Skyrocketing Deaths & Disability Ignored by the Media (Video)

In this video, I show you the data uncovered by Ed Dowd, former Director at Blackrock, that has been completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Skyrocketing Deaths & Disability Ignored by the Media (Video)

In this video, I show you the data uncovered by Ed Dowd, former Director at Blackrock, that has been completely ignored by the mainstream media.

In the video, I show you how Dowd's data, gleaned from insurance company claims, reveals shocking statistics of an an alarming increase in death and disability in young, healthy people and how the government, big pharma, big tech, and the media covered it up.

Watch the Video: Skyrocketing Deaths & Disability Ignored by the Media

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Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction to Ed Dowd's Data
04:22 UK Disability Data and its Implications
06:23 The Alarming Increase in Death & Disability Numbers
08:23 The Connection to Cancers and Blood Disorders
11:25 Cover-Up by Government & Corporations
13:19 Ed Dowd's Book, Cause Unknown
16:15 Personal Commitment to Spreading Awareness
25:10 The Power of Awakening and Becoming the Media


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Video Transcript

Hey, everyone. It's Ann Marie. In this video, we're going to get into the numbers about people who have been injured by the COVID-19 vaccine. I'm not going to put this on YouTube.

This is just going to go on Rumble. In fact, I don't even know if I'm going to go back on YouTube because I lost my other channel, so I don't even know if I'm going to post over there at all anymore, whatever.

This video, we're going to hear from Ed Dowd. This is just my reaction video to the numbers that he's talking about.

If you're not familiar with Ed Dowd, he used to work for BlackRock. He's a financial services guy. He's a guy who knows the stock market very well. And he's a numbers guy. And a finance guy.

So he... I've been following him for quite a while. I did buy a copy of his book. I'm going to show you his book as well, after I show you what he has to say, and I will react to what he says.

So it's stunning, the information that he has and the fact that the media has completely ignored him and his team's information is absolutely.

It's a crime. It's nothing short of a crime. So let me queue this up for you. Okay, here we go. I think they're going to introduce him and then he's going to talk a little bit. And I want you to see what he says.

Our guest today has a several decade long history of analyzing data at the highest levels. As a Wall Street guy, also at the highest levels, he not only knows those numbers, he knows what those numbers mean.

And he knows what they mean to the corporate bottom line. and return on investment, which is a whole analysis in and of itself, and which can be used to predict outcomes.

We know that he and his data are being censored, and we know the data he has been revealing has been disallowed from making it into the mainstream.

In his book, Cause Unknown, Ed Dowd explains how to analyze the numbers in order to understand what has been going on.

Now, he has new critical data out of the UK and the US that should be a headline every single day. Yet, the media is curiously silent. Following the money is a perfect litmus, yet no one besides Ed seems to have made this correlation, at least in the mainstream media, even though it's the clearest indication around.

Wouldn't it make sense to want to know if we were on Wall Street and this were a stock, what would Wall Street do? We're going to find out today. Please welcome our returning champion, Ed Dowd.

Hey, everybody. How you doing? Thank great to be here today. Yeah, Ed. So let's get right into it. So there's still a lot of people out there who think that nothing strange is going on. And you think that they're very strange things happening that the world is about to fall apart. You point to the, the to the UK disability data.

Can you walk us through what's going on there? Yeah. Since we we wrote the book, And and it came out December 13th. My team at Finance Technologies, Carlos, Yuri, and a whole host of data scientists keep uncovering new shocking data. The data we found since the book was U.S. absence and work time loss data. Same thing is occurring in the U.K.

We were able to find data there and basically what's going on is we discovered a new class of people called the injured, which presents as chronic illness. And missing work. Injured can become disabled can become dead.

So it's about 30% of the U.S. workforce. We estimate 26.6 million injured, 1.36 million disabled, and 300, 000 dead in 2022. We'll do a 23 number eventually, but the numbers continue to climb. And we found UK disability data. It's a, it's called the UK Personal Independence Payment System.

It's a government disability system where you submit a claim and the government reviews the claim and either approves it and it's called a clearance. It either clears it or it rejects it and the ratio has remained constant throughout the pandemic at the traditional 40% approved, 60% dismissed and the numbers since the vaccination introduction are horrendous.

Across the great thing about this data is it gets into the human body systems and then the specific causes. When we presented this data, we're not doctors. We don't pretend we are. We asked doctors to look at this and maybe explain what's going on.

Obviously, we think it's the vaccine.

If it isn't, what is it? And why is no one talking about the numbers are so bad that it's either systemic fraud in the UK disability system, in which case the UK government should pay finance technologies consulting fee of 5 million for uncovering billions in fraud.

If it's not we have something going on in the population of the UK, which we suspect is going on in the U.S. as well and other Western countries that is so horrendous that's going to bankrupt their system eventually.

And what we found was that in 2022, everything went off the rails. These body system disability claims started rising slightly in 2020. Lemme just give you the total body system numbers claims new.

These are excess claims over the the prior trend, the five year trend. They went up 3% in 2020 20.5% in 2021 and 76.7% in 2022.

And a couple of the areas that stood out to us were hematological, which is blood disorders. That was up 550%. On a standard deviation basis, on an annual basis, that was 61 standard deviations, which is impossible to just be a coincidence, obviously.

On a monthly basis, because there's more data points, it's 25 standard deviations. Anything above 3 is considered unlikely. Or very anomalous just a three standard deviation event from a normal, what is considered normal average expectation is, happens 0. 3% of the time. So 25 and 61 is insanity.

And the total standard deviation for all human body systems in 2022 is 34% 34 standard deviation. Sorry. Rather than get into what's, what we're seeing, it's so bad that it's a joke. It's absurd at this point. And we're asking the UK government to explain this has been crickets, obviously we also have something that occurred in May and June in the US.

It's very alarming disability in the US hit a high this is the, this is a survey done by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. So it doesn't get into causes like the UK data, but it generally gives you a direction of what's going on. We had about 30 million disabled prior to COVID. For the prior five years, it shot up to 33.2 million in September 2022. That started around February of 21, right around the vaccine rollout. And the good news at the time was it went sideways and the rate of change slowed. The bad news was it wasn't going back down. And then in May, it went to a slight new high, and then in June, it exploded and broke out.

It's called a breakout, if you looked at it as a stock chart. And we added 857, 000 people in the month of June.

We're now at 34. 2 million disabled, up about 1. 3 in two months. So this is a disaster. And what it indicates to us is that the vaccine not only kills you or maims you close to the injection site when you took the vax, it also has medium term effects and likely long term effects.

Cancers we found in the UK PIP data really started coming on board in 2022. I'll give you the oncology numbers. They're up 1. 7% in 2020 6. 4% in 21 and then 35. 4% in in 2022, which is a standard deviation of 15.

Cancer is now coming on strong. If you've got, blood disorders, cancers, heart disease, miscarriages, just all going off the charts, how can the government still...

not make this public and how can no major newspaper be covering this as a front page story when you're telling us that 4. 2 million people are disabled now from the vaccine who, weren't disabled before? That's an incredible expense, but that's somebody in millions and millions of families.

So how can that remain hidden? Because unfortunately this is classic criminal behavior when I was on Walgreens, I'll use Enron as an example. Enron the exact corporate executives there are running a complex scam and they were pretending everything was hunky dory until they were in handcuffs.

And, investors that listened to them rode the stock all the way down to zero and their ego was involved. It's complicity on both the psychopath side and those who made a decision long ago that they're going to take the vaccine and that they're now buried in ego. So there's a lot of people that just refuse to even look at this data because.

of ego. So there's like a kind of this hallucination still going on. But more importantly, these injuries present themselves so far away from the vaccine. Injection time period and they present in such a different host of symptoms. The doctors aren't getting clued in. They're noticing that these things are rising exponentially, but they don't even ask a simple question, what's changed?

They just think it's it's X, Y, Z rather than caused by a what is what we think is going on is basically the spike protein is wreaking havoc in the immune system and presents itself in a host of a variety of different attacks on the body system. It can be visual auditory. It can be cancer.

It can be heart myocarditis. It can be blood disorders. It can be muscular skeletal. It can be neurological. This is, Colonel Theresa Long called this a bioweapon and has all the markers of a bioweapon that presents in so many different symptoms that it's hard to pinpoint back to the source.

There's still a lot of cluelessness going on but the UK government definitely knows something's off the rails. The US government knows it. We have these supposed health authorities with billions of dollars in budget. They see these numbers, and yet they're not disclosing them, nor are they curious as to why it's going on.

So obviously there's a cover up. And forget about whether this was an intentional act or stupidity. At this point, it doesn't matter. It's a crime. Because they're continuing to push these things. They're still mandated for schools. They're still mandated for first responders. The UK government's gonna require all the children to go back to school in the fall to take this thing.

So it's a crime, it's a cover up we don't even need to go anywhere near what, who and why, it just is at this point. So with 850, 000 people... Okay that's just... I don't know if you guys were following those numbers, but... And I didn't memorize them, obviously, but... He's talking about... A huge uptick in 2023.

As he said, I think he said something like the number of people disabled. That was about disability claims. This is from the insurance agencies, guys. This isn't from VAERS. So that's what everybody was saying for the longest time on VAERS and people say that's anything can be reported to VAERS.

This is from the insurance companies in the UK, the latest numbers that he just has, that he just reported and the ones in his book, which is from the U S these are, so this, so if you publish this book I'm going to show it to you in a second, 2023, December of 2020. Sorry, December of 2022, so they don't have the full numbers yet for 2023, but they're tracking them and they're seeing just exponential growth in 2023.

They're talking about blood disorders, they're talking about cancer, and we've been hearing about turbo cancer, they're talking about miscarriages, but nobody is connecting the dots. Why are we seeing all these sudden deaths? Why are we seeing a huge rise in sudden deaths? And why, and miscarriages, and why are all these people taking out disability claims?

Why such a huge rise? You tell me. Coincidence?

Oh, it stays about the same for the last five years, and then suddenly, we see a big uptick. What he said at the end is really important. He said, at this point, it's a crime, because, and not just on the... Not just the insurance companies, not just the I call the medical industrial complex.

This is a crime also with journalism. Not reporting this. The people need to know. I have some, I just want to say a couple things about what I believe. Because people talk about the spike protein, but a lot of times when people talk about the spike protein, they don't really know what that means. I have been tracking this story since the beginning and as a health blogger I've been a health blogger for over 16 years and I worked, I ran the biggest health blog network in the world at one point before we got shut down.

We did get targeted. We're able to look at a lot of information, just Ed Dowd talks about coming from Wall Street and being able to watch Enron up close and see how, and that was a stunning thing that he said, that's a classic psychopath behavior, that they will literally lie until the very end, until they have cuffs on.

And we're going to see that. I believe we're going to see that play out. They're going to lie and lie and lie. So it's up to us, the people, and that's why I feel compelled to make content. Even though it was very hard for me to make any content at all for a long time because of my situation with my personal life, but now I'm going to be putting a lot more content out.

I hope I can reach more people with. The information that I have, which is why I'm working on an e-book about things that you can do to reverse this Damage. There are lots of things you can do. So make sure that if you haven't already, please subscribe to my email updates on my blog and just Click the red button in the lower right to subscribe to my email updates so that you can follow me when that e-book comes out I'm working Hard to get that out as soon as possible.

It's going to be relatively short, but it's multiple ideas that you can use that range from very cheap to You know Relatively cheap things that you can do for yourself and for your loved ones to literally reverse this damage and again, I've been following this from the beginning and I watched a The embalmers talk about the clots.

I watched the, all the people talking about what was in the vials when they tested the vials, when they looked at the vials with microscopes, we know that there are metals in these vials. We know that there are parasites in these vials. I don't believe it. It was a coincidence that the movie that swept the Oscars in 2020 was called Parasite.

They knew exactly what they were doing. They talk about the hydrogel they talk about the... graphene oxide. You can Google any of these things. But when you put it all together, what they've created is a nanotech, metal based parasite that's growing huge clots in people's bodies. Go on Rumble and type in, or BitChute, and type in clots.

And see what you find. Now how do you dissolve those clots? How do you break them down? That's what I'm going to be writing about in my e-book. You can go to my blog, and the information is on my blog. There's a lot of information on there already. But I will be spelling it out, I think it's going to be 10 or 11 things that you can do.

So let me go ahead now and just show you, this is Ed's book, which you can get on Amazon or any, this is the Kindle version. It's called Cause Unknown and the Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022. I highly recommend that you get this book and share this book with others. This is horrifying, guys.

And I knew this was coming, that's why I was...

In 2020 and 2021, I knew this was coming and I still saw all my family members and not so much my friends because most of my friends did not get it. But many of my family members did and people that I know and. It's the worst genocide in history.

Now, when you combine this with the Maui fires and the other fires, who knows? I'm recording this on Monday, August 21st. I don't know when this is gonna make it onto my blog, but by the time this goes up who knows how many fires, more fires there will be.

And no, it's not climate change. You guys know that. He talks about in this book, he talks I, I think this book is written in such a way that even a skeptic would have a hard time ignoring the information in this book. He has all of the links in here that you can click on to go to these different stories.

It's just the level of carnage. Is just unbelievable.

Children, yeah, all the numbers are here, guys. He talks about disability, highest ever disability rates in America and they're growing. So I think he said the number was 3 million disabled. Was it 3 million?

I don't remember, but he said that just in that, in whatever month it was June of 2023, it was like 800,000, which is. Crazy high number of disabilities. So these are all the disabilities. He's got all the data in here, the methodology.

I highly recommend getting a copy of this book. What we're faced with though, right now, you guys is, I don't know how much longer this war is going to go on. I don't believe it could go on much longer just because we won't make it as a country.

And if America falls, the world falls. If America goes down, the whole world will go down.

Because we are the last hope. We have guns. And we have the most freedom here. That's why I think they're coming out with all the fires right now. Because we're nearing the end. I know they wouldn't go to that extreme if they didn't have to. Because... Yeah, could they, would they like to just kill a lot of us off? Sure, but they can't do that. Cause if they do too much, then people wake up.

You see what I'm saying? So they are they're resorting to this stuff now. And it's only a matter of time.

The Trump indictments, I just want to add this, the Trump indictments are going to work against them. If you can't see that, it's pretty obvious to me, because what happens when you take someone to court, you have discovery, all this information gets out there.

I think the more, it's a, this is a war as X 22 report has always said, it's moves and counter moves and counter moves. And so every time they do something, we do something back. And with these fires and these leading to smart cities, agenda 2030, they're trying to push forward their agenda, but there's only so much they can do as more and more people wake up. So again, that's why I feel really compelled to be making this content, even though people, my family asked me like, why do you do that? What are you wasting your time on? Why don't you just go get a job?

If you can't see, you can't see. I can't help you open your eyes. I can't help you open your ears to what's happening. But, it's bad. It's really bad. We're you can just go to any of the major cities and look at what's happening to people on the streets who are addicted to all the drugs, fentanyl.

Now do I think they're gonna win? No, I don't because I think we are into The good guys are anticipating every move that they make but it has to play out so With that in mind the best thing we can do the best thing we can do is first of all Encourage each other pray for each other those of us who are awake We need to keep each other propped up.

We need to resist. Do not comply with all the, future lockdowns that are coming and all the things they're planning. And we need to get the word out. We are the media now. Because the media is not doing their job, so we have to spend our time doing this. Share other people's stuff. Share information.

And then... One of the most important things is to do what we can do to be as healthy as possible so we can survive.

Real quick, I did talk about my book that I am going to put out, but real quick, I'll just mention a few of them here. You can go to my blog and get more information. It's You want to get chlorine dioxide. That is on my blog called pool water. Go to my blog and type in pool water and you'll find lots and lots of articles, including a recipe, how to make pool water, silica water, how to make silica water, how to add silica to your water. I think it's the title of that article.

I'll put, I'll try to get, make sure these links get put below on my blog. Just go to my blog posts for this video and the links will be there.

These are all going to be in my book. Both silica water and chlorine dioxide both remove metals from the body. If you can remove the graphene oxide, which is aluminum, then you're going to start seeing benefits.

You're going to start reducing those clots. The other... The other thing that I'm using that I highly recommend is these stem cell activation patches. You can type that into my blog and learn more about that. The other thing, and that's going to help your body fight. The other thing, zeolite. And I talk about the zeolite that I recommend on my blog.

I believe it's the best. There's also a drink called Hydroshot. Hydroshot. Which is on my blog.

And it talks about, this will actually really help the heart function. It's molecular hydrogen. Am I remembering that right? It's a drink that you can just buy and it really helps. You can read all about that.

Just type in Hydroshot on my blog. That's some of the things. That are going to be the most helpful for you if you or others that, are having symptoms. The problem is a lot of people who are having symptoms aren't connecting the dots with what is happening to them. That's why it's so important for us to try to wake people up.

Sadly, a lot of them don't listen, but I think what I've seen over this last three and a half years is really don't lose hope in humanity because they do wake up. Even though they act like they're not gonna wake up, something then will click at some point and they'll go, whoa, what? Now I do think the vaccine, this is just my personal opinion based on what I've seen.

I think it is, I think it's changing people's ability to think. I heard James Grunbig on AMP.

By the way, that video from Ed Dowd was on AMP News, A M P News. You can find them on Rumble. It's one of the best news sources. And they, he said, he thinks It's impacting the frontal lobe and which helps people make decisions and it actually impacts their level of empathy, which, and it also, they become frustrated easily.

That makes a lot of sense to me based on some of the people that I know who have gotten it and how they act now compared to how they used to act. They've definitely changed. It really is, what I'm seeing is a zombie apocalypse. I do think something's happening to these people. That's my opinion. I can't prove it with any facts, but based on the evidence.

Anyway, that's all for this video. I hope that people will share Ed's information, his book. Get the word out there. It's very hard to ignore this. It's very hard to ignore this. They can ignore other things. They can say, oh, the Maui fires aren't, planned. They can say, all the things that they say, but it's very hard to ignore the number of deaths and disabilities that are happening.

And he goes into great detail about why highest ever disability rates in America. That's quite a statement. So that's all for this video.