Summer Recipes from the Garden

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Strawberries from my garden
Strawberries from my Garden

I hope you are enjoying the summer harvest from your garden. If you don’t have a garden, you can find fabulous fresh produce at your local farmer’s market.

I’ve been getting a lot of strawberries which we’ve been eating, or using to make strawberry ice cream.


I’m also growing basil, which I use to make my favorite summer sauce, pesto.

Tuscan Pork Chops and Caprese Salad
Tuscan Pork Chops and Caprese Salad

I also love caprese salads. Nothing like fresh summer tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella!

Summer Recipes from the Garden

Here are some of my favorite summertime recipes from the garden:

Summertime Gazpacho – Cold, spicy, flavorful tomato soup. I love it with fresh avocado and ice cubes.

Lacto-Fermented Salsa – One of my very favorite snacks is homemade tortilla chips with fresh lacto-fermented salsa.

Edible Weed & Sprouts Salad – I just picked up some purslane from the farmer’s market. I’ve been meaning to plant some — it grows like a weed (I guess that’s because it is a weed).

Buttermilk Ranch Dressing – I love this dressing because it’s full of fat-soluble activators and probiotics, but also because you can add lots of fresh garden herbs from the garden to give it a ton of flavor.

Ceviche – Raw fish with citrus and fresh garden tomatoes and peppers — this is a cool summer dish that goes great with a salad or homemade tortilla chips.

Pesto-Crusted Salmon – Instead of putting pesto on pasta, try slathering it on wild salmon. It tastes great and it’s much more nutrient-dense.

Roast Duck with Cherry Reduction Sauce – A reduction sauce is a wonderful way to get more bone broth into your family. Add some cherries, and it’s heavenly served over roast duck.

Homemade Cherry Pie – Make a homemade cherry pie with fresh cherries from the garden or farmer’s market and your family will fall in love. The last time I served this, people could not stop raving. It’s that good.

Honey Roasted Figs with Vanilla Ice Cream – I had a fig tree in my last home and I could not keep up with the figs that tree produced. You’ll love this dessert.

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What are you growing in your garden this summer?  What summer recipes are you enjoying? Please add a link to a great summer recipe with fresh-from-the-garden produce below.

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