Fungus Among Us (Video)

I went down a new rabbit hole the other day. Fungus and pathogenic yeasts. I watched a video that totally blew my mind – I will share it with you in this post...

Fungus Among Us (Video)

I went down a new rabbit hole the other day. Fungus and pathogenic yeasts. I watched a video that totally blew my mind – I will share it with you in this post...

It's not really a new rabbit hole, because I defeated Candida albicans and my subsequent Rheumatoid Arthritis 20 years ago.

However, there are new things I'm learning and I can't wait to share them with you in this post. Like how all kinds of things can be cured by cleaning up fungus and pathogenic yeasts... from cavities to obesity to colds and flu.

Keep reading... and scroll down for the video...

Virus Means Poison

They tell us there is a virus (such as COVID, the flu) we should be afraid of, but what if the truth is so much simpler? What if there are no viruses?

What if, instead, it's bacteria, parasites, fungus and pathogenic yeasts? What if, instead of killing the germs with poisons, we can just clean up the terrain by detoxing?

In my last blog post, The Spike Protein is a Lie, I quoted Dr. Lee Merritt in saying that there is no virus.

I know, this is a big controversy online right now.

But if you look at the etymology, virus just means toxin or poison.

So is a virus a real thing or is it just a way to distract us in the shell game the Medical Industrial Complex plays?

In other words: (1) there is no boogey man virus and (2) they are poisoning us.

And they're poisoning us in lots of ways:

  • Our food is poisoned with carcinogenic pesticides and preservatives that make us obese and diabetic.
  • Our water is contaminated with heavy metals and all kinds of industrial waste chemicals.
  • They're spraying aluminum on us in the air.
  • They're injecting us with toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, nanoparticles and parasites.

I could go on, but I don't need to. Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know.

Not only are they poisoning us, but then they offer us drugs and surgery to cover up the symptoms – but it doesn't fix the real problem that's making us sick.

What if the real problem is not the GERMS, but our TERRAIN?

It's the Terrain, Sweetie

I've been talking about parasites for a while, and pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

And after decades of researching and writing about health, I have realized that the Louis Pasteur's Germ Theory is a hoax.

How do I know this? Because if you look up germ theory on Wikipedia, it tells you:

"The germ theory of disease is the currently accepted scientific theory for many diseases."

In other words, THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED. But is it?

Germ Theory Denialism

Now type "terrain theory" into the Wikipedia search bar.

And look at that. It says, "Germ theory denialism."

Germ theory on Wikipedia
Terrain theory, AKA "germ theory denialism"

Now we've stumbled, once again, onto their dirty little secret. This is how they expose themselves every time.

Anytime they shut down any kind of discussion on a topic, you know they are lying.

How to Spot the Patterns of Lies in Censorship

Let's look at some examples:

  • If you question gay marriage, you are homophobic.
  • If you question "gender-affirming care," you are transphobic.
  • If you question Islam, you're Islamophobic.
  • If you question Zionism you are anti-semitic. Call the ADL! Cancel them off the internet!
  • If you question the science behind what they used to call global warming and then they changed it to climate change after none of the ice caps melted like Al Gore said they would, then you are a climate change denier.
  • If you question mandatory vaccines, you are an anti-vaxxer who is going to kill Grandma.
  • If you question any of the following – the official story of J6, 9/11, the Maui fires, the Paradise California fires, chemtrails, geo-engineering, Sandy Hook and other school shootings, the JFK assassination, well, then, you win the mother of all prizes... you're labeled a "crazy right-wing fringe conspiracy theorist."

Are you sending a pattern? Look here, not there!

The word VIRUS is just like the word HOMOPHOBE or ISLAMOPHOBE. Look here – not there.

Don't talk about all the gay pride flags in the elementary schools and libraries. Don't talk about all the Muslim immigrants flooding into Western Christian nations and the epidemic of gang rapes and violence. You're homophobic! And racist!

And don't talk about the TERRAIN THEORY. Because that's not what scientists agree is the truth.

The real question is this: what are they hiding? What do they want us to forget about?

The Cure is Simple

The fact of the matter is, if the real thing that's making us sick was a dirty terrain of mold, fungus, bacteria, parasites, and yeah, poisons or toxins, well, guess what?

It's all completely fixable with detoxification.

And then you realize how simple the cure is. As they say, clean the fish tank, don't medicate the fish.

This is how I cured my Rheumatoid Arthritis 20 years ago – with diet and supplements. I simply took probiotics, ate garlic and avoided sugar and gluten for two years, and as a result, I starved out and killed the fungus (Candida Albicans).

Now I know how to do it a lot faster, which is what I'll be teaching about in my upcoming online class, Detox & Heal.

And they don't want you to know this. Because if you realize you can heal yourself from arthritis or MS or cancer or diabetes or cavities or root canals, or whatever, you don't need them anymore. You won't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on drugs and surgery and other useless treatments that keep you sick.

No, they say, you need to be afraid of a virus! The boogey monster covid or the incurable flu. You need a vaccine!

How long have we had the flu? And how long have we had the flu vaccine?

Has it ever worked? No!

When you start to see the patterns of lies in what they are covering up, then you can figure out what the truth is.

Fungus Among Us

So, anyway, let's talk about fungus.

The other day, I watched this video about fungus (see below,) and wow, it blew my mind. It's a long video, so you can listen to it when you're driving or doing the dishes or whatever.

The guy, Seth Peribnsen, explains how he accidentally eradicated most of his health issues when he was prescribed an anti-fungal drug. All his chronic health issues – including tooth decay that he was about to go have a root canal to fix.

And he is starting to connect the dots from the fungus to frequency, which Dr. Hulda Clark did decades ago. And they wiped her out.

Not only that, but he said he started to become more psychic and having prophetic dreams.

It's totally worth it to listen to the end. The story Seth tells about his dream that predicted the future is amazing.

Check out the video below...

My New Class, Detox & Heal

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It's going to be called Detox & Heal.

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