their feet, and terror struck those who saw them. Isn't that the best? Isn't that the best? Wow.

    This leads up to the seventh trumpet. But then the temple of God in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant appeared in his temple, and there were flashes of lightning, and rumblings, and peals of thunder, and an earthquake. And a great hailstorm.

    I don't know about you, but I think 11/11 is important.

    So here's the other one in Jeremiah 11:11.

    Therefore, this is what the Lord says. I will bring them a disaster. They cannot escape all that. They cry out to me. I will not listen to them.

    Wow, all this week, I've been feeling like a pregnant woman. That's what I kept saying. I feel like a pregnant woman and it's so interesting.

    Cause I was happening to listen on my phone to SGT report on Rumble. I think it was this one. Pfizer and the Covenant with death doctor. Pfizer and the Covenant with death with Dr. James Thorpe. If you don't listen to SGT report, he's really good. Really good. He's one of my favorites. This guy's amazing.

    Dr. James Thorpe. Wow. So much to share on this video. So it was, I don't know when this was. Two couple days ago. SGT report. Anyway, he said, this is, it's the most recent one, that I just started listening to it today, and at one point, I don't know if it was Thorpe or SGT report who said, Jesus said, that the end times, he compared it to a pregnant woman.

    That's how I've been feeling all week. All week, I'm like, you know when you're pregnant, I don't know if you guys have ever been pregnant, but, I've been pregnant twice and both times. When I'm about to have a give birth, I'm like, is this baby ever going to come? You start to get like kind of panicky, especially the first one.

    You're like, is this baby ever going to come? Am I ever going to have this baby? Is the baby going to be, okay? You just cannot wait. And it's just like when you're, before you ever get married the first time, well, I've been married twice, but now divorced twice, but if you haven't been married, you're like really wanting to find a husband.

    And then once you're married, it's ah, it's no big deal. But it's like that waiting time, that expectation time. That's what I feel like we're in right now. So when he said that, and I listened to that today, I was like, wow, that's how I've been feeling all week waiting.

    Something's about to pop. I can feel it. Who can't, come on, you'd have to be blind not to know. There's a lot of blind people right now, let's be honest. You'd have to be blind not to know that something's about to pop.

    Am I saying it's going to happen tomorrow? No, of course, it's never going to happen when we think never God's not that. He, it's not going to happen like that. But I think that something's really important about tomorrow. So that's why I want to launch Eden revival. So probably just going to launch the website.

    This is what it is right now. I need to, I haven't even set up the domain name uh, share my screen. It's not even loading. Oh, there it is. Yeah. It's just,

    I don't even have, Oh, about, okay. A new network of crunchy consumers, health practitioners, sustainable farmers, and healthy living brands and content creators. We're building a new economy of people who are taking back our health and food system.

    This is what I'm being called to do. And we'll have our first conference next November, right before Thanksgiving, because it's a harvest.

    It's about thanking God for what he's bringing to us.

    Some of us are going to experience a disaster like Jeremiah 11:11, but the others, Matthew 11:11 truly I tell you among those born of women There has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist yet Whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he I don't know what that means, but Revelation 11:11:

    But after three and a half days the breath life from God entered the two witnesses and they stood on their feet and great Fear fell upon those who saw them.

    I just feel like something big is about to, maybe not, and it may not manifest, it may not manifest, but it's going to, we're passing we're passing a gate, we're passing a gate.

    The new Earth is about to be born. I just know it. Will it be born tomorrow? I'm not saying that. I'm not saying that. Don't get fixated.

    Just, it's an emotional thing, okay? It's an emotional thing. So anyways, I wanted to just share a couple things. This just in, from uh, Bioclandestine, clandestine? Bioclandestine?

    Stunning piece from BBC in their interview with French President Macron. Macron condemns Hamas and their actions, but also says that Israel has no, have no justification for the bombing of women and babies and calls for humanitarian ceasefire.

    What? This literally, I literally just saw this.

    France clearly condemns the terrorist actions of Hamas.



    But here, SG& R, tomorrow will be big. Armistice. Generational wrongs. Reversal. Yes, you have seen the truth. Time to show the world. I don't know. I don't know. I just feel yeah, this too. Nancy Drew.

    She says the beast of offense is almost completely crapital. Seems like things are opening up. I don't know.

    FBI seizes Eric Adams phones as campaign investigation intensifies.

    Whether his 2021 campaign conspired with the Turkish government to funnel money into his coffers. How can people say nothing's happening? Shares of clean energy producers are collapsing.

    Anyway, I guess I just wanted I don't know what's about to happen. I don't know if you guys feel it, but I feel a sea change. And I felt after we did our zoom call today, I felt the best thing about it was our very first zoom call.

    We're doing every Friday at 11, 11, 11, starting it in November the day before the 11th, and it'll be at 11 Pacific. And 1 p.m. Oh, I just feel how divine that all is, all of it. It'll be 1 p.m. central every Friday, 11 a. m. Pacific. I just felt, the biggest thing I came away from that was feeling that the most important thing is the connection with people. With each other, like it wasn't even, I thought we're going to talk about health. We're going to help solve people's problems. It wasn't even about that. Yeah, it was about that.

    Like we talk about things it's good, but really what that zoom call was about. And I think what's going to be about going forward is about sharing your authentic self with each other. That's what we had stolen from us more than anything is just being able to be human and love each other. Be able to be together. We got on the call and people want to talk about the lockdown and the masks and how dehumanizing all of it was, but it's not even just that it's the censorship, which has been so damaging and the lies and having to pretend to go along with the lies. That's horrifying. It's been horrifying.

    Right after we got off the call, I wanted to share one more thing with you. So I don't know even what I'm gonna call this video, but 11:11 something. Oh yeah, one more thing about 11.

    Hold on. Hold on, I'll share my screen. What does it mean? I don't know.

    MKUltra, SCIA, uh, have you guys watched this? Have you been watching Stranger Things? I just started watching it. I'd seen some of it, but I hadn't seen very much, so I'm starting to watch it now.

    She's the one that's helping them. That's as far as I've gotten. I can't speak too much to this show because I didn't watch very much yet, but very interesting. 11. 11. Anyway, I want to show you one more thing. Yeah. Oh, I'm not going to play this whole thing. I'll play part of it. Oh, we'll see. Yeah. Oh, did y'all know that it's 100 percent illegal to try to communicate with dolphins at your local nearby beach? Did you know that if you get caught doing this, you can get fined up to 100, 000 or centage?

    Okay, check this out. You're about to watch is quite an eyebrow raiser. Dr. Paul Spong was trained and he was trained in a college to be a whale trainer. And he became the whale trainer at the Vancouver Zoo. And he started training his killer whale there. But then, after the killer, after about a year, he began to realize that the whale was training him.

    It became really obvious to him, he said, Wait a minute, I don't, the whale's actually... Having more influence on his life, but he's having on network and and the whale got him to tell him about all the whales that were being killed all over the world and started to influence him to stop the wailing in the world.

    So, what did he do? He started Greenpeace, he was the founder of Green Peace. He got the six people together. It's one table, which I gotta introduce with each one of these people, and and got them to go out. and started this movement and he went out on the ship, and he's been arrested like a hundred times and go out on these ships and just start shutting down everything.

    And they arrested him trying to get him stopped. Yeah, they did. They stopped the whaling in I don't know how many countries. There's like lots and lots of countries that the Greenpeace has stopped all of a sudden. And one day he came to me, and he said the whales told him, he says that he believed that he was in direct communication with them telepathically, that he could just talk to them.

    He could tell them in his head to do any of the things that he wanted them to do in the water, and they would just do it. And he got to the place where he was he just knew that it was just like talking to them. And they told him that there was no such thing as an individual whale or an individual dolphin in the world.

    They were really cells in a larger body consciousness. And that communication occurred that all there had to be, if there was a dolphin, there only needed to be another dolphin within a thousand-mile radius. And that dolphin communicates the whole thing, that one. In other words, they didn't have a thousand mile limit in their communication.

    And this whale wanted to prove this to him. He said, I will prove to you that this is true. So he wanted to, he asked me if he could have my hat on at a house in, in, in these 450 miles inland on this place called Painted Lake. And he says, can I borrow your house for the winter? So I gave him. I have to keep going because it's too good, so just hang in there.

    And he went in, and he was going to set up a sensory deprivation tank to floating there to get still enough to be able to make the change, make the communication. But he never even put it together. And so I came back a few months later, three or four months later, and he had removed a few walls in my house.

    It's a funny feeling. I'll tell you; I had windows there that weren't there before. Things, it was really beautiful, but it was shocking.

    And he had still not made contact. He said, I need more time. I need more time. And I said okay. But I was there, so we were all living together. Okay. Yeah. Just, I have to play the whole thing, but you have to hear the end. It's so good. Him and his wife living there, me and my wife were literally living there.

    And my kids. And about two weeks later, he used to have root cancer. So, if anybody who knows Dr. Paul Spahn, Paul Spahn. He's short hair now and he looks great, professional, but he used to have really long hair and a really long beard and in those days. And he came into the room morning after about two weeks and he had shaved hair off one side of his head and hair side of his head,

    And I set the ball something's up. Yeah. A large influence in the world and all of this and that I had to look pretty respectable. It's just so today is my transition day.

    So, for that day walked around half the shape of the other side. And what they told him is the way they were going to prove it was he said that he was to go to this bay north of Vancouver, a very specific spot. And he was to go there with video equipment and everything so that he could prove what was about to happen.

    And he was to tell his people, he had a whole group of people that worked with him. He was to tell them what was to happen so that there would be, like, no backing out at this whole thing. And that on a certain day, at a certain time, which I think was 12 noon on a certain day, all the whales, of which there were about a hundred of a certain species, would come into this bay, would swim up to the shoreline, lift out of the water, and look him in the eyes.

    And that's exactly what happened. He went up there with about 30 people, and everything, and they sat around, and they waited for this time. And sure enough, all these whales came swimming up the door, looked down, and looked him in the eyes.

    Obviously, he was never the same. They started the Orca lab, which was started at that very spot, and it's totally been merged into oil research ever since then. And on his own, not using it through the governments or anything else like he did before. And he spends all his time... I found out by the solar float, he spends all his time canoes with him, playing flutes to them, and communicating with them.

    They, it's now learned how to do. And the whales have a, they have an extraordinary level of awareness. we Can't really talk about it because when we later on, I'm trying to tell you, when I talk about the electromagnetic spectrum and light and all these other kinds of things when we get into this, Oh my gosh.

    Okay. So hold on. I didn't know who he was talking about. I just looked it up. Paul Spong. Never heard about this. I knew about Greenpeace, but I didn't know about him. Isn't that an amazing story? I think it is. And I think here's why the experience we had today on the call, I felt the connection with these ladies who were called to be there.

    And every time we meet, when Jesus said when two or more come together in my name, I am there with you. This is the hundredth monkey. If you don't know about the hundredth monkey, type in hundredth monkey on Wikipedia and read about what happened in that story. It's a real story. Where a hundred, hundreds of, I don't know where the hundredth monkey comes from, but the monkeys were telepathic.

    Bacon. learn from each other without actually communicating. Now this is true about humans and the whale story is just one story. But what's going to happen with humans is that it's already happening. We're already waking each other up. That's what they're really afraid of. That's why they keep us brushing our teeth with fluoride.

    So, the pineal gland is calcified, cause they don't want us to be able to communicate like this. It's happening. It's happening. What is Tacoma? It's so amazing.

    We will be, we will all be activated. We will all be activated. We're gonna be activated to do what it was we were called to do here on this Earth. Just like he was.

    You feel it? Cause I feel it. I feel we're being called. And it's happening right now. It's, we're going into 11. 11. Today is November the 10th. I'll probably get up real early tomorrow and launch this. It's a historic day. And we're just one piece of it guys. There're so many people out there that are waking up to their calling.

    So, if you're feeling it too, leave me a comment wherever you are. I'm ready. I'm ready for as they say, the beginning is near. Don't worry. Hey, you're not worried. If you're watching me, you're not worried. Are you? I hope not. God's got this thousand percent.

    He's omniscient. He's omnipotent. You really think he's going to let us down at this point? No. The devil was never anything. He just pretends to be something, but he's not. He's a fallen angel. So, do you really think God would even let You really think this is even a battle? How could it be a battle?

    The devil is an angel that God created who fell. Therefore, he has no real power. God has. God is omnipotent.

    We already won. You think I'm crazy? That's fine. You just give it a couple months. We've been right about everything this whole time. Haven't we?

    Anyway, we'll watch this video years to come and we'll laugh. We'll look back and laugh. If you're feeling pregnant right now, If you're feeling scared, if you're feeling nervous, if you're feeling when's it going to happen, when are the rest going to happen, the baby's got to come out. You don't go from being pregnant to not having the baby.

    You have the baby's coming. It's going to be fine. So I don't, I want to go back and find out what scripture that was where Jesus said in the end times, it's like a pregnant woman. I'm really curious. where he said that. If anybody knows, let me know. Anyway, that's all for today. I don't really want to talk about all the news and stuff.

    I'm going to go watch Stranger Things and celebrate the future. It's going to be great. It's going to be great.