Videos from Wise Traditions 2008: Dr. Janet Lang on Iodine & Thyroid Health

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Here’s a video excerpt of Dr. Janet Lang’s fascinating lecture about iodine and thyroid health at the WAPF Wise Traditions 2008 conference in San Francisco. I’ll be sharing more videos from the conference every day this week.

You can buy the videos, CDs or mp3 recordings from the Weston A. Price Foundation website. The complete conference on mp3 is only $169 (that’s what I bought last year — and LOVED it! I had lectures to listen to when I was doing dishes or running errands for 2 months.) You can also buy individual recordings for only $15.

This particular video is available for $20, or you can buy the CD for $15.

Buy the recordings from the Wise Traditions 2008 conference here.

Download Dr. Lang’s notes at her website (through Dec. 7, 2008): /

PS: The woman introducing Dr. Lang is my dear friend, Carrie Hahn, Pittsburgh WAPF chapter leader and owner of Hahn Natural Foods.  Hi, Carrie! You’re on YouTube! 😉