Free Alavida Eye Cream (Ends Sunday)

If you have been wanting to get started on the Lifewave patches that I've been using since last summer, there is a promotion going on right now through this Sunday, April 14. Free eye cream – a $90 value!

Free Alavida Eye Cream (Ends Sunday)

If you have been wanting to get started on the Lifewave patches that I've been using since last summer, there is a promotion going on right now through this Sunday, April 14. Free eye cream – a $90 value!

Get a Free Eye Cream ($90 Value) This Weekend Only

Get the New Alavida Eye Cream ($90 Value) FREE When When You Order $295 or More on LifeWave Products – That's a savings of over 30%!

Watch the videos below, check out the amazing before and after pics, and jump in on this sale.

I'm Doing This!

I am sooo excited about the brand new Eye Cream and the Skin Care Trio.

The Alavida Skin Care Trio includes the patches (a 2 month supply,) which use phototherapy to reflect your body's own natural healing energy back into your skin, plus their two naturally-based daytime and nighttime lotions that work synergistically with the patches.

If you've seen David Schmidt, the founder of LifeWave, he is 61 and looks like he's in his 40s.

David Schmidt, founder of Lifewave -- he's 61!

I am going to jump in on this sale to get the eye cream and I'll unbox everything next week.

I already ordered the Alavida Trio so I'll start that with the eye cream at the same time when I get it in the mail. And yes, I will do before and after pics!

If you want to get started with me and try it out, don't wait. There is a money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

New Alavida Revive Eye Cream & Skin Care Trio

Here's a couple videos about the new skin care trio (which includes the Alavida patches and two lotions) from Lifewave, and the brand new Alavida Eye Cream.

The first one is about the Alavida Patch & Skincare Cream:

And this one is about the brand new Alavida Eye Cream:

Check Out the Alavida Skin Care Before and After Photos

Don't Miss This Opportunity to Save Over 20%

Get the New Alavida Eye Cream ($90 Value) for FREE When When You Order $295 or More on LifeWave Products – sale ends Sunday, April 14th.

Click here to order.

(Make sure you order using my link so I can work with you to help you order products and support you.)

Join as a brand partner and choose $295 or more of products and they will add the eye cream to your cart automatically. (See below for instructions)

There is a 30-day money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose. If it doesn't work for you or you don't like it for any reason, simply send it back.

How to Order

Here are the steps to place your order. If you need help ordering or have questions, scroll down to email me.

  1. Sign up as a Brand Partner by clicking here and then select JOIN on the top right. (Note: You can get the eye cream when you sign up as a retail customer, but you need to order $445 retail – so it's better to join as a Brand Partner.)
  1. Next, choose your enrollment package level. You need to sign up at least as a Silver or Gold to get the eye cream (minimum order of $295).

I signed up as a Diamond when I started because I wanted to try a variety of patches and I wanted a supply for several months. Also, you save more when you join as a Diamond. However, you can start out at the Silver, Gold or Platinum level – it's up to you.

  1. Customize your enrollment kit. On this page, you can choose which patches or skin care items you want to include in your order.

Let's say you choose the Silver Enrollment Kit...

You could get, for example, one month's supply of X39, a sleeve of Icewave patches (for pain,) and the Alavida Skin Care Trio.

Or let's say you go with the Gold Enrollment Kit...

You could get the X39 and X49 (the staple stem cell activation patches that I recommend for everyone) plus a variety of different patches, plus the Alavida Trio.

If you choose Platinum or Diamond, you can get all of the above, plus more patches. li

NOTE: With any of the Silver or Above Enrollment Kits, as long as you order by this Sunday, April 14th, you will get a free eye cream with your order. It will automatically be included.

Need Help Ordering?

Email me at and I will help you decide what to order. We can also set up a zoom call with my friend Lillian who will go over all the patches with you.

Or just sign up and order. You have 30 days to send anything back with the money back guarantee.

Sale Details & FAQ

Got Questions or Comments?

Comment below. I love to hear from you guys!

Or you can email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com.

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