How To Do The Parasite Protocol (Protocol P)

How To Do The Parasite Protocol (Protocol P)

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Well, it's official. I am going to do the Parasite Protocol from Andre@s K@lcker's book, Forbidden Health.

In this post I'll give you all the info here so you can get started, too, if you're interested in doing it, too.

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Why You Should Do The Parasite Protocol

Protocol P, or the Parasite Protocol, also called the "Intense Protocol," is from page 144 in Andre@s K@lcker's book, Forbidden Health.

K@lcker says this protocol is "indispensible".  

I agree! I think most people have parasites, and the sicker they are, the more parasites they have.

As one friend of mine said, "We deworm our cats, our dogs, our cattle and sheep – why don't we deworm ourselves?"

It's also important to note that while the pool water will take most things out of our bodies, everything from bacteria to mold to viruses to heavy metals to most types of parasites, the one thing pool water will not remove is intestinal worms.

I don't know about you, but I want to get rid of any worms that are taking up space in my intestines, eating my food and causing disease with their pathogenic waste material. Yuck!

Also, as I said in this week's zoom call, after 2 months on the pool water, I feel like I am at a plateau and I think it has to do with intestinal worms.