Podcast: Farmer Chris Kerston on Olive Oil & Sustainable Farming

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Did you know that most olive oils are adulterated with cheap and rancid oils? It’s true! Unless you know your grower, you have no idea what you are getting.

Olives, Olive Oil and Sustainable Farming

Last week I interviewed Chris Kerston of the Chaffin Family Orchards about olive oil, growing olives, and sustainable farming.

If you are still buying your olive oil in bulk containers at Costco, or spending lots of money on fancy olive oil at gourmet shops and health food stores, you need to listen to this podcast!

You’ll also enjoy listening to Chris, a truly brilliant guy, about how Chaffin Family Orchards is revolutionizing farming in California.

Listen to the Podcast: Chris Kerston on Olive Oil and Sustainable Farming

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Show Notes

Check out this article we discussed from the New Yorker magazine about the adulteration of olive oil in Italy: Slippery Business

Go pre-order your olive oil now to participate in the Olive Futures program, Chaffin’s CSA for olive oil. Help support their farm so they can produce as much olive oil as possible this year! (They ran out last year so get it while you can! This would also make the perfect Christmas gift for family members and friends.)

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How important is it to you to get your food from sustainable farms? Do you go out of your way to get it so you can support small farms? Do you shop at farmer’s markets, are you a member of a CSA? Share how you support sustainable farmers.