News Update 11/27/2023 (Video)

Here's my latest news update about the "thermonuclear" lawsuits being launched against the mainstream media by President Donald Trump and Tesla, X and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, plus the unrest going on in Europe – specifically in Ireland and Germany.

News Update 11/27/2023 (Video)

Here's my latest news update about the "thermonuclear" lawsuits being launched against the mainstream media by President Donald Trump and Tesla, X and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, plus the unrest going on in Europe – specifically in Ireland and Germany.

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Video Chapters

00:00: Censorship & Financial Struggles
04:45: Where to Find Me Online
07:43: J6 Tapes Released By Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson
09:30: John McAfee Planted Laptops in Government Agencies
13:22: Elon Musk's "Thermonuclear" Lawsuit Against Media Matters
20:28: How to Steal an Election Video
24:00: Election Machine Banned & Argentinian Donald Trump Wins
29:44: Trump & Elon Musk Filed Lawsuits Before Thanksgiving
31:30: Trump's Lawsuit Against 20 Media Companies & DWAC Stock
37:00: Saving Israel for Last: The Puppetmasters Are House of Saud, The Rothschilds & Soros
45:00: Tommy Robinson Speaking Out Against Muslim Gang Rapes & Knifings & The Media Bias in Germany & Ireland
52:00: Elon Musk's Media Matters Lawsuit
54:45: Foreign Interference in 2020 Elections
55:38: Chinese Shipping Company Exposed in 2020 Georgia Vote Count
1:00:08: People in Ireland Are Waking Up to the Lies Despite the Corrupt MSM

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    Video Transcript

    Hey everyone, it's AnnMarie Michaels and I have so much to tell you guys that I'm going to have to break this up into a few different videos.

    There's so much going on and I have a lot to say, especially after being as I am, right? I don't know if I'm going to put this on YouTube. I really want to start putting stuff back up onto YouTube.

    But we'll just see. I think in this one I won't, but some of the others I will try to. It's hard because most of the things I talk about I can't put on YouTube, but I might put a couple of the videos on YouTube and I might make a video just on YouTube to drive people over here. I don't know. I might have to start doing that.

    Anyway, I've got about five videos to make. And I'm going to tell you what they are so you can go watch the other ones. But in this video, we're going to talk about news because there's so much news happening this week to cover, and I have so much to say about it. And I think that a lot of people really don't know what's going on.

    So I want to talk about that. I also want to, Today is Black Friday. I can't reach anyone. No one can see me. I'm not gonna put this on YouTube. I won't put this I'm censored. I'm just censored everywhere. I'm just so censored. I have a device ban. On almost every platform, Tik TOK, YouTube Facebook, Instagram.

    So I cannot, I had to go out and buy a new phone and I'm going to have to go today and buy a SIM card so that I can get back on social media and I'm not going to be able to use my name and I'm not going to be able to use my face.

    Cause they can see it's me. And they will censor me. How crazy is that? I'm a mom who's been blogging for 16 years about health. I did run the biggest health blog network in the world. We did over a million dollars in our fifth year. I think that's pretty threatening to them. And whenever you start getting big, that's when they come after you.

    So anyway, I got censored in 2019, but this video is not about that. I'm going to make another video about, I'm going to be launching a because I have. Legal expenses now, and I am about to run out of rent money. I'm going to get cut off. in December. I have two kids to support. I'm a single mom now. So I do need help.

    I'm going to put I'll put a link below, but I'll make another video about the GiveSendGo that I'm launching.

    I also have news about fenbendazole and dosing and some information about that and what I've been learning because I've been biohacking as usual. Really interesting. So I'll make another video about that.

    And I have a video that I'm needed to make that I'm really upset about. About Skin Deep Environmental Working Group, Skin Deep.

    Something just came across my email today. Somebody telling me about them and the kind of stuff that they're saying and that they're posting and I did some digging on them and yeah.

    They are sorry, like lint on my glasses. They are, it's so hard to clean your glasses because you can't see your glasses when you're trying to clean your glasses.

    They are really... Bad. Really bad. Anyway, I'm going to talk about that and what to do, who you go to when you can't even trust the environmental working group anymore.

    Who can you trust? But that's not those are all going to be in different videos because I can't cover it all here, so make sure you subscribe and you'll see the videos as I post them, okay? So let's share my screen and we'll start getting into the news because there's so much to talk about. .

    Okay. The only place you can find me right now is Telegram. Please follow me on Telegram.

    It's here. Cheese Slave too is my telegram. I'm not on TikTok anymore. I'm not on Instagram. I'm not on Facebook, I'm not on YouTube. While I haven't been posting on there because I can barely say anything, but I can talk on on Telegram. I do post on Truth Social. I do post on. If you go to my website,

    And yeah, there's a blo, I have the Black Friday deals, I'm going to be updating that here as soon as I finish this video. So there'll be the All the updates on deals you can get for Black Friday today and through the weekend I'll be updating it, but if you go follow me on my page This is all the places to follow me.

    Really, you've got to subscribe to my emails and that way you can find out where I am because I'm so hard to find. Thanks to big tech censorship. Every Friday, we have a zoom call. We've started the next one will be December 1st, 11 a. m. Pacific 1 p. m. Central 2 p. m. Eastern. We're going to be biohacking.

    I'm also going to be starting a telegram group for detox, the new social media that I'm starting with my new burner phone is going to be called Detox Army. So look for that. I'll be sharing it with my readers, all the links where you can find me on Instagram, TikTok, et cetera. I will not be sharing my face.

    I will not be sharing my name, but it will be me. That's the only way I can get around. They have facial recognition now, guys. I'm probably one of the most censored people. It's crazy. It's crazy how censored I am because like the only people I know, like even Tommy Robinson is what he's been censored since 2016 or 2017.

    He is even back on Twitter. I can't even get back on Twitter X, whatever. Anyway, telegrams here. We have a chat group on Telegram, anybody can post on there, and I'll be starting the other stuff, the Detox Army stuff, truth Social, Gab Getter, if you're on those, I'm on those, I just don't post there as much.

    Really, Telegram is the one where I post the most because I just don't have the time to be posting everywhere. But I would love it if you would follow me on Telegram and also subscribe to my email and every, anywhere else that you want to follow me, okay? Alright, so let's get into the news. And then I'll talk about all this other stuff on a different video and close these.

    There's so much going on, and it's just nuts. But I'm gonna try to go back and cover a little bit what's happening. I'm gonna hit on this, go through these pretty quickly. So much. And that's why I like to post on Telegram. I just don't have any reach. Nobody's following me on there. I will cover what I posted over this last few days.

    All right. Going into Thanksgiving Mike Johnson, the new guy from oops, sorry. The new guy from Speaker of the House, temporary Speaker of the House. I love this. Time to release the flight logs. He... Announced that he's going to release the J6. I'm sure you guys are all aware of that.

    And not all of them were released, but I think enough of them were released that it's pretty clear that this was not the insurrection that they said it was. Now, we know that, right.

    We know, we all know that, and I posted some of them on here. You guys can look around on social media. I'm sure you've been seeing them, but I have to scroll all the way back. Ew. Yeah, the fist bump here. This guy's taking one of the feds. who is supposed to be one of the insurrectionists, right? The MAGA people, and takes his cuffs off, fist bump. It's disgusting. These people are so disgusting, right?

    People are showing the different stuff. Anyway, I won't dwell on that, but it's real interesting that they released those right before Thanksgiving. Do you really think that was an accident? Do you think that was coincidence? You don't think that was planned?

    Of course, that was planned. This was interesting. This just surfaced John McAfee talking about how he planted laptops in governmental offices. The reason that the government. Most people aren't going to see this, but I had not seen this. This is the reason that the government wanted to collect.

    After they had raided my property in 2012 and shot my daughter, abused me, destroyed a half million dollars' worth of my property over a bogus charge, I was pissed off. I donated to many secretaries within the government. Really nice word. Reloaded with viral, within a week, the entire government was watching.

    I was looking for information. They had set me up with that raid. I didn't find it. I did find out that the Ministry of National Defense was the largest drug trafficker in all of Central America. The Ministry of Immigration, the largest human trafficker. We don't want to get killed by them either. So we're probably not going Yeah, there you go.

    She's not going to air it, right? That's not going to air it. It's all Everybody who said that the 17 people, the Q people, were conspiracy theorists, BS. Okay? We've been saying this for years. And this wasn't news to me. This wasn't news to me when Q started talking about it. It wasn't news. It was We already knew.

    We already knew. And it's all coming out. And so everybody that called us friends I'm sorry, my glasses. I really need to like Everyone who caught a fringe conspiracy theory theorist in the last four years, three or four years.

    Okay, fine. You owe us an apology. I've been saying that forever. They're going to owe us an apology.

    So we had media matters. So let's talk about the two lawsuits, media matters and Donald Trump lawsuit. happened the same day, November 20th. So today's the 24th. This is all happening. The news is happening so fast right now, it's impossible to keep up with it. So I'm going to give you a quick run through.

    That McAfee thing is not part of, it's not spreading around everywhere. I just thought, wow, anything I see that's good, I'm going to share it on my telegram. And I can't share it anywhere else. I don't have, I don't have any social media. Anyway you guys can donate to my Gibson Go if you want to help me and I'd appreciate that.

    I'll make another video about that. And also, just ordering any of the products that I talk about, the Black Friday stuff, anything, sharing my stuff also really helps. It really helps.

    So I'm just trying to, I am trying to re resurrect because I don't have long before I'm gonna have to scrap everything and go try to find a job which is gonna be because, if that, if I have to do that, not only do I not want to stop, I do not want to stop blogging, but I have to take my kids to school every day.

    I have to take care of them. I don't have, I'm a mom. I don't have I can't throw 10 hours a day at a job. Anyway, I don't think it's going to come to that. I think I'm I think I'm going to be able to keep blogging and I pray for that. So please pray for me if nothing else. Thank you.

    So what happened was Media Matters went around and was, they were posting on their website, all these lies about X and let me just show you. It's all on their website.

    You're the company's pulling ads from X. X is placing ads, this is the guy, Eric Hananoki, he's actually named in the lawsuit, okay?

    X is placing ads for Amazon, NBC Mexico, NBC Universal, and others, next to content with white nationalist hashtags, alright? That's what they claimed on here, pro Hitler account, Holocaust deniers. I can say those words because this is not going on YouTube et cetera, et cetera.

    It's funny how they can say all these words, but we're not allowed to say these words. I remember going to Facebook jail back when I just post a picture of Hitler. This was back in 2018 or something. You weren't even allowed to post a picture of Hitler. You can make the wrong joke. You can make, say the wrong thing.

    You're, but they can say whatever they want, right? They can say whatever they want. All so what. is going on with this. Let's take a look.

    Move ahead. Alright. It says, this is what Media Matters did and Elon caught them. They are so screwed. What they, and I'll show you the, I'll show you the lawsuit. But in case you don't know who Media Matters is, David Brock is the head of Media Matters. They tried to, they were the ones that were debunking Pizza Gate.

    As a conspiracy theory. David Brock was the boyfriend of James Aliphantis, who owns Comic Ping Pong. And was one of the, in 2012, one of the most, 50 most powerful people in D. C. So yeah, he dated Brock. And there they are. These were some of the pictures. These are small, so you can't really see them, but you can type in Pizzagate into the image search on DuckDuckGo.

    You can find them on Google too, only on the image search. But these are the Instagram, type in Pizzagate Instagram. This is what these were, and you can go read what they say, what the comments say. It's creepy guys, it's creepy. We saw all these back in 2016 before everyone locked their Instagram down and deleted them.

    Pizza effing party. That piñata was filled with condoms and alcohol. These were real tweets. I don't know if that was real. I didn't see that one before. But Jimmy Comet, that's him. That's James Alphontis, a baby holding all this money. Jimmy Comet says, Caris James loves spending euros. Weird, baby eating pizza,

    Jane's eye, heart, infants, children. We were all screenshotting this stuff in 2016. A lot of us were. And it's all out there. You can find it. It's not hard. They can't hide it because we keep uploading it. What's going on? Oh, this one was the sickest one. It said kill room. Hashtag kill room. And the guy that wrote that working on my night cheese was posting pictures of baby coffins.

    I'm not kidding. We saw all that, and that's why I voted for Trump. That's why I voted for Trump, even though I was a lifelong liberal, voted straight Democrat my whole life. I was Bernie Sanders, until he told us to vote for Hillary, I was like, I'm not gonna vote for that witch. And then I found all this stuff, and the WikiLeaks.

    And what the hidden camera stuff from Project Veritas was coming out, all this was coming out and I'm like, I can tell when people are lying, you can see the date when people hide their Instagram and delete things when they have baby coffins. What is going on, right? So that's David Brock.

    That's who's being sued. And hold on, just bear with me because this is all out of order because I just post it whenever I see it. Okay. So this is the weekend on the 20th is when the lawsuits got filed. So let's move ahead. Oh yeah, this is creepy. I only saw one person talking about this, but... You may not have heard about what's going on.

    And I just saw a video of someone else's talking about it right here. Did you see one video of them cleaning up the streets? Did you see one video of them hauling those homeless people off? No, you sure didn't. And isn't that amazing that not one person got a cell phone video of them in San Francisco rounding up the homeless and in his comment section, people from all over talking about how they've got family that have gone missing there.

    They're they can't get a hold of their family. Local people know people that were down there that they can't get a hold of since that night, since the day that all took place. Evidently people were driving around and they were getting asked to get in white vans. What do we know about white vans?

    That whole Azazel news, I found that through Lee Merritt, Dr. Lee Merritt, and if you go scroll around on there it's pretty interesting. And I do think they're taking people.

    Anyway. Okay J6, more about the jabs that's all coming out. The border, I don't know if you guys saw this is great.

    Start with By the way, this is an old video, but it just got out again. This guy got banned for the longest time for posting this. Start with a virus. Import it into America. Talk about it non stop. Call some governors. Not them. Not them. That's your guys. Put patients into nursing homes. Kill thousands. Blame the president.

    Keep blaming. Blame some more. Lock down small business. Kill the economy. Push mail in voting. Stick race war. Talk to someone. Pick a candidate. No, not her. Yeah, that's more like it. Lock him in his basement. Shield him from the press. Don't cover this. Don't cover this. Don't cover this. Keep doing that. Ignore the economic recovery.

    Downplay the world bus. Pump the place. Pump. Pump. Don't stop pumping. Installing your software in swing states. That was fast. Take control of polling stations. Call off the election when you're losing it. Kick everyone out. Pull out all the extra ballots. Get the software to do its thing. Give Amelia to say it's over.

    Call the big tech guys. Ban anyone who notices. Act like the whole thing never happened. Stealing the most powerful republic in the world. It's that easy.

    So good, right? Sorry. Okay, he got banned for posting that, how to steal an election.

    If people only really knew how really bad it is, how really bad it is right now. And if I didn't have so much faith that God will, that God wins in the end, and that he wouldn't have us go through all this without, he's not gonna forsake us. But man, it is bad. It's never been this bad. It's always been bad. Okay. It's always been bad.

    We haven't had a free constitutional republic in a long time. And they've been lying to us and they've been controlling us for a long time, but it is bad when we don't even have free and fair elections, when we don't have a real freedom of the press, when our censorship, the censorship is this is worse than communist China right now.

    I ate Thanksgiving alone yesterday. Alone. In front of the TV. I am so cut off from everyone. There's only a handful of people I talk to right now.

    Because I spoke out! They're really good at isolating people. They're really good at dividing people. They're really good at lying to people. And most of my family.

    Beliefs in the narratives that are still being pushed three years later that the vaccine was safe and effective that the election that there was no fraud that January six was the biggest insurrection of all time.

    I'm sorry, my dogs, he's sleeping, but he's making all kinds of noise. Anyway, it's disgusting how bad it is right now.

    Let's get on to a little bit of good news. Argentinian Donald Trump Javier Millet. I don't know how to say his name. That all happened so fast. I wasn't tracking it. He was elected president of Argentina.

    Do you know, I did not know this, that they banned the machines in Argentina. So just like pillow, my pillow guy, Mike Lindell has been saying this whole time that the machines are rigged.

    The machines are rigged. If you research it, the Rockefellers bought all the machines in the fifties. The machines are totally rigged. Always have been. Now they rig them only to a point, so you can't really see what's happening, right? But it's getting more and more obvious. Anyway, they ban the machines and look, he won!

    That's really good news. J6 tapes for Thanksgiving. There's another one with a fed with a badge. The mega hat on. Here's a Javier Mille. Am I saying his name right? I don't even know. I haven't learned how to say his name, but he's talking about the deep state.

    Central Bank is a scam. Central Bank is a scam. The way that they scam us is with inflation. Okay? This is great.

    He's not wrong. He goes on, but he's not wrong. How many they try, they totally tried to destroy my life. I'm not gonna get into it right now, but when people find out what was done to me, it's disgusting. They're disgusting. Literally. And I have so many stories from friends of mine that they got doxed, that got attacked, that lost their businesses, that lost their jobs, because they said the wrong thing.

    And we're not just talking about the government doing this, we're talking about leftists. Brainwashed, as he called them. Leftards, whatever. It's true. And people can say, oh, he looks crazy. The world is crazy right now. The world is crazy. That's why he looks crazy. He only looks crazy because the world is crazy.

    Here's some stuff about Epstein and Playboy, which we know Gloria Steinem was a CIA asset. You can look that up. That's common knowledge now. Here's another good one. Playboy. Play it out. Ministerio de Cultura, afuera. Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible, afuera. Ministerio de las Mujeres y Género y Diversidad, afuera. Ministerio... You get the idea. All these three letter agencies, all these unelected people who have taken over our country and are making all these decisions. Ah, this is good. Censored TV. So, this is Gavin McInnes. He was the founder... One of the founders of the Proud Boys back in the day, and it used to be everywhere in 2016, helped Donald Trump get elected, got banned everywhere.

    And you can't hardly find him anywhere except for Telegram now. But he's really funny. Old school Gen X punk rock. Now he's a Catholic, traditional Latin mass Catholic like me. I was punk rock too back in the day. But he says, for some reason we weren't, we aren't allowed to buy advertising on this account, Elon Musk.

    But we would love to buy 20, 000 immediately. I don't know what happened with that. But there's all these people. conservative saying they want to buy advertising. Okay, so let's get on to it. Prosperity is ahead for Argentina. Elon Musk said,

    Yeah, get rid of the machines. Let us have a real free and fair election and we're not going to have Joe Biden. That's just a fact.

    Okay. Hold on. Let me, I'm trying to get ahead to what day is this? November 20th. Okay. So now we get into the lawsuits. Yeah, Democrats spending 430, 000 on OnlyFans.

    This is what I'm saying. If you think that's normal, then you're insane. If you still side with the Democrats, then you are insane. Insane. It's not just Democrats, either. It's... It's any of these people that are bought and paid for by the deep state that are controlled, right? They're controlled.

    Anyway, so Trump and Elon Musk on the same day filed lawsuits, the first day of Thanksgiving week. Do you think that's a coincidence? That is not a coincidence. This is being coordinated.

    Families going to talk to their families, loved ones. That's what's happening. They want people, that's what they shut down. When they shut down and they were planning to keep us locked down for at least five years. five to ten years to roll those vaccines out. That's why Trump had to force their hand, because he had to say push Operation Warp Speed.

    They didn't want to do it. If you look back and go watch the news from early 2020, they didn't want to do it. They're like no, we can't do it that fast. And he's oh, yes, you can. I believe in you. If he hadn't done that, they would have locked us down for five to ten years and destroyed the economy.

    Okay? The truth had to get out, and anyway. There are all these, he sued 20 different companies, media companies, Daily Beast, Salon. com, New York Daily News, Newsweek, MSNBC. Daily Mail, CNBC, et cetera, Hollywood Reporter Guardian. And it's a 1.5-billion-dollar lawsuit.

    Wait, hold on. I have to scroll down. Yeah, here it is.

    The 1.5-billion-dollar lawsuit. Now, they're suing them because all these companies posted the same false news saying that Trump Media and Technology Group lost, I think it was 73 million dollars since its inception. That is false. It's not posted anywhere. There's no evidence of that. Okay? So that's what they're saying in the lawsuit.

    1.5 billion dollars. Now, what's so interesting about this... Is that this is going to spike the Digital World Acquisition Corporation stock, I believe. Which is still at an all-time low. I think I bought it at 20 a share, now it's at 16 a share.

    I've been talking about this. This is not financial advice, I'm not telling you what to do. Do your own research. But I think it's a great time to buy more stock and whack. I'll explain what this means. I bought Dwack when it was like 20 and I'm gonna buy some more. What's gonna happen? It says right here in the lawsuit. Where do I have a link to the lawsuit? Oh, did I put a link?

    It says that planned merger between DWAC and TMTG. That's a planned merger. Okay, now they lay it out in this lawsuit, but it's real clear that they're going to win. No doubt in my mind. They, there is no evidence that they lost 73 million and all of these companies said that they did. So they only have to prove to prove defamation has to be a false statement purporting to be a fact.

    Publication or communication of that statement to a third person. Yes. Fault amounting to at least negligence. Yes. That's three. And four, damages. Did it cause damage? Yes, it did. Yes, it did. So I think they're going to win this, and I think, and I've said this all along for two, two years now, that all these big media not big media, yeah, mainstream media companies are going to get sued, not just by Trump for this, but for all the stuff, like think of all the stuff they're going to get sued for.

    They're going to get sued for this. for pushing this vaccine for not reporting about the deaths. We're not reporting about the injuries. Okay, they're gonna get sued for so much. And when that happens, they will emerge bankruptcy and they're gonna get bought up for pennies on the dollar. Now, who do you think is gonna buy them? I don't know, maybe Digital World Acquisition Corporation.

    The Digital World Acquisition Corporation is what's called a SPAC, Special Purpose Acquisition Company. You can look it up yourself. What do they do? It's known as a blank check company. And what they do is they go out and look for companies that, if they want to buy a company or merge with a company, they create a Special Acquisition Corporation, and they'll merge these companies. Are gonna get bought up for pennies on the dollar. You remember Pretty Woman and like the mergers and acquisitions? Yeah, it's gonna be great. Anyway. Do your own research, but it's a great time to buy DWAC. Now, what you need to understand is this is the final leg of the pyramid. And I've known, we've all known about this.

    You guys call us conspiracy theorists, but hello, we knew all this stuff. This is from December 7th, 2019. Mossad sorry, I wish I could make these bigger. Mossad, plus U. S. media, U. S. politicians. puppets, and puppet masters. They're saying Mossad is in charge of the media. That's the Israeli intelligence organization. They work with MI6, the British and the CIA, and we know that it's, they're all working together.

    Okay, just make sure I'm still recording. And we know that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, that's who they worked for. That's who they worked for. You can look it up yourself. This is the final leg of the pyramid, you guys. That's why we knew that Israel would be saved for last. They told us Israel we're saving Israel for last.

    It says right here, who are the puppet masters? House of Sods, six plus four trillion plus dollars. Rothschilds. So these are, this is the pyramid on the dollar bill. Rothschilds, six plus. This is 666, right? 2 trillion plus, and the Soros, George Soros, 6 plus, 1 trillion plus. Focus on above 3. They talk about, does Satan exist? Does the thought of Satan exist? Who worships Satan? What is a cult? Epstein Island, okay?

    These are the three sides of the pyramid on the dollar bill. And they took out the house of sod in 2017. When you go look up Saudi Arabian purge,

    you can go read about that on Wikipedia. And they arrested all these guys and seized all their assets. They took the money of executive order one, three, eight, one, eight, blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption. Who was running the human trafficking rings, house of sod and Rothschilds. Oh, they were next. They got taken down in 2018, Rothschild family sold an Austrian forestry and hunting estate. Historic transition. 16 times as big as New York's Central Park.

    Why? Why did they sell that? In 2018, January 2018. I don't know, maybe they got their assets seized. So, what's the final leg of the pyramid? It's Soros, and that's what's coming down now. It's worth the least out of those three. Legs of the pyramid, but it's the one that controls the media and all the black money ops, all the dark money, media, puppet masters, all the people that doing the censorship, all of them, that's Soros. So this really is the final battle. , Joe Biden, by the way, extended the executive order one, three, eight, one eight in 2022.

    Okay. So that's December 12th, 2022. Makes you feel like things have got to wrap up by this December, doesn't it? You would think.

    Of course, they keep extending it, but I don't know how much longer it can go on. So I said anyone else think it's very interesting and highly coincidental that Trump and Musk announced lawsuits against leftist media outlets the same day because Soros Like I said, Media Matters and all these leftists.

    It's all George Soros people, okay? Both lawsuits announced on November 20th, 2023. The reporter, this is the guy from Media Matters.

    Used to work for Al Franken, the comedian and Democrat senator who resigned over multiple claims of sexual harassment. Okay, this guy goes all the way back to 2006 working for Al Franken.

    These people are creeps. It's funny, because they try to make Trump look like that, but none of that stuff actually panned out. Anything they said about Trump, I researched all of that back in 2016. Because I believed it first at two as well until I researched it and I was like, oh this, anyway, this was interesting.

    Fen Ben on Ingersoll Walkwood. I thought that was interesting. I'm going to talk about Fen Ben in my other video.

    All right. The judge, Appointed to the media matters. Lawsuit is a Trump judge. Media matters is in serious trouble. All right. Now, in addition to all this, there's lots of lawsuits going on and lots of arrests. Sorry. In addition to the lawsuits, there's lots of arrests. Amber Crombie and Fitch suspends 1 million.

    Lifetime annual bonus to the former CEO after sex trafficking allegations and lawsuit claiming fashion brand enabled him to sexually abuse male models. Okay. Here's another thing about the jabs. 94 percent of COVID 19 deaths over the past year were among the quadruple vaccinated. We we call that Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General says I've filed suit against Pfizer and Triz Pharma for defrauding Texas Medicaid and providing adulterating pharmaceuticals to children.

    This is the ADHD drugs that they are pushing on the kids. It's all over TikTok. It's all over YouTube. It's everywhere. They're always pushing the ADHD which is amphetamines, basically. So basically, amphetamines. Do not give your kids these drugs, people. Do not let your kids take these drugs. I know my readers are not, but I can't tell you how many people I know that are doing this.

    If you do a little bit of research into what these drugs are, you would not let your kids be given these drugs. 7 year old child got a sex change. This guy thinks it's great. He's the one that did it. This is, as I'm saying, we're living in a crazy world. See, I can't post this kind of stuff on Instagram.

    That's why they banned me. We're living in a crazy, upside down world. It's disgusting. It's sickening. That's child abuse. That's barbaric. If you're okay with that, don't, I don't, we don't need to be friends. I'd rather eat Thanksgiving alone, quite honestly. Ex Maryland Democrat mayor sentenced to 30 years in prison for a child porn case involving over 500 victims.

    There he is. Pride. Look, he's friends with Pete Buttgig, whatever his name is.

    Oh, and Nancy Pelosi.

    These people are sick. This is what we've been saying since 2016. Pizzagate and all of it. People thought we were crazy. Soon Pizzagate will no longer be a conspiracy. Alright, so let's move on. I want to talk about Ireland and then I'll wrap this video up. What's going on in Ireland? See, this is only the next day.

    That was the 20th, now we're on to the 21st. Tommy Robinson is a hero. He's back on X, you can follow him. I've been following him since 2016. And I remember when he got banned for talking about the young girls in his, the small British town. I think it's called Luton that he's from. They were gang raping the girls, the migrants. Muslims were gang raping the girls.

    Now, before anybody gets on my case, one of my best friends is Iranian. She's Muslim. She actually says she's not really Muslim. They just have to say that they are because otherwise they'll kill them. So I, that year I was friends with my friend from Iran and she was living in LA at the time.

    She had gotten she had won the immigration lottery, and I spent the time, after Trump talked about it, everybody thought he was going to ban Muslims, this, that, and the other, and I read 30 books on Islam. They're not, they don't want to integrate with our, with us. Okay? They don't.

    And this is an invasion. Okay? Not just here in the U. S. with our open border, but in Europe. It's bad. So he's talking to the German press. It's happening everywhere in Germany. The reason why this is no, it's not. Okay, can I speak to you? You said she's not telling the truth, so answer her question.

    Okay, I'll do research. We're in East Germany, in Cottbus, and this is a massive demonstration. Germany is under attack. The German population are under attack. In the last two weeks, we've seen a 15-year-old German girl brutally murdered and raped by Afghani migrants. In this town, we've seen a 16-year-old child have his face slit open by Syrian migrants.

    The people have had enough, and I think you're witnessing the start of something huge that's going to develop across Germany this summer.

    Angela Merkel has invited millions of young Muslim men who come from countries where there are no women's rights. They do not respect women. This is the real Me-Too movement. There have been several attacks with knives from young migrants against Germans. But perhaps more important is that the atmosphere has changed.

    There's an atmosphere of feeling, of feeling unsafe in public space. And that is not a special problem of Cottbus. It's a problem all over the country. I've spoke to a lot of people off camera. I've spoke to women who are scared to go out at night. But they're also scared to have their face on camera because they're scared of the repercussions from violence and from the government and the police.

    It's exactly the situations people feel that the protest is not well accepted by authorities. They fear to lose their jobs. It's not just like You lose your job. It's also if your husband is known to have this or that opinion, yeah, you can also, yeah, the wife can get in trouble or the other way around.

    You've traveled here, say, from Kandil, where there were demonstrations just two weeks ago. Can you tell us what happened in Kandil? There was a young girl, she was stabbed by an Afghan migrant in a supermarket. She was murdered? Yes, she was murdered. She was stabbed. Can I ask you, as a German woman, as a lady, How do you feel?

    How are German women feeling? I feel scared. I feel scared for my life, for the lives of my nieces, my nephews, for everyone. And every woman is scared in Germany. I think so, because you cannot tell. Okay, I'll do research. I was just checking. Okay she's saying all that, then this other journalist says she's lying.

    Every it's happening everywhere in Germany. The reason why this is no it's not. Okay, can I speak to you? Can I speak to you? Are you a jour? No, but I tell you, you're a journalist. Oh, okay. Can I ask you? Okay, can I, okay. I see you're from Berlin. Oh. Oh, look. No, she won't talk. You're a journalist. You said she's not telling the truth, so answer a question.

    I'm not research. Okay. I'll do research. I was a 16. You're a journalist. You're a journalist. You're a journalist. You're a journalist. You're a journalist. What's wrong with you? I said, no. What? What sort of journalist is this? If I say no, you're a fascist. You're a fascist. I'm aist. Yes, you're a fascist.

    You won't let anyone else have an opinion. I'm aist. Yes, you're a fascist. You are a fascist. Okay, we're going to the police because you just called me a fascist. Oh, you are a fascist. She's going to get the police. That lady's not allowed an opinion. She's told you why she's come here. She's scared. She wants to call her a liar.

    She wants to call her a Nazi. That's the mainstream media. That is the enemy of the people. of Europe. Are you all mainstream media? You're all guilty. You are all guilty of what's happening in Europe. You have done this. You have hid the truth and you label people unfairly as fascists, as Nazis, as racists.

    You've all got blood on your hands. Don't touch these people. They see us. So he's absolutely right. And he's facing jail. He already was in jail for I don't know how long, and he's saying he's going to have to go back to jail and leave his family in, I think, January. How is he wrong? If you believe the media.

    Anyway, I'm going to get on to, he's shared some other stuff about Ireland as of last night, so I'm going to talk about that, but before I do, I realize I didn't really cover Media matters adequately. I think it's because this is all out of order. Media matters if you go on x. com, which I can't right now they.

    Elon called them out, okay? He called them out and said that they were cheating. That they rigged their little thing about saying, I can't find it. That they were refreshing the page to make it look like all those ads were showing next to those advertisers. And that's why all those big advertisers, Apple Computer, IBM etc, pulled out.

    Of their contracts with X. They pulled their advertising. That's because media matters raped it basically. And they have the log files to show it. So it's really revenge of the nerds. I love it. Me being a nerd, I love it that they were able to show. And yeah, media matters is gonna get destroyed by this lawsuit as Elon called a thermonuclear lawsuit.

    They're going to get destroyed. Okay, so that's good because they are pure evil, definitely tied up in this, all this stuff with James Aliphantus and all of it. Oh, here it is that's the Media Matters. And you can go look at it yourself. You can see what they did.

    They were endlessly scrolling and refreshing an unrepresentative hand selected feed generating between 13 and 15 times more advertisements per hour than the average X user. Repeating this inauthentic activity until it finally received pages containing the world that it was, the result that it wanted.

    Okay, controversial content next to X's largest advertiser's paid post. They're liars! They're liars!

    It's going to backfire on them. Alright, so let's move ahead to...

    Oh, this came out of Georgia. Mike Lindell, Georgia voting machine. Massive ruling by an Obama appointed judge in Georgia. Amy Totenberg, who agreed with Lindell's legal team that electronic voting machines used by the state of Georgia have substantial flaws. Boom. Okay? That's when I said, I didn't realize that Argentina had banned the machines.

    All this, the gig is up for these people not to mention that Trump said he, when he in, in one of the four courses court cases he's in, he's going to introduce classified evidence. He specifically he specifically requested that.

    I remember hearing rumors that they stole Pelosi's laptop. I don't remember when I posted this. Yeah, 18th of November. I wonder if this is some of the evidence Trump wants to introduce in court. And the judge just ruled they denied Trump's motion to strike J6 language from the indictment. What an odd coincidence that the January 6th tapes were released days, just hours later.

    Okay. There, that's possible. But there's also this.

    This was the, yeah, Trump filed a motion. Okay. This is November 3rd. Classified information proving foreign interference in 2020 2016 elections. Okay.

    Court records show Trump plans to present. That was October 31st.

    And where is that? Here it is. So in this video that I made three years ago, I said, feels like dominoes are starting to fall. I made this video three years ago about the election. We have all this. All this evidence, okay? tHis right here is amazing. This is from is it Jovan Pulitzer? What is going on there? And you saw her just set us up a lumbo.

    Let's look at it. This is Georgia. You see this. This is when they're counting the balance. Take a look at that logo on the envelope right here in her hand. I'm doing it slow motion. So you see that logo. Okay, so you see that logo going through. That's a little black and white logo. You can't miss that logo.

    It's got a cool design in the corner. It turns out that particular logo is it's China's Transcribed Most significant shipping company and changing one dog, right? This is a very large Chinese Shipping company. It's their version of should we call it FedEx and they ship stuff in their country Chinese own course get a little bit they ship stuff all across the country have their delivery packages ever there a significant Now I have a question for you.

    Why would China be shipping anything to the United States in an election?

    They don't print our ballots. They have nothing to do with the election. We can't have other.

    Why are we seeing Chinese delivering? So this goes back to by the way, that's from a video that I made called Domino on Rumble. I'll try to put a link below. But you could type in Domino cheese slave and find it and it just goes through all this, including at the very end. This is so good. It's all going to happen a couple weeks.

    And not this isn't from Arizona. Steve. These are machines we actually have. And we're doing all of our own tests. We're going to have a lot of surprise, a lot of great news for the country. And their big cover up is just starting to, like you say, it's coming apart at the seams. If I was Dominion, if I worked for Dominion right now, I'd be turning myself in.

    I wouldn't even wait; I wouldn't even let it get too much longer. It's over for them. wHat you need to realize, you have to think about this for a minute. Is that a lot of people knew. Trump even told us two years ahead of time it was going to be cheated, right? How did he know? Because he knew what was going on.

    Okay, so a lot of people knew. So a lot of people did stuff during the election and the weeks leading up to the election where they recorded everything. We have hard evidence. During, before, during, and after the election, catching them in the act, adding voters, removing voters, adding both, removing both, we got them said to rights.

    We, there's no way out of this. We have the hard evidence. So what's fun is watching them scramble. It's called the swamp, and you know what happened? And you know what I did? A big favor. I caught the swamp. I caught them all. Let's see what happens. Nobody else could have done that but me. I caught all of this corruption that was going on, and nobody else could have done it.

    Y'all, that was three years ago that he said all that. I made this video, whatever, three years ago. I don't even know when I posted it. It's hard to tell when you posted things because it doesn't say. But it's coming out! It's gonna come out! They just had to wait. They've had to go along with the moves from the left. They can't, or the deep state, they can't push it too fast, right? It's moves and counter moves. All right. So anyway, let's go on to the Ireland and then I'll wrap this video up.

    I thought this was great. This is the fella that was walking around Dublin for the last eight months calling people far right and racist. From the Irish times he is. Hey, look at him all. Look at him all. Far right. Look at him. Look at him. There he is. Everybody remembers him from a few months ago calling people far right and racist.

    Yeah. Are you going to write? What are you going to write in the Times tomorrow? Cry for help, was it? Was it cry for help? Fucking gobshite. Look at all of them. Look at them. All of them. Ah, fucking dying for a good story to add. If they'd put it back on the Irish people. Look. Look. Look at this gobshite from Virgin Media.

    Look at him. His hand, he's not listening to me. Look. We're not going to be intimidated anymore. We're not going to be intimidated anymore. It's already starting. These people are screwed. Okay. These are the same people. Sorry, my dog's making a lot of noise. He's on it. He yawns. He did get a walk today, but he's just, he comes in here when I make videos.

    These are the same journalists, mainstream journalists that got people like me censored. These are the same people that were booing when I went to CPAC in 2016 and sat in the press pit. And they were booing Trump. They're the people that lied about COVID. They're the people that lied about the vaccines.

    They're the people that lied about the election, January 6th, George Floyd, all of it, all the lies. people, what do you think is going to happen when all these people wake up? That guy just did. He was talking to them saying, you piece of crap. It's your fault. It is. He's right. He's not wrong. Okay? This video is really good.

    Again, so if you're not watching, the best place to find what's going on in Ireland is Tommy Robinson. He is on X now. But I can follow him on Telegram, and he's been posting what's happening.

    So that's in Ireland this was in Dublin after the okay, after the children were killed with knives. In Dublin. Hold on.

    Okay, I had to put my dog out. He's driving me crazy. Here's what's really interesting about this, and then I'm going to wrap this video up. One more thing. This guy's saying he's really taking responsibility. Child murders are every man's fault and it's not the government or NGO murderer's fault.

    It's your fault, man. I thought this was a really compelling video. I won't play the whole thing. I'll just play a little bit. I just want to get ahead of the left on the stabbings of the children in Dublin, the babies in Dublin, the stabbing babies. Enrichment in Dublin. Cultural enrichment. Cultural enrichment.

    He's talking about all the migrants. So, I'm going to skip to the end here. When they're coming across our border. We don't know what any man's history is when they're coming across our border. And if you're saying that any man could do this at any time, why the fuck are you letting all dangerous men in the country then?

    None of it makes any fucking sense. It has to fucking stop. This is the last fucking straw. What in the fuck do you think you're fucking doing? It's all communist shite to destroy the nations so they can have an excuse again to go genociding the world. And they're well down the fucking road of it, Paddy.

    You'd want to fucking stand up and start standing up for your children before they're fucking raped and murdered in front of your fucking eyes. Will you fucking stop them then, will you? Yeah.

    I don't know what I'm seeing coming out of Ukraine or Israel or anything. I don't know what the truth is, but I know that the kids are being knived. It happened in France this summer, this last summer. And these children were attacked and they're not safe. And it's not just them being stabbed. It's little girls being raped, young women being raped all throughout Europe. They don't have the same morals. Look at what's happening in Africa. All you got to do is look at what's been happening in Africa with the Muslim takeover of Africa. I remember talking to a woman from online when I started, after I read all these books about Islam and the truth about Islam really, and what they believe.

    And there was a woman from Either Pakistan or India, I don't remember. And she was saying I, I like my hijab because it keeps me safe. And I, I have I have friends from Iran, and they hate the hijab because There's no freedom with the hijab. They don't have freedom of speech. They can't get on social media.

    They don't have any freedom. They can't speak out against their government. So my friends from Iran, they hate the hijab. They're afraid of the hijab, the head covering. And this woman from Pakistan or wherever she was from, she was like, I love it because men will rape me if I don't have it on, that's really what they believe.

    And the men believe that not all the Muslim men are like that, but a lot of them are. And especially. In these, underprivileged, very poor, uneducated. Communities that are Muslim majority, you don't have a job on. We're going to, we have the right to rape you. Okay. So do we all convert to be like them or did we say, no, this is not acceptable.

    This is not the way we live in Western civilization. I think it's pretty clear the right thing to do. And that is to keep these people out. You can't have all these people coming into your culture. So Tommy Robinson, again, he's, I'm going to wrap this up, but he's. Banned everywhere. Now he's back on Twitter, but has been and we were ignored.

    We were called racists, xenophobes, haters, far right Nazis. We don't care about your labels anymore. We're way beyond that. And he, again, he's the one, the reason he started speaking out and went to jail was because of the girls getting gang raped in his small town in England. Get used to it. It's here now, right?

    You can make a stand now and prevent it, while you've got the numbers you've got here, or over the next 12, 24 months, it's going to be unrecognisable every time you see it. The streets are safer now and it's safe. All around this country, people have said, enough is enough, that the country is for, that we can't.

    Sustained is 12, 000 Irish citizens homeless on the streets, 12, 000 people, 12, 000 of your own people on the fucking streets and these share of fuckers are giving privilege over, oh man. It has went unchecked for too long. People have said back for too long and accepted the abuse for too long. I think the islands could be the catalyst for a resistance.

    So this is happening in the U. S. too. If you don't believe it, look at New York at the hotels being full, filled up with migrants. They're not checking these people before they come in.

    We still have our guns here. Thank God. Thank God we have our guns. Because we'd already be, the whole world would have been taken down by now if America didn't have our guns. Say what you want, believe what you want about guns, but you need to learn. That's the only reason why we're still we still have any freedom.

    And I do believe that we will win. All right, so here is the news, okay? The same people he was just talking about, these arrogant, unbelievably arrogant, mainstream media brainwashed, leftards, really, is what they are. Look at it. Far right Boolean. So this is all the coverage about the riots. So after these kids were killed people were rioting in the streets, burning down the immigration center.

    Now I'm not advocating this. I didn't agree with. I have not agreed with any violence ever. Okay? Never have, never will. But again, the Black Lives Matter. Remember the George Floyd BLM riots in the Summer of Love, they called it, in 2020, the mostly peaceful protests?

    This is what all the news is saying about these people who are now rioting because it's gotten to this point, far right ideology, far right agitators, NBC News, Washington Post, far right protesters.

    The worst violence in decades, far right, guardian, independent, driven by hate, rioters driven by hate, not patriotism, shops looted stem from hate, lunatic, hooligan, faction driven by far-right ideology far right ideology, and so on and so forth, right? They're all saying the same thing. That's fine.

    I think violence is bad, I think rioting is bad, but is that what it is? Is it far right? ideology, or is it people upset that their towns are being taken over by people that are raping and killing people?

    It was okay, everyone got behind George Floyd, oh, police brutality we're gonna defend George Floyd, black lives matter. And now people that are chanting Irish lives matter are being called far right hooligans.

    Can't have it both ways. And it was real interesting that it happened the day after JFK's.

    assassination. That's Ireland in Dublin. That's just a picture of one of the backpacks from the little kids. But here's how I want to end this. A couple of things. This I thought was really interesting. This is the first time that I heard that the knife attack in Dublin was a Muslim because they're not saying that in the news.

    They're just saying. It was a migrant, but they don't say it was a Muslim, and that the kids were actually at a Catholic school. Nobody else reported that. This is from David Horowitz's front page mag. You're not hearing that. There was also, over the weekend, another Catholic church was attacked in Ireland. That's what they do. When was the last time you heard a mosque being attacked by Catholics? Or Protestants, even. Ever? Heard of one? Maybe there's, there were some hoaxes a while back, but no, we don't do that stuff.

    This migration has to stop. This media covering up for it has to stop. But, here's the latest, this latest that just came out, and I'll be watching, and I'll make more videos. I'm gonna try to be posting more often news reports, because I think a lot of the stuff that I see, people don't see.

    Because, again, you have to follow me on Rumble because I can't put this on YouTube, but this basically says Watchtower's going up in Ireland, so take a look. Watchtower's up, outside the GPO. They don't have to go on the street. Guys, that's scary. That's straight up Nazi. People are afraid in the streets.

    Children aren't safe at their Catholic church, at their Catholic school. And... Women aren't safe in the streets. There was another video of a woman being shoved down a this, I think that was in France, but a woman being shoved down a subway entrance, and now they're putting up watchtowers. This is what they want, by the way.

    They want civil war. That's why I think that our government has had to, they couldn't just do the Insurrection Act like people wanted. Sidney Powell or whoever it was back in 2020 after the election was stolen. They couldn't just do the Insurrection Act because we would have civil war.

    And that's what they want. They want us to be divided. They want us to fight each other because then they can topple us. Can't have that.

    I think it's gonna get bad, specifically in, my prediction is it'll get I'm not the only one predicting this, a lot of people are predicting this, that it'll get bad in the more leftist cities in the U.S. and we will see sleeper cells and, all these guys coming in from across the border are all these migrants are gonna be used against us. They're probably being trained right now. They're all gonna be given money, our taxpayer dollars. I do believe at some point the military will have to step in when the that violence starts here, which I do believe that it will.

    I think if you're in a city, I'd get out of the city. Especially a leftist city. I would get out of it. And I would make sure that you have. If you're in a city, I'd get out of the city. I just would. If you can. Get a gun. Am I advocating violence when I say that? No! I'm saying protect your family. It's not safe right now.

    Anyway. It's going, when this all comes out we will see military, we will see martial law. We will no doubt in my mind and that's when we'll see the arrests finally, but it can't happen until A few more things have to happen.

    So hang in there everyone. I know this is excruciating. I know a lot of people are going through personal a lot of pain a lot of problems health problems, money problems relationship problems I am too.

    But it's going to be over, not too much longer, at least here in America. And then we'll be able to help turn things around for the rest of the world. Thank God we kept our guns. Thank God we kept our guns. We don't have the freedom of speech anymore, but we do have our guns. Okay, and we're going to get freedom of speech back.

    We will. Absolutely. Anyway, I'm grateful to everyone out there who has supported me through all of this. This has been the hardest time of my life. I will make another video with my Gibson go. And just want to send you all my love and my gratitude on this Thanksgiving week. And looking forward to the future.

    I know the best is yet to come. I know the future is very bright, and I do know these are very dark times. Probably the darkest I've ever lived through. And I understand that's why these leftists don't want to see what's really happening. They want to just keep their eyes closed, but you can't.

    Because at some point it's going to smack you in the face.

    So, you might as well open your eyes and, wake up and smell the coffee, right? Good morning, Vietnam.

    Anyway, love you guys. And I'll see you all in the next video.