LED Lights, Heart Attacks & The Human Server Farm

In this post, I'm gonna tell you the nightmarish Deep State plan to turn us all into a human server farm, which is being used to mine the cryptocurrency for their CBDC. Stay with me, because we have a cure.

LED Lights, Heart Attacks & The Human Server Farm

In this post, I'm gonna tell you the nightmarish Deep State plan to turn us all into a human server farm, which is being used to mine the cryptocurrency for their CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

Plus 5G-enabled LED lights and how they can cause a heart attack.

Stay with me, because you can opt out. We have a cure.

Even though YouTube says we're not supposed to tell you about it. LOLZ.

If you learn from this post, please share it even by email or text – I'm banned and shadow-banned on every platform and it's hard for me to get the word out.

How I Sleep Only 5 Hours a Night

I was up early writing this post, before the sun came up.

As usual. Can't start packing yet. Yes, packing. I'm in the middle of a move – yes, during Christmas – I'll write a post about that later.

I started writing this post at 5 am after I had been up since 3 am. Went to bed around 9 or 10 pm. 

I only sleep around 5 hours a night. If I really want more rest (mainly because I want to dream and meditate and talk to God) I’ll sometimes sleep 6 or 7 but I can’t sleep more than that. And I have energy all day long until it gets dark.

I’ve been able to do this for almost 2 years now. Ever since I started on the chl0rine di0xide (pool water) and silica water combination.

woman covering her face with blanket
Photo by Alexandra Gorn / Unsplash

Watch the Water

There is a reason the EPA is the most corrupt three-letter agency (even worse than the IRS) according to Jason Chaffetz in his book, The Deep State.

The Deep State by Jason Chaffetz

They are in control of the water.

Water is one of the easiest ways to poison us. They got control of the water in ancient Rome. 

water fountain during daytime
Photo by Jonathan ACEMYAN / Unsplash

This is why John the Baptist was dunking people in natural streams and rivers. It healed them. 

Drain the swamp and clean the water on the inside of your body. You are 60% water. This is what gets the metals and parasites out.

Packing for Another Move

Even though it's been a very hard month – packing for my third move in three years, I know God is protecting me and guiding me. This is why I haven't been making videos lately – I'm busy packing.

He has big plans for me. I told Him almost 4 years ago that I am at His service and He's been telling me I'm almost up. And I'm ready!

Our new rental home is amazing. Unbelievably, it's cheaper than we are paying now with a third more room. It has a home theater with surround sound and reclining seats, bidets on every toilet (a long-time dream of mine) and a real wood-burning fireplace – not one of those fake gas ones.

burning firewood in fire pit
Photo by Mauro Sbicego / Unsplash

And did I mention a hot tub? I cannot wait to sit in the hot tub with a glass of wine and a book, and then sit by a crackling fire.

I'm also planning on replacing all the LED light bulbs – I'll explain why in this post.

woman in hot tub
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YouTube's Medical Minsinformation Policy

This morning I've been reading through YouTube’s medical “misinformation” policy. Very interesting.  Remember, YouTube is owned by Google. Same company.

A few key points that jumped out at me:

  • They say we can’t go against anything the World Health Organization says. I just watched a video the other day (I’ll link below*) by David Straight. He said the WHO is at the top of the pyramid. Death and disease are two of the main ways they try to frighten us, so this makes sense.  The WHO is just a big boogey man, run by a communist dictator. I wrote about that back in 2020 – you can find the article here.
  • They have MMS (chl0rine di0xide, which I call "pool water" ) at the very top of their list of treatments we are not allowed to talk about.
  • We’re not allowed to say that COVID-19 is not a virus. 
  • We’re not allowed to say that 5G radiation causes COVID-19. 
  • We’re not allowed to say there is a connection between abortion and breast cancer. I didn't remember hearing anything about that – and then I googled that and found some interesting things. And remembered some things. I’ll share below. 

*Here's David Straight's video about the WHO at the top of the pyramid:

Note: You may not be able to see this video in the email. Click to go to the blog post to see it.

Makes sense to put the WHO at the top.

Why? Because they rule by fear. What is people’s number one fear? Death. 

If you lie to people about what causes death and control all the information about how to heal and prevent death, this is how you keep them enslaved. 

The WHO is the Wizard of Oz. The man behind the curtain. This is an information war and when you don't have the info, that's how you lose.

Abortion & Breast Cancer

Before I talk about my overall thoughts about the YouTube Medical Misinformation Policy, I don't want to forget to talk about abortion and breast cancer. That stood out to me.

Please note: abortion is not a medical treatment. It is a barbaric and evil way to kill babies in the womb. They lied to us about that, too.

If you google abortion and breast cancer, you will find an article by Planned Parenthood at the top of the search results.

Planned Parenthood on Abortion & Breast Cancer

This is interesting. Planned Parenthood says nuns in the 17th century had a higher rate of breast cancer.

When I read that, I remembered hearing when I was pregnant and when I was breastfeeding that having at least one child and breastfeeding is protective from breast cancer. 

They also say there is a theory that pregnancy hormones can protect against breast cancer.

Very interesting 🤔 especially when you think about the theory that cancer is caused by parasites.

I wonder if pregnancy and pregnancy hormones can somehow protect us from parasites. At least in the breasts maybe? 

The fact that we can't ask these questions in the public square (YouTube) is just more proof that we are living under the tyrannical rule of the Medical Industrial Complex. 

black and white human face drawing
Photo by Andrea De Santis / Unsplash

The psychopaths who rule us won’t even allow discussion or questions. 

Why? Because they are lying to us. When you start asking questions, you might figure out the truth.

So they distract us, scare us, do whatever it takes to make us forget to ask questions.

Bookmark this post if you can't finish but make sure you read to the end of this post where I talk about light bulbs and heart attacks and turning humanity into a server farm.

What They Censor Is What They Don't Want You To Know

The doctor who is the most aware of what is really going on, based on my extensive research, is Dr. Lee Merritt. Here's the link to her website.

Her main hypotheses are that COVID-19 is not caused by a virus — but rather by parasites and 5G radiation.

a very tall tower with lots of antennas on top of it
Photo by Rayyân BEN RAHMA / Unsplash

I've researched this whole plandemic thing six ways to Sunday, dug down into every rabbit hole, and I've been a health blogger for 16 years.

I cured myself of rheumatoid arthritis in my 20s, and cured our former nanny of chronic migraines, ovarian cysts, systemic acne and seizures.

To learn how we cured our nanny, go to my rheumatoid arthritis article and scroll down or search on the page for "Jennifer's Story" and you will learn how we completely cured her of all of her symptoms within 30 days.

Plus, I was the owner of the largest health blog network in the world for 5 years.

Want to drink from the firehose of health information? Start a blog network and grow it to a million dollar business in 5 years. You see a lot, and start to notice a lot of patterns, and that's the beginning of the scientific method.

close-up photography of brown wooden card catalog
Photo by Erol Ahmed / Unsplash

Based on all my years of research due to the above life history, I'm absolutely convinced that 99% of disease is caused by three things: heavy metals, microbes and frequencies.

So this YouTube policy document is totally validating what Dr. Merritt is saying and what I know based on all my decades of research. 

Look at what they are censoring, notice the patterns, and you will find out the truth.

Virus Means Toxin

They want you to believe that COVID-19 is an airborne virus. That's why they rolled out the whole psyop of wearing masks and standing 6 feet apart. I never fell for that crap. Not for one second.

Dr. Lee Merritt points out often that the word virus just means toxin, or poisonous substance.

This is the Deep State's way of using a sleight of hand. Look here, not there.

They tell you COVID is a virus to make you afraid. Since we are not taught Latin anymore, people don't know what that means.

Virus on Etymonline.com

They Are Poisoning Us

Virus doesn't mean a contagious disease. It literally means they are poisoning us.

How are they poisoning us? With heavy metals and parasites and frequency.

The same three things they've been using to make us sick throughout human history. They always use the same playbook, folks.

Here's a few examples:


F You, YouTube! Cancer Is Curable.

As hard as life has been for me personally over the past decade, especially the past few years, I have never had so much hope for our world. I have never felt such freedom and optimism.

  • Cancer is totally curable.
  • Humans can live hundreds of years — just like in the Bible.
  • We don’t have to pay taxes.
  • We don’t have to ever have any wars.

All of there lies were perpetrated by our enemy.

white Good News Is Coming paper on wall
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

The enemy of humanity who has been ruling this earth for thousands of years is finally being exposed. And we will eradicate them from our planet.

As Trump just said, “It’s happening!”

Exciting times ahead.  And yes, it’s taking a long time. But it will be worth it.

 Like changing your water and sticking patches on your back.

pouring water on person's hands
Photo by mrjn Photography / Unsplash

Do You Doubt Me?

If you don’t think we can live for hundreds of years, why not? If we weren’t riddled with parasites and loaded with heavy metals, how much longer would we live? 

The Deep State lies about everything. Why would we believe them about anything? Stop listening to what they say and do your own research. Open your eyes and observe and start noticing the patterns.

I feel like I have stepped outside of the matrix. Like when Jim Carrey steps out of the fake world at the end of The Truman Show. 

And I’m never going back. 

LED Light Bulbs & Frequency

Go watch that video I posted yesterday on Telegram with Todd Callender. He says they can stop your heart with LED light bulbs.💡

Watch the video:

Note: I don't know if you can see the videos I post in my emails so be sure to click over to my blog to see the videos if you can't see them from the email.

He says they emit a frequency – EMFs. I googled it. He's not lying. So this is why they banned incandescent light bulbs in 2023.

Obama's LED Street Lights

Remember when I was talking about the 5G LED street lights a couple of months ago? 

This is what Todd Callender was talking about. Obama was the one who rolled them out. 

Here are a couple of links from my Telegram – if you don't follow me over there, please do:



Todd also said we are the servers they are using to mine cryptocurrency.

That’s exactly what Sabrina Wallace has been saying in her videos. I'll explain about her later but she's like Eleven on Stranger Things, all grown up. In the meantime, you can search for her videos on Rumble and Bitchute. She's a whistleblower.

Those who got the vaccine are being used as servers. I know, right?! Horrifying. But Todd says it’s already happening.

multicolored coated wire
Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

Because they already injected the hardware. It's nano-sized supercomputing. Injected into our bodies. This is why they call it transhumanism.

white and black plastic bottle
Photo by Hakan Nural / Unsplash

They can't do it to you if you don't have the hardware inside your body. There are easy ways to get the metal and worms (clots) out. 

When you get the metals and worms out, you remove their ability to use you as a server. You also remove their ability to control your mind.

Chlorine dioxide (pool water) and silica water. ZeoliteParasite protocol (I am in the process of updating this to make it simpler and easier). Lifewave patches.

All of these things help. It’s all here on my blog. 

Got a question? Email me: annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com

Merry Christmas, Everyone

We'll get back to doing zoom calls when I'm moved into my new place. Maybe I'll do them in front of the fire or from the hot tub.

Merry Christmas, ya'll. I'm really looking forward to the new year.

Did you see that over a hundred of the Jeffrey Epstein client names are going to be released on January 2nd?

I just bought a theater popcorn machine for the new house. We're gonna need it.

popcorn on white and red box
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