Open Letter to HEB on Their Totalitarian Mask Mandate

Open Letter to HEB on Their Totalitarian Mask Mandate

This is an open letter to HEB, a grocery store chain in Texas, on their totalitarian, anti-American mask mandate they have imposed on their customers.

We’ve been good about putting up with the liberal virtue-signaling until now.

However, Governor Abbott has announced that we no longer have to wear masks in Texas and if HEB is gonna push this crap on Texans, we are going to fight back. I implore all Texans to stop shopping at HEB and hit them where it hurts — in their bottom line.

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Open Letter to HEB on Their Totalitarian Mask Mandate

First of all, I want to tell you how much I absolutely adore HEB.

I was raised in Texas since I was 7. I graduated from UT Austin, and and moved to California back in the 90s to pursue my career in digital marketing in Silicon Valley.

Our family moved to Austin last year and I couldn’t be happier to be home. I’m also thrilled to shop at HEB and I do 90% of my grocery shopping at my local HEB.

I saw this article recently and I agree wholeheartedly with Food & Wine: HEB Named Best Supermarket in the Country.

As a food blogger for almost 15 years, I’m extremely picky about food but I have to say you guys do a stellar job.

I was thrilled when Governor Abbott announced that he is lifting the mask mandate. This ridiculous order has gone on far too long. Especially when you look at the numbers from the CDC.

At first I heard that HEB was not going to enforce the masks and I was thrilled. I went to pick up some things at my local store and was very rudely accosted and threatened by one of your employees. I have a video of that which I will be posting on my blog.

Now I see this: As an essential service provider during the pandemic, mask use at H-E-B will remain a priority

HEB, you should be ashamed. I have supported HEB and shopped there every single week since we moved here in August. I tolerated the annoying badgering from your employees when my mask wasn’t “pulled up high enough”.

Even though I complied this entire time by wearing the ridiculous face covering, I got hassled for not wearing my mask as high as they wanted me to. I put up with the harassment to get along with the virtue-signaling liberals. This is obviously a political issue and has nothing to do with a virus.

I’m done. We should all be done. This is lunacy.

We had the same number of deaths in 2019 as we had in 2020. And what happened to the flu? COVID magically cured it? Please.

Healthy people should not be forced to wear masks. Masks are only to protect people from sneezing and coughing. If you are not sick, why wear a mask?

If social distancing works, why is a mask necessary?

It was 2 weeks to flatten the curve and now it’s been almost a year.

Oh and it was during an election year —  do you really believe for a second that we had to lock down a whole country from a virus with a 99+% recovery rate?

This is total insanity and if you can’t see that, I can’t help you.

Please reconsider your stance.

Here’s what I suggest. Stop letting leftists make corporate policy. Let your customers wear masks if they want to, and if they don’t want to, don’t require it. If the people who are scared of the virus don’t want to shop with people who are not wearing masks, THEY CAN ORDER ONLINE. Or give them a special time to shop in private without the mask-free people.

Stop restricting healthy people to protect the fearful conspiracy theorists who want to live their lives in a bubble and lock down the world for over a year.

If you continue to force your customers to wear masks, I will be forced to take my business elsewhere.

I’ll just order everything from Whole Foods and Amazon and have it all delivered. You obviously do not care about your customers who support you, so I’m done caring about you.

We live in the and of the free and the home of the brave. America.

And Texas is about as American as you can get.

HEB, you failed as Americans and you failed as Texans. You sided with the commies. You owe us all a public apology.

I encourage everyone in Texas to boycott HEB until you stop treating half your customer base like crap and let us shop without masks.

Ann Marie Michaels

PS: #Boycott Amazon is trending today on Twitter. The leftists are boycotting Amazon for a week to get them to unionize. I hate unions because they are run by communists and the mafia.

So this gives me even more of a reason to shop online with Amazon. If you don’t reverse your totalitarian mask mandate, I will just buy everything from Amazon to spite the leftists online as well as the leftists in your stores who are pushing this mask nonsense. Good riddance.


HEB didn’t officially end their mask mandate, however, here in Cedar Park, Texas, I can now shop maskless in peace. The store greeters still try to offer us masks at the door but I just say “NO THANK YOU” and walk on by. Nobody says a word to me at HEB so I will continue to shop there.

Home Depot also does not hassle me about masks, and many other stores here in Texas are not requiring a mask. Those that do, I don’t shop there.

I went into Sprouts in Round Rock the other day just to pick up a few items I couldn’t find at HEB for my daughter’s birthday. I haven’t shopped at Sprouts in a year, due to their tyrannical policies about masks.

The Round Rock Sprouts store manager literally followed me from the back of the store to the front to tell me that they would NOT allow me to check out without a mask. He took my items in my basket away and refused me service.

He told me that if I don’t want to wear a mask, I can use InstantCart. If I’m healthy, why do I have to use InstantCart? Why can’t the fearful people stay home and use InstantCart? This is nuts. They are not a health food store.

I will not be shopping at Sprouts again. I got a video of the insanity which I will be posting soon.