How to Make Mold-free Coffee with This Simple Trick

In this blog post, I'm gonna show you how to remove mold and pesticides from your coffee beans in just 10 minutes – with one simple trick.

How to Make Mold-free Coffee with This Simple Trick

I love my coffee. And contrary to Deep State propaganda, coffee is not bad for you. Especially if you make it with organic beans and serve with whole (ideally raw) milk or cream.

However, coffee can be loaded with mold. And mold produces mycotoxins. Ingesting even a small amount of mycotoxins can cause all kinds of issues – – from brain fog to headaches to fatigue.

I know, because I have been experiencing it firsthand, which I will elaborate on below...

In this blog post, I'm gonna show you how to remove mold and pesticides from your coffee beans in just 10 minutes – with one simple trick.

Why Mold-free Coffee?

Ever since I watched this video about fungus and how it makes us sick and messes up our telepathy and psychic connection to God, I started thinking about the mold on my coffee beans.

I never worried about this before. Because (a) there are too many things to worry about and (b) the people who run the world say there's not enough mold on coffee beans to actually make you sick...

But as we know, the dose makes the poison.

And I swear, lately, I can totally tell when I've eaten something that has even a little bit of mold.

I Can Tell When I Eat Mold

Maybe it's because my pineal gland is decalcifying, IDK, but I can totally tell!

For example, peanut butter. It looks totally fine in the jar, and you can't really taste the rancidity or mold.

But then I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich... and suddenly I start experiencing all the tell-tale symptoms of mold: mainly brain fog and fatigue, but also cotton mouth.

Very similar to how I feel when I consume MSG.

I had this happen recently when I ate some trail mix with nuts. I also had it happen when I ate some bread that seemed fine – no visible mold. But all the same symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks.

And I cannot afford brain fog and fatigue right now – when I have work to do!

I am not sure how all of this works but I know they are adding preservatives to the bread and baked goods. I know the preservatives are bad for you, and they make you gain weight.

But I wonder – do they even actually stop the mold or do they just disguise it?

Who knows. All I know is they constantly lie to us. I trust nothing.

So I'm gonna need mold-free coffee, nuts, bread. All the things, man.

Mold-free Coffee is Expensive

Perhaps you already know about this issue of moldy coffee and you've been buying Bulletproof Coffee or some other mold-free coffee for years.

Which is great. I'm a fan.

But dang, ya'll, if you're buying it then you know that mold-free coffee is really expensive.

And this is a big problem when we are living through the worst recession in history. No joke, they are calling this the Silent Depression.

What if I told you that you can buy regular old non-organic coffee beans at the store and remove the mold and pesticides in just 10 minutes – with one simple step?

coffee beans on brown wooden table
Photo by pariwat pannium / Unsplash

How to Make Mold-free Coffee at Home (In 10 Minutes)

Here's how to remove the mold from your coffee beans at home with one simple trick – it just takes 10 minutes.

  1. Order these Safrax chlorine dioxide tablets on Amazon. One bag of 500 tablets is only $30. That's only six cents per tablet. So cheap!
  2. Just add one tablet to a plastic or glass bowl or container – not metal! – and fill with tap water. Chlorine dioxide reacts with metal so you never want to use it in a metal container or in a metal sink.
  3. Add a pound or two of coffee beans (depending on the size of your container) to the container of water with the tablet and let soak for 10 minutes.
  4. You don't need to rinse the coffee beans off after you soak them because chlorine dioxide is completely safe and non-toxic, and only leaves a residue of salt.
  5. However, it is important that you dry the coffee beans (so they don't get moldy). If you want to use them the next morning, just spread them out on in a thin layer on a paper towel overnight. Better yet, put them in the dehydrator on the lowest setting and let it run for 12 hours or so.
  6. When they are dry, store the coffee beans in an airtight container on the counter (not in the fridge or freezer).

That's it! So easy!

Recipe Notes & Tips

Let's just go over some of the most common questions...

Can You Soak Ground Coffee Instead of Beans?

First question I know I'm gonna get... can you soak ground coffee instead of beans?

Sorry, no. That would just be a mess. You have to use whole coffee beans. Doesn't matter if they are organic or whatever – the chlorine dioxide will neutralize the mold as well as the pesticides.

I used to use a Keurig until recently but I'm done with those craptastic machines. Moldy, stale ground coffee sitting around for months on end? Nope.

Only freshly ground coffee made from mold-free coffee beans for me from now on.

Use Glass or Plastic to Soak Your Coffee Beans

To soak your coffee beans, you can use any bowl or container – glass or plastic – to do this – as long as it's not metal. Chlorine dioxide reacts with metal.

Ideally, Use a Dehydrator to Dry Your Beans

If you want to air-dry your coffee beans after soaking, just do a small amount so they have adequate exposure to air and light.

Spread out on a paper towel or dishcloth and let dry overnight.

I just spread a small amount of coffee beans on a paper towel so I could use them the next morning.

I put the rest of the beans to dry for 12 hours in my Excalibur Dehydrator.

Love love love my Excalibur 9-tray – I've had mine for over a decade now.

Great for drying herbs from your garden. I like to grow mint and make my own herbal tea.

Excalibur Dehydrator on Amazon -- I recommend the 9 tray

Can You Use Chlorine Dioxide Drops Instead of the Safrax Tablets?

Also, you don't have to buy the Safrax tablets.

You can just make activated drops of chlorine dioxide, like I show you how to do in this post: How to Make Pool Water (Chlorine Dioxide Solution.)

However, I really love the convenience of these tablets. It's so easy to grab one and use it to quickly remove the mold from coffee beans, or clean your produce – which I now do every single time I bring fruits and veg home from the store or farmer's market.

Safrax chlorine dioxide tablets on Amazon

You can also throw some in the bathtub to remove the toxins from your bathwater. Or your hot tub... keep reading...

Once you open the package, store them in a sealed plastic ziplock bag.

Three Different Labels – Same Product

Oh, and don't worry that the product label on Amazon says "Odor Removal."

I called the guys at Safrax and they told me all 3 products are exactly the same. They just have different labels.

Again, here's the link to order: Safrax chlorine dioxide tablets on Amazon.

Learn More About Safrax Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

To learn more about Safrax chlorine dioxide tablets, check out their technical sheet.

Gettin' Hot in the Hot Tub

And can you believe it... I also started using these Safrax chlorine dioxide tablets in my hot tub.

Oh yeah, baby – it really works!

I cannot even tell you how thrilled I am to soak in my jacuzzi (almost) every day, knowing that it's totally non-toxic – unlike those regular poisonous pool chemicals like chlorine and bromide. I have been wanting to find a solution like this for years.

As I explained in my original post, How to Make Pool Water (Chlorine Dioxide Solution), chlorine dioxide is not the same thing as bleach. Chlorine bleach is a toxic chemical that causes cancer. Chlorine dioxide is completely safe.

I'll post all about how to use these in the hot tub and pool soon. Be sure to subscribe for my email updates so you don't miss it.

Got Questions or Comments?

Comment below. I love to hear from you guys!

Or you can email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com.

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