Tough Times, Tough People

Tough Times, Tough People

If you’re having a tough time, this post may be helpful for you. This is just a quick post to share a few things.

I had a very difficult weekend with family members who have been very critical of me.

I wanted to share a couple videos that are helping me today.

My WWFG1WFGA shirt I got from Roseanne Barr’s store

Does that ever happen to you? If you’re having a bad day and God leads you to the perfect video to watch and they say all the things you need to hear?

I had never heard of the Journey to Truth Podcast or YouTube channel but I just happened upon it this morning.

This video was shared by someone on my Telegram feed.

First of all, I love Laura Eisenhower and David Rodriquez.

This video is especially impactful to me today because David and Laura are talking about how much flack they have gotten for being authentic.

I have been made to feel like I am “wasting my time” making videos and writing blog posts.

Someone in my family said “Why do you make videos if you’re censored and no one is seeing them? Why do you waste your time?”

That comment really hurt me. Especially because it came from someone I love and trust.

But for those of you out there who are truth tellers like me, we know that when we tell the truth it often makes other people uncomfortable.

People who are living life in their lower energy centers (see my post on How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland — I talk about the energy centers in that post) are still living in lower emotional states like anxiety, fear, jealousy, etc.

A friend sent me this video today and it really helped me:

I’ve been a truth teller my whole life and I’ve always been gaslighted and triangulated and scapegoated by my family members.

Anytime someone is trying to get you to change so they can feel more comfortable, that is, as they say in Landmark Education, a “racket”.

We are all responsible for our own feelings and if someone doesn’t like how you are expressing yourself (and you are not doing anything inappropriate or offensive, of course), then that is their problem, not yours.

Like why do I need to wear a mask so that other people will be comfortable? I already had the coronavirus back in February of 2020. Fauci himself said once you have it, you are immune. I just rewatched a video of him saying that the other day.

Otherwise, how could there be a vaccine? It makes no sense. So if I am immune, why do I need to wear a mask? It’s all crazy.

This is all a psyop. It’s trauma-based mind control to stop us from expressing ourselves. The fact that so many of us are being banned on all of the social media channels and they are making us wear MASKS to stifle our speech.

And George Floyd’s motto was “I can’t breathe.” Come on, guys, you have to be able to see through this.

Another friend I was talking to said that sometimes it is helpful to think of people who are fearful and controlling as younger souls. That really resonated with me.

All those people at the grocery store wearing their masks. They are stuck in fear and so they comply and wear their masks and get their vaccines. It makes sense that they are younger souls.

One of my favorite movies is called Defending Your Life with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep. I’ll share the trailer here:

I love this movie because it reminds me that we are living on a planet of “little brains”.

Rip Torn, who plays the lawyer in the movie,  says earth is made up people who use only 3% of their brains.

Ah, here’s the scene:

I do not say this to be mean or insensitive. I’m saying it because it’s true.

The way Daniel looks at his lawyer is how fearful people look at me when I talk to them about why masks don’t work or about how to go about moving their energy up to their higher chakras.

“When you use more than 5 percent of your brain, you don’t want to be on earth; believe me.”

I love the idea of looking at the people we call the “sheep” or “zombies” or “maskholes” or “COVIDiots” as young souls. I love this pivot! (Thanks, Dawn K!)

If I can see them as young souls who haven’t lived that many lifetimes, I don’t get mad at them. They just don’t know their own power.

I don’t believe I came here this lifetime to “work out karma” as much as I came to be here to assist in the great awakening. Oh yeah, I have some karma to work out, but not a lot.

For example, I had a really bad relationship just after college with a guy I thought was my “soul mate”. In reality, he was someone I had had a few past lives with and we had some unresolved pain. I forgive him now. And I forgive myself for being so naive.

Naive is not the right word. It’s not actually naivety, but rather a kind of sweet, wholesome trust.

I felt an attraction to him because I had known him in my past lives. If you haven’t had a lot of past lives you may not experience this kind of thing. But I had at least two lives with him. And so I felt powerfully attracted to him and I thought I was supposed to spend my life with him.

I wasn’t supposed to do that. God had much bigger plans for me in this life. That guy didn’t fit those plans. He doesn’t have the wisdom and emotional fortitude (what Rip Torn says in the Albert Brooks movie as using more of your brain — I think this actually means knowing your true power) that someone would need in order to be my husband. My current husband does have that. He is an older soul. That other guy was a young soul.

Anyway, one day I hope to be able to write a book about that relationship and write about this idea of resolving and working through karma and past lives. I already have the title. It’s called “Soul Mate Gone Wrong.”

But I digress. Let’s maybe try to look at these young souls with empathy and understanding. And let’s try to collectively keep our vibes high.

There are a lot of “starseeds” here on Planet Earth right now and we are here to raise the vibration.

So I’m gonna keep on keeping on, keeping my vibe up. And if people don’t like where my vibe is at, sorry not sorry. I gotta be me. Don’t like it? You can tune out.

It helped me to share this today. I hope it helped someone out there who needed to read it.

Oh and you know what else? And this is the CLINCHER.

I don’t write blog posts or make videos so that other people will read or watch them.

I write blog posts and make videos because I do it for me. It is therapeutic for me. It is just what I do to express myself.

If anyone out there thinks it is a waste of time, well, that’s not my problem.

As that old book was called by Terry Cole-Whitaker, “What You Think of Me Is None of My Business.”

God bless you all. I’ll be back tomorrow posting more videos. I’m currently working on a few more.

And in the future I will try not to be so perfectionistic about my posts and my videos. That’s a fear-based thing I do. I love watching Roseanne Barr because she just goes on YouTube and she is who she is.

Like the way children are.

I want us all to have the freedom to be that way.

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.Matthew 18:3

And lastly I will say this. It’s the tough times like these that make us stronger. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

And it’s great pressure that forms diamonds. I can take it. And the more life throws at me, the brighter I will shine.