The Video That Got Me Banned on YouTube

The Video That Got Me Banned on YouTube

My newest video got me banned on YouTube. (Scroll down to watch.)

OK I didn’t actually get banned forever on YouTube. Not yet anyway.

I have 1 of 3 “community strikes” on YouTube. The first one was for a video I made about Princess Diana. Ridiculous, as it was an innocent video. I think I talked about Q in that one, which the MSM wants you to believe is a terrorist group. Which is patently absurd.

It’s bizarre how real terrorist groups like BLM and  like Antifa can post anything they want on any social media platform — and they are not called terrorists. But we know they are actual terrorists because they literally terrorized people during their riots last summer. There has never been a Q terrorist attack.

Except the fake one on January 6th which was actually instigated by fake Trump supporters who were in reality BLM and Antifa members. Of course, these terrorists have been infiltrating Trump rallies and posing as Trump supporters and inciting violence since 2016 so this is nothing new.

This second strike is for the video below — they said they gave me a strike for “medical misinformation”. I elaborate on that below the video…

Watch the video for yourself and see if you think I’m “misinforming” people. Or if I’m just asking questions.

Watch the Video: I Want to See You Be Brave

Note: This video will only be public for 24-48 hours. Please see my explanation below the video.

Medical Misinformation? Or Big Tech Censorship?

So, now if we question the vaccine and we question the virus itself, we are spreading “medical misinformation”.

You guys know I have always questioned everything on this blog. And I will not stop speaking out. Not ever.

Big Tech has censored me off of almost every social media platform. They have destroyed my business.

Ask yourself, why are they censoring me? What am I saying that is so threatening to them?

All I’m doing is asking questions. For example:

  • If this is a real pandemic, why did we have the same number of deaths in 2020 as 2019?
  • And what happened to the flu? Why did the flu disappear in 2020?
  • Why did cases of heart disease and cancer go down in 2020?
  • How come homeless people aren’t dying left and right?
  • Why are they letting all these migrants come in through the border and none of them are dying from the virus?
  • Why are kids being kept home from school and made to wear masks when Joe Biden himself said on a recent town hall that kids are not carriers and they are not dying from the virus?
  • If the vaccines work and they are safe, why are all the social media platforms banning and censoring anyone who questions them?
  • Why did anyone who spoke out about cures for the virus get banned immediately last year?
  • Why are they pushing a vaccine passport for a disease with a 99.9+% recovery rate?

This shit doesn’t add up and it stinks real bad.

I’m honestly disgusted by what is going on. I just made a new video about all of this which I’m uploading to Rumble today.

I will no longer be posting to YouTube because screw them and their fascist policies. I’ll update my flowcode page with all the places you can find me.