How to Make Pool Water (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

In this post I share with you a simple recipe for how to make what I call pool water. This is the most life-changing thing I have ever done for my health.

How to Make Pool Water (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

In this post I share with you a simple recipe for how to make what I call pool water. This is the most life-changing thing I have ever done for my health.

I call it "pool water" because have to speak in code. Because as you know, some people don't want us to know about this.

Jump down to the recipes.

What Is "Pool Water"?

"Pool water" is just a made-up name for chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is simply just a water purifier and disinfectant.

It can actually be used to purify the water supply (instead of carcinogenic chlorine, which is used in most municipalities). Which is one of the reasons our tap water is so toxic. Thanks, EPA. [rolls eyes]

When we drink water that is purified with chlorine dioxide, it purifies our blood and our cells from the inside.

Chlorine dioxide is sold in water purification kits like this one. It is often called a 3-letter acronym, either MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) or CDS, which stands for Chlorine Dioxide Solution.

Sodium Chloride Kit on Amazon

Some of us believe that President Trump was talking about chlorine dioxide back in April 2020 when he talked about disinfecting the blood.

Remember when the corrupt, cabal-run mainstream media accused him telling people to drink bleach?

Here's a video about that:

If this stuff is so dangerous, why do they sell it on Amazon and at REI? It's not dangerous. It's totally safe.

It's just that this Medical Industrial Complex that is enslaving us and deceiving the whole world wants us to stay sick.

If we get healthy, they can't control us anymore and try to force their medical treatments on us that make us sicker. I'll explain more later, trust me, I got a LOT to say.

Is Chlorine Dioxide Chlorine? Is It Bleach?

No and no. Chlorine dioxide is not chlorine and it is not bleach.

It's funny that the Deep State Media went crazy telling us not to drink water purified with chlorine dioxide because they said it was bleach.

Only it isn't bleach, nor is it chlorine. They are completely different chemicals:

The chemical formula for bleach is NaClO.
The chemical formula of chlorine gas is Cl2.
The chemical formula for chlorine dioxide is ClO2.

Here's an article about chlorine dioxide is different from bleach.
Here's an article about how chlorine dioxide is different from chlorine.

All three all disinfectants, but chlorine and bleach are toxic and carcinogenic. Chlorine dioxide is not toxic and not carcinogenic.

Why Drink Water Purified with Chlorine Dioxide?

If you want to get up to speed quickly, watch these two chlorine dioxide documentaries:

Quantum Leap
The Universal Antidote

I purify my water with chlorine dioxide because when I drink this water, I stay healthy and I don't get sick. I find that I cannot be around a lot of people these days without getting sick – unless I am faithfully drinking my "pool water" every day. (In fact – now, in 2024, I find that I need to drink pool water AND also take Ivermectin and/or Fenben when I'm around people. Otherwise I get sick – mucus, fatigue, etc. I think because they are shedding more. See my post on the Parasite Protocol.)

Here are some articles I wrote about the vaccines and the shedding that is going on:

Healing From Parasites From The Vaccines
Are Parasites in the Vaccines Causing Heart Disease?
17 Ways to Fight the Shedders

Bottom line: I am absolutely 1000% convinced that this is what works and I know why it works.

Get Your Supplies ASAP

I want to make this post as simple and clear as possible so that you can easily make this "pool water" as soon as possible.

Especially for those of you who have friends and family members who are sick right now.

I advise you to get the ingredients and equipment you need (see below) NOW because it may take a few days to get it all delivered.

About the Two Chlorine Dioxide Recipes

There are two different recipes to make the pool water.

The first is the older method for MMS, which was popularized by Jim Humble.

The second method, created by Andreas Kalcker, takes a little longer to make but in my opinion, it is better because it is milder, better tasting (tastes like very clean water, which the Humble water tastes more like chlorine,) more absorbable and easier to take (no detox reactions).

However, if you need to be out and about all day, or you are traveling, then the Humble version is best because it is portable and doesn't need to be refrigerated. and you can add a little apple juice or other juice that doesn't contain vitamin C to disguise the taste.

With either recipe, you want to make a liter and drink it throughout the day. Chlorine dioxide is a gas and it only stays in the body for about 45 minutes. So if you drank a bunch, say, in the morning and then didn't drink it all day long, it wouldn't be as effective. Ideally you want to be drinking it every hour or so all day long.

Before I share the recipes themselves, I want to tell you about them and talk about the differences and pros and cons.

Original Jim Humble Method for MMS

MMS is what the pool water was originally called by Jim Humble – Miracle Mineral Solution.

This is super simple and very easy to do. You take one drop of sodium chlorite (Part A) and one drop of hydrochloric acid (Part B) and mix them together in equal parts (1:1) in a shot glass. Then you take that "activated drop" and add it to 4 ounces (half a cup) of water.

Get Jim Humble's book on his website

In Jim Humble's book, he recommends starting with one activated drop in 4 ounces, and then slowly over time increasing up to 3 activated drops per 4 ounces of water, and drinking that every hour, up to 8 times per day.

My friend sent me these photos below in January 2022 – she was the one who told me about it – this recipe was given to her by her naturopathic doctor:

Note: Do not use citric acid. Use only hydrochloric acid.

My friend said she makes it using this shot glass that is concave at the bottom, that way the drops mix together easily.

You may have "die off" reactions, but that you can just take some vitamin C and it will neutralize it. That makes sense because the MMS is oxidizing which means it is killing parasites and pathogens.

You can absolutely make the "pool water" this way. However, I did not use this method for the first year that I was consuming the pool water because I was scared I would have a die-off (detox) reaction.

I found Andreas Kalcker's "gas in a jar" method (explained below) and went with that. I had heard that the Kalcker method is milder and there are no detox reactions with it.

Then in April 2023, a little over a year after I started drinking the pool water, I decided to try making it the Jim Humble way. And I was pleasantly surprised – I had no die-off or detox reaction.

Also, I love that I can travel with it. This is how I make the chlorine dioxide when I travel, or when I am going to be out and about all day. I just bring the kit, a plastic bottle, and I can make my pool water anywhere. I spent 3 weeks in France last year and drank "pool water" every day! Here's my post on How to Travel with Pool Water.

So I'm glad to know I make it either way now. The advantage of Jim Humble's method is you can just make it at the drop of a hat. You just activate some drops, add to water, and shebang, you're off to the races. So it really just depends on what you want to do.

For me personally, I like the taste of the Kalcker pool water better than the Jim Humble method. The Humble pool water is stronger – tastes more like chlorine.

The Kalcker water tastes just like very clean water. So I have no problem drinking it. I just make up a liter of Kalcker water every morning, keep it in the fridge, and I drink it throughout the day. The gas only stays in your body for less than an hour, so I drink some whenever I pass through the kitchen. I notice that when I have a liter of the Humble water sitting next to me all day, I don't enjoy drinking it, and I often won't even finish it. Just tastes too strong for me.

I know some people use diluted apple juice to get their kids to drink the Humble water. (Apple juice is fine – just don't use orange juice, coconut water, or any beverage with added vitamin C.)

Pros: Super fast to make, no 24-hour waiting time. Easy to travel with the bottles. No need to keep the pool water cold in the fridge – you can make a liter of it and keep it out all day.

Cons: Stronger chlorine taste; I don't like it as much. Some people can react negatively (detox) to this way of doing it if they go too fast. If you're nervous about that, I recommend going with the Kalcker method (see below).

It is important to note that you can just take some vitamin C if you do experience any kind of detox reaction, so it's really not a big deal.

Also, some people may want to use this method for certain purposes like baths and eye drops. For example, some protocols in Dr. Kalcker's book, Forbidden Health, call for using the activated drops (MMS). You can find the book on his website: See more about this below under the Protocol section beneath the recipe. (Scroll down.)

Please note: Some people doing this method have used citric acid but that is no longer recommended. This is because citric acid tastes really bad and people have much worse detox reactions (headaches, nausea, diarrhea). Most people use hydrochloric acid now.

2. Andreas Kalcker's Method with Shot Glass Inside Sealed Jar, Called CDS or Chlorine Dioxide Solution

With this method, you mix the drops in a shot glass but you don't drink the drops directly. You put the shot glass inside a glass jar (I'll explain in detail in the recipe below) and you put water AROUND the glass jar.

Then you let it sit for 12 hours so the gas from the solution can permeate the water. Then you drink the water. You never actually drink the solution. I will explain step by step below...

Pros: Easier to digest, easier to absorb, tastes better (like clean water,) no detox reactions. And you can save the solution that you don't drink to use for household cleaning.

Cons: Takes 24 hours to make a batch. You have to get a hermetically sealed glass jar – but you can find them everywhere like Amazon and Container Store. Links for all ingredients and equipment are in the recipe below.

The 2-Bottle Water Purification Kit

Most people make their pool water with the 2-bottle kit, like I do in these 2 recipes I am going to show you.

Water purification kit from Amazon

If you can't get the Oneness Water Purification Treatment Kit, there are other versions of this same thing online. Just look for 2 bottles that say sodium chloride and hydrochloric acid.

However, it is not advised to use the kits they sell at camping stores for long term use, only because they have binders added. Those are fine if you need to drink water in an emergency situation (and would be good for camping or prepping).

But we are making a supplement we are going to be taking for health, so we want to use the purest ingredients, so the camping kits are not recommended.

Can You Make This From Scratch?

Yes, you can make the sodium chlorite and the hydrochloric acid solutions from scratch, which means you don't have to buy the kit – and it is way cheaper.

The kits are already really cheap – around $50 which makes 6 batches with the Andreas Kalcker method. How long it will take you to go through those batches will depend on which protocol you are on.

How Much Does It Cost to Make Pool Water with the Kit?

Here's the quick math for those who want it...

It's $50 for the kit. You use 10 ml for each batch of pool water, and there's 118 ml in a bottle.

So you get 11 batches of pool water out of one kit. In other words, it costs $4.45 to make a batch of pool water.

Each Kalcker batch makes about 15 ounces of pool water in the jar, which equals 443 ml.

I drink 1 liter of water with 30 ml pool water added. So I go through a batch of Kalcker CDS in 14 days. Or 2 batches a month. At $4.45 per batch, that's about $9 per month.

Very inexpensive when you figure what you pay for supplements (that I no longer take.)

How Much Do You Save Making It From Scratch?

You can save anywhere from 50-85% buying the sodium chlorite flakes from scratch and diluting them like I do. And it's very easy. See my spreadsheet on how much you can save.

If you buy the biggest bag of the flakes, you'll save 85% – and instead of spending $9 a month, it's only $1.35.

Dirt cheap!

I didn't do a spreadsheet or a post for how to make the diluted hydrochloric acid from scratch – but I think you save even more.

Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves

Anyway, you don't have to worry about making it from scratch when you're just getting started. And the diluted hydrochloric acid can seem a little scary to work with (although it's really no big deal).

So we'll do that later, after we've gotten the hang of the basics.

For now, we are starting with this because it's the fastest and easiest way to get started. I'll show you how to make it from scratch in a future post.

How Do You Drink the Pool Water?

After the recipes below, I will also explain how to consume the pool water and discuss different protocols from Andreas Kalcker.

Sodium chlorite is a form of salt, kind of like a stronger version of salt. When it combines with an acid, it kills parasites, bacteria and viruses. Similar to the way baking soda and vinegar work, or salt and lemon.

God made us perfect and this is why we have hydrochloric acid in our stomachs. When we eat food, the acid in our stomach kills parasites and pathogens.

So if you were to just take sodium chlorite solution (which you can make with sodium chlorite flakes – I'll be showing you how to do that in a future recipe) it will still work; it's just a weaker solution.

Many people today have lower stomach acid due to low-salt diets and taking antacids. Both are things that the Medical Industrial Complex recommends.

So that helps to explain why we are in the situation we are in. Stomach acid kills parasites and many people are saying now that parasites are actually cancer (I'll write about that more later.)

I'll write more posts about this later but suffice it to say, they did it to us on purpose, and it was very sneaky.

Chlorine Dioxide Recipes

Here are the two step-by-step recipes for chlorine dioxide, with all the links to ingredients and equipment you will need.

1. Jim Humble Recipe (MMS)

I started with the Andreas Kalcker method (see #2 below) but I am now, after two years of drinking pool water, totally fine with doing this Jim Humble method. I probably didn't need to wait a whole year but whatever.

I think this method is very easy to do, especially when you are traveling and don't want to bring a hermetically sealed jar.

Ingredients & Equipment

Small shot glass (1.5 oz)
Water Purification Treatment Kit (2 bottles in a kit)
Spring water or filtered water
Plastic or glass bottle for drinking: A One-liter BPA-free plastic glass or water bottle – must be colored or opaque. Not clear. I use this one. Do not use stainless steel or any other type of metal. Must be plastic or glass only and it should have color so light doesn't hit it directly.


  1. Set the shot glass on the counter.
  2. Using the dropper, add one drop of Part A (sodium chlorite) to the shot glass.
  3. Next, add one drop of Part B (hydrochloric acid) to the shot glass.
  4. Let sit for 2 minutes. The drop should change color from clear to amber/brown. Now you have what is called an "activated drop." (One activated drop is one drop of each, Parts A & B.)
  5. Pour a small amount spring water or filtered water into the shot glass. The water in the shot glass will now be pale yellow.
  6. Fill the water bottle with filtered or spring water and then add the water from the shot glass.
  7. Seal and store at room temperature. Drink throughout the day. Drink an hour away from food with a lot of vitamin C/antioxidants. Vitamin C and other antioxidants reduce the effects, since CDS is an oxidizer.

How To Start Consuming MMS

Start with 1 activated drop in a liter of water and drink throughout the day. Gradually work up to 10 drops a day in a liter of water. Increase at the pace you are comfortable with.

In my experience, it helps to also drink 2-3 liters per day of silica water throughout the day, because it acts as a binder and assists with detox. You can buy Fiji water or make your own silica water using this recipe.

2. Andreas Kalcker Recipe (CDS)

First I'll go over the ingredients and equipment needed. Then I will walk you through the recipe.

Watch a Video of Me Making the Pool Water

My Notes on Ingredients & Equipment

  • Do not use the water purification kits from camping stores. They have binders added and are not good for long-term use.
  • You must get a hermetically-sealed glass jar with rubber on the lid. A mason jar with a lid will not work. You can find these jars online or at stores like The Container Store.
  • Get a small shot glass that will fit inside the sealed glass jar with some room on top. My glass jar is 4 inches tall so I looked for a shot glass that was around 2 inches tall.
  • Plastic syringes are good to use so you can measure exactly and easily. Do not use metal measuring spoons. You can't metal to do any of this mixing because it is corrosive.
  • You can use fluoride-free filtered water, distilled water, spring water, or mineral water.
  • Amber mason jars to store the "mother" pool water in the fridge. I bought quart size but I'm going to buy some 16-ounce ones because it will be easier to use with the syringe.
  • Plastic lids for the amber mason jars. I love these and I use them for everything, including my homemade bone broth. I think it's good to use for this because you don't want to use anything metal. And you can write on them with the permanent marker.
  • Glass or non-BPA plastic bottles that are not clear (in other words, it glass or plastic that does not let light in) for drinking. Do not use stainless steel or other metal water bottles.

Ingredients & Equipment

Water Purification Treatment Kit (2 bottles in a kit)
Hermetically sealed glass jar (17 oz)
Small shot glass (1.5 oz)
Plastic syringes (5 ml) – at least 2
Distilled water or spring water (or water filtered at home – be sure to filter out fluoride)
Plastic spray bottle to use for cleaning
Amber jars
Chlorine dioxide high range test strips (optional)


  1. Make sure your equipment is clean and dry.
  2. Put the shot glass inside the glass jar.
  3. Fill the glass jar with distilled or filtered water up to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch below the top of the shot glass. Do not get water in the glass.
  4. With a clean plastic syringe, add 5 ml of the Part A bottle (28% sodium chlorite) directly into the shot glass. This will be separate from the distilled water and will stay inside the shot glass.
  5. With a second plastic syringe, add 5 ml of the Part B bottle (4% hydrochloric acid) directly into the shot glass.
  6. Carefully close the lid so it is hermetically sealed. Do not inhale the fumes. The liquid inside the shot glass with be a burnt orange color.
  7. Put the jar in a dark cupboard where it will be cool and away from light. Let your family know where it is so they know not to touch it. I made a DO NOT TOUCH sign and I warned them about it.
  8. Let it sit in the cupboard for 12 hours, and up to 24 hours.
  9. Clean your plastic syringes with soap and water or throw them away.
  10. Take the glass jar out of the cupboard. Both the liquid in the shot glass and in the jar will be light yellow.
  11. Open the lid of the jar and take the shot glass out.
  12. Pour the 10 ml of solution into a plastic spray bottle to use for cleaning.
  13. Put the shot glass back into water.
  14. Repeat what you did the first time: Use a clean plastic syringe to add 5 ml of the sodium chlorite to the shot glass, then with a new syringe, add the 5 ml of hydrochloric acid to the shot glass.
  15. Close the lid and put the jar back in the cupboard for another 12 hours.
  16. After 12 hours, take the jar out of the cupboard.
  17. Pour the liquid in the shot glass into the disinfectant spray bottle.
  18. Carefully pour the final CDS solution from the glass jar into an amber mason jar.
  19. Cover the mason jar with a plastic lid and clearly label it and warn your family so they know what it is and they know not to drink it or touch it. The CDS solution will keep in the fridge for about a year.
  20. When you are ready to use it, use a clean plastic syringe to extract the right amount of solution to add to water for drinking. (See below, How To Drink the Pool Water.)
  21. Drink it right away; don't let it sit out. The gas will evaporate from the water when the water comes to room temperature. Drink the pool water at least one hour away from food that is high in vitamin C or other antioxidants. Since chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer, you don't want to consume antioxidants at the same time, since that will reduce the effects. However, chlorine dioxide and vitamin C both only stay in your system for about an hour.
  22. This method will make CDS at 3000 ppm (parts per million). To test the strength of your chlorine dioxide solution, you can buy high range chlorine dioxide test strips and just follow the directions.

Update: I got the high range chlorine dioxide test strips on Amazon and it worked! My CDS after 2 batches of "cupboard cooking" came out at 3000 PPM chlorine dioxide. Success!

How To Start Consuming CDS (Protocol A)

Start with Kalcker's Beginner Protocol, or Protocol A (see all the protocols below):

  1. Add 200 ml (or about a cup) of filtered water to a glass.
  2. Using a 5 ml syringe, add 3 ml of the CDS solution to the glass of water. Drink immediately. Drink an hour away from food with a lot of vitamin C/antioxidants. Vitamin C and other antioxidants reduce the effects, since CDS is an oxidizer.
  3. The next day, do the exact same thing (200 ml water, 3 ml CDS), but do it two times, at least an hour apart, and away from food with a lot of vitamin C/antioxidants.
  4. The third day, do it again, but do it three times, at least an hour apart, and away from food with a lot of vitamin C/antioxidants.
  5. Continue on the subsequent days doing 3 doses of 200 ml water, 3 ml CDS.

If you want, after the first 3 days, you can move on to Protocol C (see below). If you're very sick, you may want to just start with Protocol C to begin with.

The Best Way To Consume CDS (Protocol C)

Protocol C is for people who are very sick (i.e., cancer) but I think it is the most effective way to consume the pool water because you're drinking it all day long, and it's working in your system throughout the day to detox metals and parasites and clean up stuff.

Remember, CDS only stays in the system for about an hour, so if you only take it 3 times a day, it's not as effective as if you are drinking it throughout the day.

  1. Pour 1 liter of filtered water into a glass or non-BPA bottle. Ideally it should not be clear, so light won't get in. It should be well sealed and NOT metal.
  2. With a 5 ml syringe, add 10 ml of CDS to the bottle, seal it, and stick it in the fridge or cooler.
  3. Drink a little every hour throughout the day, keeping the bottle in the fridge between drinks.
  4. Increase the dose of CDS each day – up to 30 ml of CDS in the liter of water.

I currently do 30 ml CDS in a liter of water every day.

Notes: The only challenge is to keep it refrigerated. I make mine and my husband's bottles up in the morning, and we just sip it whenever we go in the kitchen.

If you work outside of the home, you can bring your bottle in small cooler.

I use a non-BPA plastic bottle that is dark and not clear. Glass would be better but this is OK. You just don't want to drink it out of metal, since the CDS will corrode metal.

More Protocols (More Ways To Use the Pool Water)

Andreas Kalcker's full list of protocols are here on his website.

The protocols are also in Dr. Kalcker's book, Forbidden Health.

Forbidden Health by Dr. Andreas Kalcker

I recommend getting this book because there is a lot more information about the protocols not listed on his website.

You can also find the protocols in his guidebook: The Essentials Protocol Guide.

The Essentials Protocol Guide by Dr. Andreas Kalcker

If you can't wait to get the book shipped from Europe, you can find PDF copies of Kalcker's books (and many other books and documentation) available for free. Just download on the Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies channel on Telegram.

How to access the PDFs on Telegram:

  1. Go to Telegram (this is an app you can get on your Apple or Android phone – or you can get the app for your computer).
  2. Once you are on Telegram, join the Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies channel.
  3. Click on the name of the group to go to their profile.
  4. Then click on files.
  5. Then you can browse the files or do a search for "Forbidden Health" or "Essentials".


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