Synchronicity & Signs of Land

We're coming out of the Great Tribulation on our way to the Promised Land. I feel it! In this post, I'll explain why...

Synchronicity & Signs of Land

We're coming out of the Great Tribulation on our way to the Promised Land. I feel it!

In this post, I'll explain why...

Detox & Heal

Guys, it's finally happening! Any day now, I'll be announcing my new online course, Detox & Heal.

Maybe even today! I hope! Just trying to get the last i's and t's dotted and crossed.

My new online course coming soon!

In the course, I will be teaching everything I've learned about how to heal from vax injuries and shedding to weight gain to fatigue.

And it ain't by giving up carbs, ya'll. What I'm going to be sharing is so revolutionary... but it isn't really...

It's what we are hearing from people who are curing everything from heart disease to cancer to autism. Dr. Lee Merritt, Kerri Rivera, Andreas Kalcker, Dr. Robert Young, and others.

Funny, it's all the people who are the most cancelled. As they say, "Follow the silenced."

I'll also be finally relaunching my monthly giveaway of health products – later this week or maybe next week.

And once I get those two things up and running, I will be starting my new company, Eden Revival, which will be launched to help reconnect all of us.

So much to do, but it's happening, baby step by baby step.

And I know that it's happening in God's time, so as much as I want to hurry things along, I trust Him and His perfect timing.


I am thrilled to report that these days, I'm in a state of absolutely delightful synchronicity.

This is manifesting in a few different ways...

Number One: Things Are Working Out Miraculously

I keep having these experiences where (a) Something really bad happens (b) I realize it was actually something good because (c) God had some sort of plan he needed me to my help.

And then He makes that abundantly clear.

To my utter delight. (See Isaiah 6:8.)

Number Two: My Questions Are Almost Instantly Answered

God keeps answering my questions, almost instantly.

One after another. Like, as soon as I ask, within hours, the answer appears.

I've been learning so much these past few years about the vaccines and what's in them, about parasites, about 5G and frequencies, and what is really making us sick.

And every question I ask, leads to more questions, and He just keeps delivering answers... I keep being led to amazing discoveries, fascinating articles, well-researched and written books, videos, etc.

Number Three: At The End of Tribulation, Manifesting Is Happening Faster

I really feel like this is the year we are moving out of these back-breaking, gut-wrenching seven years of the Great Tribulation and moving into the time when the Best is Yet to Come is finally here.

I say this because, after years of toil and struggle, delays and trials, I'm noticing that things are finally starting to click and come together.

a large white wall with some words on it
Photo by Etienne Girardet / Unsplash

Things are manifesting for me. Quickly.

I ask for a sign, I get a sign. I claim abundance, $20 shows up in my bank account, from a donation or a commission or something.

As I like to say, these are "signs of land."

You're out at sea, can't find your way to shore, and then suddenly you start seeing sticks and leaves on the water.

white sailboat on sea during sunset
Photo by Bobby Stevenson / Unsplash

Number Four: Oh, Yeah, And I'm Psychic Now

I'm also much more telepathic and psychic. Like I can predict things. And I just know things. And they turn out to be true.

This has been happening for me ever since 2020. I had to shut it down after the spring of 2020 because certain people, who shall remain nameless, kept telling me I was crazy.

But those people are gone now. Out of my life.

So I'm free to let my freak flag fly. LOL.

Maybe it ain't so bad being a black sheep after all.

Signs of Land

Despite all the hardships I have endured over these past several years, from losing my home, my life savings, almost all of my income and almost all my family members and friends, it is worth every single price I have paid.

My connection to the Divine is so supercharged and ON FIRE, I wouldn't trade this for the world.

In fact, I'd dump everything, pick up my cross and follow Him.

grayscale photograph of Jesus Christ statue
Photo by Arturo Rey / Unsplash

Yeah, I guess that's exactly what I did. Best decision ever.

I'll tell you a little story below of some of the daily miracles I am experiencing, and the "signs of land" that God is showing me on our way to the Promised Land.

Weight Loss Goal: Day One

Yesterday I claimed that I will lose 15 pounds in 6 weeks – by April 22, 2024.

I know it is possible to lose 15 pounds in 16 weeks because that's exactly what I did in Jan-Feb of 2020.

I accomplished this just by claiming it, and meditating every morning, visualizing the weight loss. Every morning, I'd lie in my bed and I'd imagine stepping on the scale and see the number going down.

person standing on white digital bathroom scale
Photo by i yunmai / Unsplash

Six weeks later, I had dropped 15 pounds. Effortlessly.

I didn't change my diet or do any exercise really. Just my usual morning walk.

And then I gained that same 15 pounds back over the next several months. Why? Because I stopped meditating.

No, it's not because I stopped meditating. It's because I stopped believing. I stopped shining my light.

More on that later but it's the reason I got divorced. I had to live small in order to stay in that box. The box that was my life.

So yesterday, I stepped on the scale to assess the damage. 152.


"Oh well," I thought, "here we go."

And then I went on my first walk in months. I used to walk the dog every day, or take him on a bike ride (he runs on a leash beside me).

But since I had to move again in December, less than a year from my last move after my husband threw me out, I've been so stressed with all the packing and unpacking and boxes everywhere, that I haven't had time to walk.

It was really nice to walk yesterday, even without the dog (he's over at my ex's with my son). The weather was great and I listened to a new David Wilcock livestream (LOVE him).

And everywhere I went, I saw God.

Saints and angels on every street.

It just so happened that I moved into a neighborhood one block from a Catholic parish.

Or did it just "happen?"

I can see the church from my backyard. Which is so cool because when I was in France last summer, everywhere I stayed I was a 10-15 minute walk away from a cathedral. It is so lovely to walk or ride a bike to mass.

I know they are building a bigger church on this plot of land right behind me.

And I'm hoping it will be a traditional cathedral instead of one of these modern monstrosities. We need more beautiful, traditional cathedrals here in America.

The Last Supper stained glass
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel / Unsplash

Maybe if I make a bunch of money and donate it, I can influence this decision. Maybe that's precisely why God wants me to make a lot of money.

Isaiah 6:8, ya'll. I don't need the money for me. It's for God.

Okay, and also, eventually, I'm claiming that we – this parish – will go back to the Latin mass.

five priest inside cathedral
Photo by Tomás Robertson / Unsplash

Because enough of this Novus Ordo crapola and the communion in the hand and people wearing t-shirts and sweat pants to church.

Anyway, an hour and a half later, I felt excited to have accomplished my first day back. I had some yogurt and coffee for breakfast, the usual.

I didn't feel like eating lunch so I didn't.

Finally, around 7 pm, I decided the working day was done and I was gonna watch a movie or read and I had a glass of wine or two and some Brie and baguette.

That's all I wanted. Oh, and I also had a couple of chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

I fell asleep listening to Greg Reese and Dr. Lee Merritt (OMG sooo good) around 9:30 or 10. And woke up at 4:30 am. That's sleeping in for me, since I normally only sleep 5 hours.

I weighed myself this morning and there it was: 151.

Down one pound.

Yes, sir, with bread, cheese, cookies, and wine.

And I lost weight. Thank you, Jesus!

Obesity & Diabetes

I have something fricking amazing to tell you about what I just figured out about the obesity and diabetes epidemic. I mean like mind-blowingly incredible.

And it means you can eat bread again. And pizza. And cookies.

But it's a whole 'nother blog post. A really good one.

So I'm gonna post this one now and I'll finish writing that article and publish it next.

Oh but first I hafta go for my morning walk. Day two, here we come!

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