Why is the FDA Trying to Crush American Artisanal Food Producers?

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Anthony and Kelli Estrella of Estrella Family Creamery

What is the deal with the FDA?  I mean, really, what is their dang DEAL?

What right do they have to shut down small farms and put them out of business?  What right do they have to seize their food?  What right do they have to drive them into debt — hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt?

It’s nothing short of a horror show and it’s happening to small family farms all across America.  And our tax dollars are paying for it.

Estrella Family Creamery:  Real People Being Crushed by the FDA

Let me introduce you to Anthony and Kelli Estrella of Estrella Family Creamery, one of America’s few artisanal cheese producers.

The FDA has seized their cheese, ordered them to stop producing, and their family is now living on donations from customers, friends and family just to stay alive.

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Yesterday I received an email from Shonagh Home, Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader in Redmond, Washington.  She interviewed Kelli Estrella this week in the podcast below.

Click the link below to listen to what Kelli has to say about how their family has been treated by our government:

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There is a war being waged against raw milk in this country.

If you love artisanally produced raw milk cheese like I do, please do what you can support the good people who produce it.

Click the button below to donate to Estrella Family Creamery right now.  No amount is too small.

The Estrella Family Needs Your Help

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We can make a difference — but we must act.