Saturday Morning at the Farmer’s Market

Saturday Morning at the Farmer’s Market

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This morning, few of us Los Angeles WAPF moms were lucky enough to get a tour of the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market from Victoria (on left). Victoria is our local Westside Los Angeles WAPF chapter leader. She knows the market like the back of her hand, and greets all the organic farmers by name.

Jungleen is in the middle, with her 6-month-old son Noah in the stroller. On the right is Annie with 11-month-old daughter AJ. Our babies all drink homemade raw milk formula!

Going on a tour with Victoria was so educational. I always learn so much from her. (I’m meeting her back there again next week!)

We bought milk from Organic Pastures Dairy (grass-fed cows), pastured eggs and cow’s liver from Rocky Canyon, organic avocados, organic basil and flat-leaf parsely, and bison tallow from Lindner’s Bison. Victoria also got some chicken feet for chicken stock.

It’s pretty amazing all the wonderful food we can buy from local farmers. I love being able to support them, and knowing that food is not traveling very far. Did you know that food in America travels, on average, 1500 miles from farm to fork? Not when you buy from your local farmer’s market!

I also love the fact that these good souls are raising their animals humanely and producing the food traditionally, the way nature intended. Letting the cows and chickens graze on pasture, not pasteurizing the milk, not spraying pesticides on the fruits and vegetables. I am so very grateful that these farmers continue to provide us with healthy, nourishing food — despite all the challenges they face.

Not only that, but this food is much more nutritious than what you find in supermarkets. And you get the added bonus of getting vitamin D from the sun while you shop. 😀

Here are some more photos I snapped… (click on the photos to learn more)

This is Kathy from Lindner Bison:

Lindner Bison

Healthy Family Farms — they raise pastured chickens and turkeys (I put some chicken feet and chicken livers on order to pick up next week):

Sharon the Chicken Lady

I didn’t get the name of this farm (Victoria?). They had an amazing array of organic potatoes:

Organic Potatoes

Another one I didn’t get the name of — organic citrus and avocados:

Organic Citrus and Avocado

And Rocky Canyon — really sweet people. They sell beef and pork from humanely raised, grass-fed animals. They also have pastured eggs and some organic produce.

Rocky Canyon