The Stress of War (And How I’m Dealing With It)

The Stress of War (And How I’m Dealing With It)

Hi, my friends. Just wanted to update you with what’s been going on in my life.

We are in the darkest days of World War III, and I am very battle fatigued, but still fighting.

In this post, I share with you how I am dealing with the stress, and what I think is coming in the future. I am very optimistic.

The best is yet to come! I’ll explain at the end of this post… keep scrolling to the bottom.

And yes, there will be food pics.

Big Tech Censorship

First of all, I’m being censored like crazy. I’m sure there are many of you out there who are seeing people being censored online.

I’m disgusted by the “health bloggers and influencers” who have not been censored. You fell down on the job, guys! I mean, it’s actually hilarious. They blogged about healthy food and the dangers of GMOs for like a decade and now that there is a vaccine passport, they don’t say a damn word. Anyway, I made a video about that recently — you can watch it here.

Lately, I have been making more videos because I know people can’t share my blog posts. My links are labeled as spam on Facebook and Pinterest, but you can share my videos.

I love making videos. And I do plan to make a lot more. However, at heart, I’m a blogger and a writer. So it’s very healing for me to put my thoughts down and share them with others.

I used to share a lot on Facebook before they banned me. I’m sharing more on Telegram now — I post on there daily.

I also post on Gab and AnonUp, but I not as frequently because they don’t have phone apps because the fascists at the Apple and Android app store won’t let them.

Why? Because they are “white supremacist” and “racist” apps. LOL! Hilarious.

Anyone who thinks that’s true, I’ll just say it simply: you are completely brainwashed. I know some of ya’ll still think this and damn, are you in for a shock. It’s coming.

As I have said for a year now, Take the red pill now because eventually it will only be available as a suppository.

Thank God For My Space Friends

Anyway, the writing really helps me with the stress of all this. This is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write.

My family, whom I love dearly, has been keeping me very busy what with all the cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and just spending time with them. But I need to write — it helps me process and helps me get centered. And I want to be able to remember this time in history.  (In fact, I am going to write a book about this whole experience so stay tuned for that.)

Chatting with my friends in my Telegram group and on the phone is very nurturing. These are my warrior sisters (and a few guys, too) who have been with me in this fight for over a year now.

We’re on Signal, too in case Telegram goes down. We have backups of our backups. Like the Israelites, running through the desert during the Exodus. We keep moving from place to place.

My husband calls my Telegram friends my “Space Friends”. I got to see a couple of them up in Dallas during Spring Break the other week.

Here we are, mask-free at a burger joint in Dallas:

I’ve had a lot of friends throughout the years and decades, but nobody can compare to this battle-hardened team of literal angels.

I know they have my back no matter, what. And I’ve got theirs.

Nothing connects you like a war. And this is the Battle of the Bulge. We will be friends forever.

Of Course I’m Right. I’m Bob.

The reason I was in Dallas was I took my son up to visit my dad, who is in hospice. For those who don’t know, our family relocated from Los Angeles to Austin last year.

My dad doesn’t have long to live, so I’m trying to get up there to see him as often as I can.

Thankfully they are able to do hospice at home, so he doesn’t have to stay at a hospital. And no, he’s not sick with the “rona”.

He got sick back in 2019 so in a way, it was lucky that this happened when it did. Because of the “rona” (I refuse to call it COVID). They were able to work it out so he could stay at home and have nurses come to see him every afternoon.

He has lost a lot of weight but he still looks like my dad. And I love him very much.

I’m not scared or sad about him dying because I don’t believe in death. Death is just a transition to a different dimension. And our relatives and friends are there.

The cabal wants us to be afraid of death because that’s how they control us and keep us in a state of fear. I have never been afraid. I know my dad will be fine. He knows that, too.

I don’t know where he got that shirt but I do know it’s 1000% accurate. He’s been right about most things over the years. He’s the one member of my extended family who knows what’s really going on.

He told me Obama was a Muslim for over a decade. I used to delete the emails, writing him off as a “racist”. I was a liberal Democrat for 30 years.

And then I found out he was right. Like his shirt says. Ha!

After not speaking to him for years, I called him on Father’s Day in 2017 to say, “I want to tell you two things: (1) Happy Father’s Day and (2) You know how you used to tell me that Obama was a Muslim? You were right.”

He roared laughing and then said, “This is the best Father’s Day ever.”

How They Divide Us

It’s really criminal how the cabal has censored people and cut them off from their friends. And how they have made it so families can’t see each other.

And I’m not just talking about people staying in their homes out of their fear of the virus. I’m talking about how they have divided us.

Most of my family thinks I’m crazy. They have been brainwashed to hate conservatives. If you are a conservative or a Trump supporter, they think you are a racist, uneducated hick. Which is ridiculous! I can’t even believe how so many people don’t get it.

I can’t even talk to anyone in my extended family. Except my dad and my stepmom. Of course, none of them will leave their homes anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

They’ll find out soon enough that they were tricked and lied to.

The bankster cabal divided us and tore families and friends apart so they could continue their lie. In an attempt to destroy us and our civilization.

But that will never happen. I know we will win.

It’s just a matter of time now. I explain why at the end of this post.. keep reading…

Preserving Our Ancestry

But back to my dad.  It was good to see him.

We just hung out and talked. I told him about the books I’m reading by David Wilcock.

My dad read all of Edgar Cayce’s books; they are still on his bookshelf next to his bed. Wilcock writes about Cacye a lot.

Many people believe Wilcock is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. This would not surprise me one bit.

We went through old photos. I took home boxes of them to scan and print and frame.

Here’s one of his parents, Chester and Florence Michalski, on their wedding day:

Chester and Florence Michalski, Toledo, Ohio

There is something about that photo that brings me a lot of joy. Her hand resting on his arm, her perfect white dress, shoes and hat, his crisp suit and combed hair.

And how they are sitting in the garden, with family all around. How I wish we could go back to those days of having big families. The communists have destroyed American families. My children never got to experience what my parents did — growing up with extended family all around.

Chester and Florence both grew up in Toledo Ohio. They were both Polish and grew up in the Polish part of Toledo.

I’m actually working on the genealogy for my dad’s family on Nobody did it and if I don’t do it, nobody will.

So I’m working now to preserve the memories. So that my children and their children and their children’s children will be able to look back and remember their ancestors.

Family Ties

I also took home 3 big boxes of my dad’s ties.

There is something so human and personal about a man’s ties. Men’s clothing can be pretty boring and run-of-the-mill. Ties are a way they can express themselves and their personality.

My dad had some of the most beautiful and colorful ties.

This doesn’t surprise me because he has always been an artist. There are paintings he did all over his house.  He was incredibly talented.

He was also a great writer.  Now I know where I got my gift for writing.

Anyway, I’m sorting through all the ties now, and ripping out the seams. I’m going to make a couple quilts out of them for my children. Since they’re silk, I’m not making quilts for blankets, but rather as wall hangings.

I think they will make wonderful heirlooms so we can all remember Grandpa Bob after he makes his transition.

He has been a good father to me and I am very grateful for everything he has done for me and all the love he gave me.

There is something so calming and relaxing about touching all of my dad’s ties, sorting them and putting them into piles, and deciding how to cut them into pieces for the blocks.

I’m also working on a couple of other regular patchwork quilts (see below) for my kids’ beds.

I think sleeping under a blanket your mom made you is one of the nicest, most comforting things. My mother made all of our comforters when we were kids, and I slept with an angel doll she made me.

I think it’s sad that people don’t sew as much anymore. I really love quilting. I’ll probably never be a knitter, but quilting is something I really enjoy.

My New Veggie Garden

The other thing I’m finding very calming these days is gardening. Last week, I started the veggie garden in the back yard.

I planted 12 tomato plants (different varieties), bell peppers, jalapenos (I pickle them with salt water), cucumbers, zucchini, rosemary, thyme, watermelon, cantaloupe, sunflowers, and onions.

I’ll keep you posted with updates as the plants grow and we start harvesting.

I’ll be planting more herbs and lettuce in my Tower Garden. I’ll post about that later as well.

Gardening is stress-relieving for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s physical activity, which is good for you and helps you sleep better. You also get sun, which helps you get more vitamin D (good for immunity).

Also, I think that when you know the harvest is coming, you have something to look forward to. That makes you feel excited for the future.

And finally, taking care of something that is beyond yourself helps you get out of your own head.

The Joy of Cooking

I’m also spending a lot more time cooking and enjoying good food.

I’m in the process of losing weight. I gained about 20 pounds last year with all the stress of the “rona” lockdown shenanigans and not getting enough exercise.

But I never let the process of losing weight stand in the way of eating great food. I just eat smaller portions and I eat more slowly, and I visualize myself losing the weight.

So far I’ve lost 8 pounds since February. I haven’t done anything except meditation and visualization.

I did a video last year about how I lose weight with meditation. I will post it again soon — make sure you sign up for my email updates to get notified when that goes up.

Don’t worry — I don’t send daily emails or try to sell you stuff. It just sends out an email automatically whenever I publish a new blog post.

So let’s see… what’s been going on the kitchen…

I started a new sourdough baby so we can start making our own bread without the commercial yeast, as well as cookies, brownies, pancakes and waffles, and pizza.

For Easter, I made a baked ham that I glazed with lemon curd.

The lemon curd was homemade by daughter Kate; she will be 14 this month. She is an amazing baker!

I also roasted some small potatoes and sunchokes we got at the farmer’s market.

I added fresh garlic, sea salt, crushed black pepper, and herbs from my new garden: flat-leaf parsley, rosemary and thyme.

I also steamed some asparagus and served it with homemade Hollandaise sauce:

For dessert we had Kate’s chocolate cream pie. It was divine.

She used the recipe from this book, The Pie and Pastry Bible, which should be in every home. Every single one of her recipes comes out perfect.

And we colored eggs, of course. Ollie, 6, really enjoyed it.

I put an Easter egg in his lunch today, with a little packet of sea salt.

I always loved it when my mom did that the week after Easter. It was a way to celebrate longer.

And of course, eggs are a fabulous source of protein.

Which you need in order to handle stress.

It is protein that is what we use to create neurotransmitters (feel-good brain chemicals) in the brain.

If you are feeling stressed, or you have family members who are stressed, please feed them more protein.

Julia Ross, author of The Mood Cure, says we need 20 grams of protein 3 times a day — and that’s just to maintain our current level of neurotransmitters.

To read more about that, go check out my post about Julia Ross. I got to spend a whole weekend with her which I chronicle in that post, and it’s chock full of great tips for eating to relieve stress.

I swear, I have never met a person as happy as Julia Ross. She practices what she preaches and her book really works!

I think I’m gonna write another blog post about it. I already have the title in my mind: “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Vegans.”

Relax! The Future’s Bright

Okay, okay, so now you’re like, what’s gonna happen? Why are you so confident about the future?

Well, that’s a whole ‘nother blog post  but I can assure you, when President Trump said “The best is yet to come,” over and over and over again, it wasn’t just a catch phrase. He really meant it.

I can sum it up in a few  paragraphs here.

Bottom line: It’s all going to work out and what lies ahead is the best time in all of human history.

Here’s why: I am absolutely certain Joe Biden is not our real president. I know, I know, you’re like, “OK crazy Trump supporter.”

But I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks of me. You know why?

Because I have done the research. Six ways to Sunday and back again.

I know that what I know is all true.

I am positive I have done more research on this than 99% of the people out there.

How do I know this? Because I have been immersed in this since I first woke up in 2006, when I first read books by David Icke. That’s 15 years.

And I’m not the only one who has looked into all of this. Many others have, and they have come to the same conclusions. We are the 1% that woke up a long time ago.

Go watch YouTube videos by World Bank lawyer turned whistleblower Karen Hudes. She’s been calling out the central banks for decades and predicting the currency war. You can also follow her on Twitter.

I know many of you are worried and scared but I am not. I know how much has happened because I have been watching very closely for the past few years.

We will win.

Stay tuned for another post I’m working on next about why I think the Hundredth Monkey Effect is already well in play — and there is nothing that can stop what’s coming.

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